Ben Kepka

Hey, I'm Ben, a fly fisherman for over 20 years and also an aspiring blogger. I've been into fly fishing since my graduation from spin fishing when I was 12 years old. I started to help introduce as many people into this amazing sport. Tight lines everyone! You can read more on our about page here.

best 3 weight fly reels

Best 3 Weight Fly Reel

In this article, we’ll have a look at some of the best 3 weight fly reels on the market. We thoroughly go over five fly reels ranging from under $100 to well over $300. I also take you through the considerations you need to keep in mind when buying the best reel to suit your …

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best hackle pliers

Best Hackle Pliers

The best hackle pliers available are either from Dr Slick or the Loon Outdoors. Both are very high quality and made from stainless steel. I’d recommend the Dr Slick Pliers for most standard flies, but if you’re looking to tie larger flys then check out the Loon Outdoor hackle pliers. Having a good pair of …

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best fly tying hooks

Best Fly Tying Hooks

The best fly tying hooks are the Eupheng Competition Fly Fishing Hooks. They are durable, and have an extremely sharp tip and are strong enough to handle that once in a lifetime trout! They can do all of this and still come in at a very reasonable price. I’ve been tying flys for over 15 …

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best whip finish tool

Best Whip Finish Tool

The best whip finish tool that I have used (so far) is the Dr. Slick Whip Finisher. It’s got a beautiful bamboo grip, is easy to work with and won’t break the bank. Here are some other options if you’re interested in shopping around: A fly tying whip finish tool is a special tool designed …

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best fly tying scissors

Best Fly Tying Scissors

The best fly tying scissors are the Dr. Slick Tungsten Carbide scissors. They are extremely sharp and stay that way through most general fly tying uses. I’ve had these scissors for just over 2 years now, tying flies regularly and have not had to sharpen them or had any problems. If you’re a little bit …

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best fly tying thread

Best Fly Tying Thread

The best fly tying threads that are available online come from UNI Products. They are tough and durable and can be used for dry flies, nymphs and streamers. You can get them both waxed and un-waxed. A lot of newbie fly tyers will look at thread last, thinking it doesn’t matter. However, next to the …

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best fly tying bobbin

Best Fly Tying Bobbin

The best fly tying bobbin that I have ever used is the Stonfo Elite. It has a disk drag, which like your reel will help you get the perfect wraps every time. If that’s not for you, then check out the Dr Slick Bobin, it’s also pretty good and has a slightly better price tag. …

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best 7 weight fly rods

Best 7 Weight Fly Rod

Are you in the market for a fly rod that you can catch bonefish, large trout, bass, and even salmon? A 7wt fly rod is ideal for this application. In this article, I will take you through 7 of the best fly rods on the market. I’ll also share with you my thought process behind …

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best 8 weight fly rods

Best 8 Weight Fly Rod

This article will help you select the best 8 weight fly rod suited to your needs. Also, I’ll introduce you to 10 of the best 8 weight currently on the market.  An 8 weight is an indispensable fishing tool in any serious saltwater angler’s arsenal. Many freshwater anglers, who regularly target big fish species, such …

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best 6 weight fly rods

Best 6 Weight Fly Rod

If you’re looking for advice on how to choose the best six weight fly rod, you’ve finally come to the right site. In this article, I’ll share my process to buy the best fly rod suited to your needs. Also, we go through ten of my favorite premium and affordable rods on the market today.  …

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4 weight fly rods

Best 4 Weight Fly Rod

In this article, we’ll have a look at some of the best premium and affordable four weight rods on the market. I’ll also share my thoughts on what is most important when buying a 4 weight, covering topics such as after-sales service, intended purpose, and budget.  Hardy Zephrus FWS (Fresh Water Specific) Available at: Amazon Action: …

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Best 5 weight fly rod

Best 5 Weight Fly Rod

In this article, I’ll look at the best 5 weight fly rods on the market today. As many of these 5 weight fly rods are on the high-end side of the spectrum, I included more affordable alternatives from the same manufacturers. Also, I share some thoughts on how to select the best 5 weight suited …

