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redington predator review

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In this comprehensive Redington Predator review, we will scrutinize this fly rod’s action, its cost, and its precision in delivering the fly to the fish. The Redington Predator is a fly rod expertly crafted to capture a variety of species, especially the big fish! With approximately six different handle configurations and around 16 models in assorted sizes and weights, you can find the perfect rod tailored to your needs.

Redington Predator Review

Redington Predator Specs:

Line Weight: 3 – 10 Length: 7 – 9ft
Action: Fast Handle: Fighting Butt
Rod Weight: 3.8 – 6.8oz Rod Tube: Condura Rod Tube
Color: Sea Spray Sections: 4
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty Country Of Manufacture: USA

Overall Score

Build Quality
Weight and Balance
Aesthetics and Design
Price to Value Ratio
Warranty and Brand Reputation
Customer Service
Innovation and Features

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Key Features

  • Fast Action Rod Blank
  • Aluminum Oxide Stripping Guides w/Ceramic Inserts
  • Cordura Rod Tube
  • Uplocking w/Black Anodized Aluminum
  • The Redington Lifetime Warranty

The Redington Predator is a fast-action fly rod engineered for exceptional performance in both saltwater and freshwater environments. Redington touts this latest model as the ultimate weapon for aggressive-fighting fish, big flies, and heavy lines.

The revamped Redington Predator is a powerhouse with an incredible strength in the rod’s butt, enabling you to reel in those elusive lunkers in the water. Some models even come equipped with a powerful fighting butt for extra leverage on the water.

Regardless of whether you’re fishing a heavy sinking line or a floating line, the new Predator won’t disappoint. With a reasonable price tag of USD 299, the new Predator is a worthy investment. I am undoubtedly adding this rod to my arsenal of fishing combos for future fly-fishing trips!

Features and Benefits

The Redington Predator fly rod packs a punch with its impressive features and benefits.


The Predator rods are available in weights ranging from 5wt to 12wt with varying lengths. Other Redington fly rods include the 590-4 5wt 9′ rod to the 1290-4 12wt 9′ rods. The recent relaunches of 13wt to 16wt fishing combos have revolutionized fishing. Their swinging weights are relatively heavy, but they guarantee an excellent catch.

A minor downside to the Redington Predator rod is that these rods are heavier than other products on the market. If you’re not accustomed to fishing with a heavy rod, the Redington-Predator might tire your arm sooner than anticipated.

Build Quality

build quality

The Redington-Predator sports a sleek design with a dark blue blank reinforced with carbon fibre. It has a full-wells grip that enhances your casting comfort. The Predator rod features quick alignment dots that significantly expedite the rod setup process.

The rod also boasts a sturdy satin silver aluminum reel seat that bolsters the rod’s performance. The reel seat is built from anodized aluminum, and laser etching finishes the reel seat so you can quickly identify which rod it is from the rack.

The fly rod is also loaded with power at the mid and butt sections for catching and fighting trophy-sized monsters. The Predator fly rod features durable anodized snake guides and aluminum oxide stripping guides with ceramic inserts for a superb finish.

Certain specialized models come with fighting butts, designed with pike and musky in mind. The fighting butt will help you haul in these whoppers for a fly-fishing trip to remember!


This Redington’s combo is a fast-action rod. It’s robust and stiff for quick capture of large fish that will put up a fight. You get great accuracy at long range, too.

This fast-action model is ideal for long-distance casting and truly shines above 50 feet. You’ll be stunned at how well it performs even at extreme distances of 80+ feet! The Predator is also suitable for windy conditions and throwing heavy, weighted flies.

However, the Predator falls short in terms of accuracy in the short range. If you’re casting at distances of 30 feet or under, you’ll miss the sensitivity and feel that a slower action rod will offer. This isn’t unusual in fast-action rods, so it’s up to you to decide if it’s a deal-breaker or not.


predator versatility

The Redington Predator is a highly versatile rod. It’s clearly designed for fishing for big fish, casting long distances, and in windy conditions. But you won’t feel held back or restricted by the Predator. Although it packs enough power for reeling in saltwater fish, you can also use it to fly fish for trout, bass, and other smaller fish.

Moreover, you can deploy the Predator in both saltwater and freshwater environments. With anodized aluminum hardware, it can withstand the harsh corrosive environment.

One key aspect of the Redington Predator is that you can use it effectively both on top of or below the water surface to fish dry flies, streamers, and nymphs.


The Predator comes with a lifetime warranty. If your rod breaks and you need to get it fixed or replaced, you can make use of this warranty by paying the processing price of $25.

You can take a look at another fantastic rod from Redington, here is our Redington Path review for a full guide.

reviews from locals

Redington Predator Review (From Locals)

As fly fishers, we highly value the opinions of other enthusiastic fly anglers when investing in new fishing gear. So, I scoured the internet to gather feedback about the fast-action Redington Predator. The results were overwhelmingly positive. Here are some of the online reviews:

“Overall, I think Redington’s 6wt Predator is a great tool for targeting fish around 5lbs with flies up to the size of a finger, and a great value as well at $200. It’s a well-made 4pc rod with a hard Cordura tube and a great warranty. I paired mine with a Sage 1680 reel and a Rio 7wt Saltwater fly line.” – Kurt C

“Initially, I bought an 8wt, 9-footer, primarily for my upcoming redfish trip with my friends. However, I have been using it for bass fishing, too much? I know, right? Anyway, this rod is nothing short of perfection! It was so easy for me to cast with no extra effort at all. The double haul shoots over 60 feet of line with little effort. I also found this rod great at short distances shoots and it easily loads with minimal line weight out. When it comes to performance, this rod is the real deal. It has enough backbone, in case of those big fights. I am impressed with its performance.” – Wayne D

This combo is perfect for use by both experienced anglers and beginners. For more details about the Redington Predator, browse through this link.

Pros and Cons of Redington – Predator


  • It is relatively cheaper than most fly rods.
  • It has a lifetime warranty in case of damage.
  • It has quick alignment dots that make it easy to assemble.
  • It is a fast-action fly rod, making it an ideal fishing gear for both small and large fish.
  • Powerful butt section for casting to bonefish, salmon, tarpon, and more!
  • High-quality stripping guides


  • You will need to pay a warranty processing fee to avail of the lifetime warranty. This is an additional cost.
  • It is challenging to use when casting short distances, anywhere below 20ft.
  • It is heavier than most of the rods within this class. Its swinging weight can be exhaustive.

Redington Predator Review

Wrap Up

There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing a fly-fishing rod and gear. Whether it’s versatility, casting accuracy, weight, aesthetics, warranty, or even durability, you need a fly fishing rod to meet your needs.

But when it comes to capturing large species and chucking big flies, you’ll need a specialized fast-action fly rod that can stand up to the pressure. As we found out for our review, the Redington Predator is a robust, sturdy fly rod that packs enough power in the butt section to withstand aggressive-fighting fish and their weight.

The fast action of the Predator makes those long-distance casts feel effortless, while it can stand up to the strain of hauling in those massive fish with ease! It’s well constructed and durable, from the stripping guides to the reel seat.

The Redington Predator is an excellent rod for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, all at an affordable price. Constructed from high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials, you’ll be equipped with a killer fly fishing rod that will last. Everyone from beginners to pros will enjoy fishing on the fly with this powerful, fast-action rod!

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