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Dry Fly vs Wet Fly Fishing

Dry Fly vs Wet Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is, inherently, more technically demanding and nuanced than it appears in A River Runs Through It. Although that film popularized the sport, there’s so much more to fly fishing. What a lot of beginners don’t understand – or even conceptualize – is that there’s a whole world of just dry flies that’s completely …

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how to set up a fly rod

How to Set Up a Fly Rod

Fly fishing is, if nothing else, an intimidating sport. From the vast array of fly rods, rod and reel combos, fly lines, knots, and various accoutrements, knowing where to start seems almost impossible. That’s what this article is for. By the end of this piece, you’ll know how to set up a fly rod for …

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best hip waders

Best Hip Waders

Are you in the market for waders, but only do shallow water wading? Or, do you find your chest waders too warm to fish with during summer months? A good pair of hip waders will keep you dry and comfortable in shallow water and wet grass. We’ll look at 6 of the best hip waders …

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best chest waders

Best Chest Waders

Are you in the market for a do-it-all pair of fly fishing waders? A chest wader will keep you warm and dry in cold conditions, making your day out on the water that much more enjoyable. As you can imagine, with so many fishing wader brands on the market, not all chest waders are created …

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Rio Gold Fly Line Review

Rio Gold Fly Line Review

Rio Gold fly line is one of Rio’s premier products and it has gotten better for 2021! With its recent updates, it has further improved on its long-standing reputation as an excellent general-purpose line for modern-day fly rods, perfect for several fish species. After reviewing and comparing it with other fly lines over the past …

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Caddis Waders Review

Caddis Waders Review

In this article, I review all the Caddis waders. This brand offers exceptional value for money, with the most expensive option just shy of $300. For the angler that prefers a boot foot or neoprene wader, Caddis has a large selection of some of the best waders and a wide range of available sizes. About …

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Humminbird Helix 7 Review

Humminbird Helix 7 Review

Fishfinders are a fantastic piece of technology that allows you to see the fish in the water below you, limiting a lot of the guesswork people associate with fishing. With technology, you will know when you are on top of them. That said, not all fish finders are created equal, and as a first-time buyer, …

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world record rainbow trout

World Record Rainbow Trout

The world record rainbow trout title belongs to Canadian fisher Sean Konrad. The International Game Fish Association’s (IGFA) record book now lists his 48-pound, 42-inch catch as the biggest ever rainbow trout specimen – a true world record trout. Here at Fly Fisher Pro we have a number of fly rod reviews and we even break …

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Fly Fishing Snook

Fly Fishing For Snook

In many ways, fly fishing for Snook is a lot like Trout fishing. The biggest difference is snook are typically more likely to be found in and around structures. Snook, like Trout, are surface feeders, perfect for fly fishing, Snook are also very aware of sounds and movement, make too much noise and you will …

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Bonefish Fly Fishing

Bonefish Fly Fishing

Living in inshore tropical waters, moving onto shallow mudflats to feed with the incoming tide, and retreating to deeper water as the tide ebbs, Bonefish (Albula vulpes) are constant opportunistic feeders. Also known as the “gray ghost” Bonefish are pound for pound the strongest and fastest-moving saltwater fish. Saltwater fly fishing for bonefish is one …

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Korkers Wading Boots Review

Korkers Wading Boots Review

The designers over at Korkers have truly come up with a unique solution to a problem that so many anglers face. Their wading boots feature a detachable and interchangeable sole that allows the user to, very quickly, adapt boot traction as conditions require. It also allows the angler to replace soles easily when worn out. …

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Tarpon Fly Fishing

Tarpon Fly Fishing

Tarpon Fly Fishing in the Florida Keys is NOT a once in a lifetime experience. Once you have experienced the thrill of fighting a large fish and the excitement of a Tarpon on the fly you will come back again and again for more. If you would like to try like tarpon fly fishing, I …

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Fly Fishing Iowa

With many trout streams and rivers flowing through the state, Northeast Iowa presents anglers with abundant fly fishing opportunities. Although some sections of the streams are stocked with trout weekly, many other sections host native trout. This means that if you have the correct flies and a casting line, you are bound to have a …

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Fly Fishing British Columbia

Fly Fishing British Columbia

British Columbia is home to over 12,000 miles of coastline and 25,000 lakes. It is a natural Canadian fly fishing hot spot. Many people from all over the world visit the province to experience its many fly fishing opportunities. They hope to land Steelhead, Trout, Salmon or one of its many other fish species. Although …

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Simms Freestone Waders Review

Simms Freestone Waders Review

In this review, we’ll have a look at the Simms Freestone range of waders. There are five different models in the range, each dedicated to specific users. I’ll help you choose the correct one for your applications. We’ll also go through the technical aspects of the Freestone’s construction, its strong and weak points, and mention …

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Fly Fishing Arizona

Fly Fishing Arizona

Due to good job opportunities and great weather, the Southwest regions of the United States are booming as relocation areas. Although these are two reasons why people are relocating to the Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona areas, there are others — outdoor activities like fly fishing, hiking and mountain biking play a major role. For anglers, …

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Fly Fishing New Hampshire

Fly Fishing New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a sleeper in terms of amazing fly fishing destinations. We found that it wasn’t on the lists of top spots to fish in the USA, so the rivers are much less congested. New Hampshire may be a small state, but it’s vast, offering great fly fishing spots, spectacular scenery and amazing water …

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Orvis Encounter Waders Review

Orvis Encounter Waders Review

Orvis encounter waders are among the Orvis’ broad line of fishing waders that are used for fly fishing. It is a perfect wader for anglers looking for Orvis quality in higher-end models but at a budget price. It is a breathable wader that is constructed with similar construction patterns with high-end waders. Anglers will surely …

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Fly Fishing South Dakota

Fly Fishing South Dakota

There are only a few states that have landscapes as diverse as South Dakota. From the wide-open prairies to the Black Hills and The Badlands, South Dakota offers a different amazing outdoor destination for people in the Midwest. South Dakota has many different but unique fly fishing destinations. We were overwhelmed with the number of …

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Fly Fishing Wisconsin

Wisconsin is not only home to high-quality cheese, it is also home to over 13,000 miles of trout streams scattered all over the state. Since Wisconsin is divided into many regions, it can be challenging to narrow down to the best places for trout fishing. So we put together this list to the top places …

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best bonefish flies

Best Bonefish Flies

In this article, I will go through 10 of my favorite bonefish flies. These flies work well on bonefish all over the world. I also make use of them when targeting other fish species such as triggerfish, permit, and trevally. You won’t need any other flies if you take a good selection of the following …

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best streamer fly box

Best Streamer Fly Box

If you’re looking for advice to buy the right streamer fly box you’ve come to the right place. In this 2021 Buyer’s Guide, I will go through our top 10 streamer fly boxes on the market today. I will also describe what the main types are and which ones are likely to suit you the …

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Fly Fishing Pennsylvania

Fly Fishing Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania boasts of over 15,000 miles of designated wild trout fisheries, each offering more incredible fly fishing opportunities than ever before. It is also a gold mine for anglers looking for new fly fishing adventures. We’ve covered some of the best Pennsylvania has to offer here.   Keep reading to discover them …

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Deeper Fish Find Review

Deeper Fish Finder Review

I always thought that as technology improved, fishing would get easier and easier. While we can certainly find the fish a lot easier, I still can’t seem to get them on the hook every time. It’s still called fishing for a reason. These days fishfinder technology has improved to the point where all you need …

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Fly Fishing Montana

Fly Fishing Montana

Thinking about putting Montana on your fly fishing bucket list? If not, you should immediately. Montana is one of the worlds most spectacular and pristine fly-fishing destinations. Montana boasts of some of the best fly fishing rivers in the United States, from Blackfoot River to Yellowstone River among many others. If you’re heading to (or …

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best saltwater fly rods

Best Saltwater Fly Rods

Choosing the best saltwater fly fishing rod might seem like a daunting task. The number of manufacturers and rod ranges out there is staggering. While it might be feasible to look for cheap alternatives in a light freshwater fly rod, I recommend buying the best fly fishing rods specifically for saltwater purposes. I spent 9-months …

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Orvis Battenkill

Orvis Battenkill Reel Review

You’ve probably heard of the Orvis Battenkill, even if you’ve never had the chance to use one. It’s an iconic click and pawl fly reel that’s stood the test of time, making it a popular product for freshwater anglers worldwide. And while the Battenkill is based on the original design that’s lasted decades, it had …

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Echo Bravo Review

Echo Bravo Reel Review

It’s rare to find a low-cost reel that you can use in saltwater, because most good saltwater reels will cost you an arm and a leg. Unfortunately, most low-cost reels just aren’t built to withstand the corrosive environment of the salt flats or the open sea. That’s why we were so excited to hear about …

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Orvis Mirage Review

Orvis Mirage Reel Review

You’ve probably heard of the Orvis Mirage fly reel. Maybe you’ve had the chance to admire one out on the river, or even try it out for yourself. This mid-range to premium reel has been making waves since it arrived on the scene, so we couldn’t wait to get our hands on this popular fly …

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Orvis Hydros Review

Orvis Hydros Reel Review

Any product that bears the Orvis brand name is bound to be worth the expense, and the Hydros SL fly reel is no different! This affordable yet powerful reel stands up to the high Orvis standards, just like you’d expect it to, and it won’t set you back too much money. A lot of time …

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best uv resin fly tying

Best UV Resin Fly Tying

Whether you’re new to tying your own flies for fly fishing or you’re an expert, UV resin is a handy material to have in your fly tying kit. It’s a great alternative to epoxy, as it gives you more time to add the finishing touches. While epoxy dries very quickly, when you use UV cure …

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Best Fly Tying Light

Best Fly Tying Light

When you think about fly tying, you might get caught up in the details on the best fly tying vise, tools, and materials. But one thing a lot of us forget to think about is investing in a great fly tying light – until we need it, anyway! Fly tying [1] is an intense process …

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best fly box

Best Fly Box

One thing we all need is a great fly box. Whether you tie your own flies or you’ve got a collection of store-bought bugs, we all need somewhere to keep them safe and close at hand when fishing! But when it comes to choosing the best fly box, it can be confusing to narrow down …

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Fly tying vises

Best Fly Tying Vises

If you’re an avid fly fisher like me, fly tying is a great way to enjoy your hobby – even when you can’t be on the water! Tying your own flies [1] can save you money and teach you more about fish – and it’s great fun too. But you do need a few essential …

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ross animas

Ross Animas Review

Ross Reels has been around for almost half a century, producing top quality fly fishing gear. They combine the latest technology with decades of experience to come up with innovative products designed by fly fishers, for fly fishers. That’s why we were excited to review the Ross Animas fly reel. Having a great fly reel …

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Echo Ion Fly Reel Review

Echo Ion Reel Review

It’s rare to find a fly reel for under $100 that is just as suitable for experienced anglers as it is for beginners. If you take fishing as seriously as I do, you might write off the Echo Ion when you see its low price. But you’d be missing a trick if you did! This …

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lamson speedster

Lamson Speedster Review

Reels are an essential piece of gear, but we can occasionally be guilty of overlooking their importance. But if you’re anything like me, you love geeking out over different reels! Each reel has its own characteristics, so it’s worth reading up on a model before you splash out. The Speedster is one of the latest …

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lamson guru 2.0 review

Lamson Guru 2.0 Review

Waterworks Lamson reels are some of the most popular fly reels out there, and for good reason! This company has been making excellent fishing gear for over two decades. Their expertise and passion for fishing are evident in their top-quality, effective products, which is why we couldn’t wait to review the Guru 2.0 fly reel! …

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Lamson Litespeed Review

Lamson Litespeed Review

It’s easy to focus solely on buying the right rod. But if you’re an avid fly fisher like me, you’ll know how important it is to have a sturdy reel you can rely on when fly fishing. It can make all the difference to your fishing success and make or break a fishing trip! And …

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Lamson Remix Review

Lamson Remix Review

We all know how essential it is to have a sturdy, reliable reel – even if you’re on a tight budget. That’s why we were eager to review the Lamson Remix. These affordable reels are Lamson’s entry-level offering, replacing the older Konik reels. Let’s find out whether it’s the right model for you! Available Sizes …

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redington zero

Redington Zero Review

If you’re just starting out at fly fishing, you need great gear on a budget! The Zero is a low-cost reel from the well-known Redington brand, coming in at around $80. We wanted to find out whether it’s the best option at this price range, and how it performs out on the water! In our …

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sage spectrum

Sage Spectrum Reel Review

As enthusiastic anglers, we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting products. Sage is a well-known company that excels in creating high-quality gear for fly fishing, so we were eager to try out the Sage Spectrum fly reel. The Spectrum is an entry-level from Sage, coming in at around $300. In this review, we’ll …

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redington hydrogen review

Redington Hydrogen Review

If you love to fish for trout, it’s always exciting to hear that a big name like Redington is bringing out a new rod specially designed for trout anglers. That’s why we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the affordably priced Hydrogen to see how it performs. This low-cost rod has been hyped up …

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redington rise review

Redington Rise Review

Redington is becoming one of the most well-known and respected brands in the fishing world. With amazing products at affordable prices, like the Behemoth reel, Redington is steadily making a name for itself. Redington released the Rise as an all-new mid-range reel for saltwater and freshwater fishing in 2017. If you’re an avid angler, you’ve …

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frogg togg waders review

Frogg Togg Waders Review

If you’re an avid fisher like me, you want to get out on the water as much as possible. You’ll likely be getting into the water to reach those fishing hotspots, so a good pair of waders is essential! The best fishing waders will allow you to stay dry and comfortable and get even more …

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best bass fishing rod

Best Bass Fishing Rod

If you’re a fan of bass fishing like me, you want the best bass fishing rod around! But there are a few different types which make great bass rods, so it can be hard to narrow down the choices. When I’m looking for a new bass rod, I look for a few different factors to …

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best GPS for geocaching

Best GPS for Geocaching

Geocaching is a great way to get active, explore nature, and have fun. If you take your geocaching hobby seriously, you’ll need a handheld GPS device to help you find your way to the next cache. While most smartphones have some GPS capacity, it won’t have the same accuracy and capabilities as GPS devices offer. …

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best fishing hat

Best Fly Fishing Hat

Every angler needs a great fishing hat to protect them from the sun and other harsh elements. If you spend much time out on the water, you know how hot and bright the sun can feel on the top of your head, especially if you’re out all day. No matter what time of year it …

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best gopro for fishing

Best GoPro for Fishing

You can have some epic moments when out fishing. That’s why so many anglers use a GoPro to capture those significant moments that you don’t want to forget. GoPros are perfect for shooting photos and video on the move, and most of them are waterproof. That makes them ideal for snapping shots of that lunker …

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best fishing shoes

Best Fishing Shoes

If your a hardcore fisherman like me, then you probably spend most of your time thinking about the best fly rod, reel or flies to use. But having the right pair of fishing shoes will make a huge difference to your experience and enjoyment when you’re out on the water. The Weather Channel recommends that …

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Pelican Kayak Reviews

Pelican Kayak Reviews

If you’re looking for your first fishing kayak, it’s well worth checking out Pelican kayaks. They are stable, affordable, and make all-round great beginner kayaks. With almost five decades of experience in producing kayaks, Pelican is a well-respected brand name in the fishing world. So, is a Pelican kayak worth it? Well, let’s see! In …

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Best Fish Gripper

[lmt-post-modified-info] A fish gripper can be a useful tool for an angler, especially when you hook a beast that puts up a big fight! If you want to keep your fingers intact, then a lip gripper comes in handy. The best fish gripper will allow you to hold the fish securely and get a firm …

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best spinning reel

Best Spinning Reel

In our opinion, the Pen Spinfisher V is the best spin reel you can buy today. It’s priced well, has a very smooth drag and can resist just about everything you can throw at it. I’ve been fishing for well over 20 years now and have always had a spinning set up in my bag. …

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best spinning rod

Best Spinning Rod

In our opinion, the best spinning rod available today is the St Croix Triumph. It’s great value for money, has beautiful cork grips and you’ll feel every movement of the fish through the graphite rod. You can take my word for it as I’ve been fishing for over 20 years now and reviewed (and snapped!) …

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best fishing multi tool

Best Fishing Multi Tool

A great multi tool is perhaps the best tool that an angler can have! Multitools are versatile, allowing you to do everything from cut lines and detach hooks. You’ll save space and weight in your fishing pack, and you’ll have the right tool on hand for every possible situation. However, finding the right multi tool …

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Best Fish Scaler

Best Fish Scaler

A fish scaler is an essential tool if you like to take home some of the fish you catch. Preparing a fish is a messy job, and removing the scales can be time-consuming. It’s possible to use a knife, but it’s fiddly and potentially dangerous. Read on to get our recommendations for the top scalers …

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Best Electric Fillet Knife

These days our electric fillet knife of choice is the Bubba Blades Lithium Ion Cordless model. They have over 300 near-perfect reviews! We recommend buying this directly from the manufacturer to ensure that you get their amazing warranty. I’ve been fishing for over 25 years now and while mostly catch and release fishing in freshwater, …

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best fillet knife

Best Fillet Knife

After hours of research, we’ve determined that Vitorinox make the best fish fillet knife on the market in 2020. Made in Switzerland they come with an outstanding warranty and are very reasonable too. Having had dozens of filleting knives over the years, we’ve learned what makes a worthy filleting knife to add to the kitchen. …

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best fishing apps

Best Fly Fishing Apps

One of the hottest trends in the fishing world right now is the abundance of great fishing apps. When you download a few of these great apps, your smartphone will become your most essential fishing tool. There are some amazing apps that are designed to enhance your experience on the water. From logging your catches …

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abel reels

Abel Fly Reel Reviews

Since 1980, Abel Reels has been producing some of the best quality fly reels around. Loved by top guides and fishers all over the world, Abel offers quality, performance, and intelligent design. What’s more, every single reel is manufactured in Colorado, USA, to the standard you’d expect. With a wide range of reels for every …

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ross reels

Ross Fly Reels Reviews

When you’re a fly fisher, your reel is an essential piece of gear. You want a reel that is sturdy, durable, and powerful enough to haul in those big fish. Ross Reels has been creating top-quality reels since 1973, and its products are built to last a lifetime. With decades of experience, the team continues …

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lamson reels

Lamson Reels Reviews

Waterworks Lamson has been making reels and rods since 1995. Technical expertise, innovation and simplicity are some of their highest values. The team aims to make fly fishing products and accessories that are streamlined, effective, and simple to use. Waterworks-Lamson uses superior materials to create durable, long-lasting fly reels and rods that you’ll love. All …

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mystic fly rods

Mystic Fly Rods Reviews

Mystic fly rods have been rapidly growing in popularity across the US and further afield, and it’s not hard to see why. This family-run company produces high-quality rods in the US for an affordable price. You get so much value for your money when you buy a Mystic fly rod. Not only are the Mystic …

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Winston Fly Rod Reviews

Winston fly rods have been around since 1929, producing high-quality, industry-leading rods. Founded by Lew Stoner and Robert Winther, the R. L. Winston Rod Company has been pioneering and innovating excellent rods from the very beginning. The Company started with bamboo fly rods and expanded into fiberglass and graphite fly rods over time. Gradually, the …

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used fly rods

Used Fly Rods For Sale

If you’re looking to buy a fly rod or reel for a reasonable price, consider buying used instead of from a store. There are plenty of places where you can find secondhand fly gear both online and offline. You can often find excellent quality fly rods or reels for a fraction of the price if …

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