redington predator review

Redington Predator Review

Not all pieces of fishing tackle are created and designed equally. Some are just aesthetic but delicately designed, while others are built with all the necessary features to withstand possible pressure that comes with fishing.

The Redington Predator is one of those fly rods that is well designed for capturing all ranges of species, with a precise capacity for large fish. With around six handle configurations and approximately 16 different sized models, you can get the right rod that best suits your needs.

This Redington predator review provides every single detail of Redington-Predator, which is why it remains to be one of my favourite rods.

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Redington Predator

The Redington Predator fly rod is a fast-action fishing rod designed for exceptional performance in both saltwater and freshwater. Redington cites this new model to be the ultimate rod for aggressive-fighting fish, big flies, and heavy lines.

The new Redington predator, a revamp of the former Predators collection, has some incredible strength that enables you to capture predatory species in the waters. Whether you are fishing a heavy sinking line or a floating line, the new Predator will never disappoint. Retailing at USD 299, the new Predator is worth the purchase.

I am definitely adding this rod to my arsenal of fishing combos for the better part of my fishing life.

redington predator fly rod

Features and Benefits

In addition to the saltwater guides that come with this fly rod, here are features and benefits that you should expect when purchasing the Redington Predator.


The Predator models are offered at weights that range from 5wt to 12wt with different lengths. The various models featured by Redington include the 590-4 5wt 9’ rod to the 1290-4 12wt 9’ rods.

Their recent relaunches of 13wt to 16wt fishing combos have made fishing much better. Their swinging weights are relatively heavy, but they guarantee a great catch. I have used the 8wt Predator for most of my fishing trips now.

It is heavier than most of the 8wt rods available in the market. I would recommend that you go to the gym first or have sufficient practice before your fishing experience. The weight of Redington-predator is likely to wear your arm out than you expected.

Build Quality

The Redington-Predator is aesthetically designed with a dark blue blank, which is reinforced with carbon fibre. It has a full-wells grip that makes your casting more comfortable. The Predator has some quick alignment dots that enables you to set up the rod easily and significantly faster.

It also has a satin silver aluminium reel seat that is sturdy, improving on the performance of the Predator. The fly rod is also loaded with power at the mid and butt sections for catching and fighting the huge fish. Predator has anodised snake guides and aluminium oxide stripping guides that enhance the rod’s durability.


This Redington’s combo is a fast-action rod. It is robust and stiff for a quick capture of large fish. Its loop flexibly straightens up, creating some energy to capture the predatory species. This makes it an ideal rod for longer casting. The Predator is also suitable for windy conditions. This rod also excels perfectly in longer distances. You can easily have your casts for an average distance of 90ft.


The versatility of the new Redington Predator is not something that you can miss out. The rod is anodised to protect it from dings and scratches. It performs well in both saltwater and freshwater. Although the Predator is designed for predatory species and large fish, it is adjustable to capturing small fish as well. One key aspect of the Redington Predator is its capacity to endure forceful strips when fishing below or on the surface. There will be no more wading through the waters when stripping large flies.


The Predator has a lifetime warranty. You get the privilege to enjoy this warranty when you pay a warranty processing fee of USD25.

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Online Reviews

There is pretty much positivity making rounds in online platforms pertaining to the affordability, functionality, and efficacy of the Redington Predator. On scouring the internet, I came across several reviews that seemed quite positive. Some of the ways in which this combo has been reviewed include the following:

Overall, I think Redington's 6wt Predator is a great tool for targeting fish around 5lbs with flies up to the size of a finger, and a great value as well at $200. Its a well made 4pc rod with a hard Cordura tube and a great warranty. I paired mine with a Sage 1680 reel and a Rio 7wt Saltwater fly line.

Initially, I bought an 8wt, 9-footer, which was primarily for my upcoming redfish trip with my friends. However, I have been using it for bass fishing, too much? I know, right? Anyway, this rod is nothing short of perfection! It was so easy for me to cast with no extra effort at all. The double haul shoots over 60 feet of line with little effort. I also found this rod great at short distances shoots and it easily loads with minimal line weight out. When it comes to performance, this rod is the real deal. It has enough backbone, in case of those big fights.I am impressed with its performance.

This combo is perfect for use by experienced anglers and beginners. For more details about the Redington Predator, browse through this link.

Pros and Cons of Redington – Predator


  • It is relatively cheaper than most fly rods.
  • It has a lifetime warranty in case of damages.
  • It has quick alignment dots that make it easy to assemble.
  • It is a fast-action rod, making it an ideal fishing gear for small and large fish.


  • You will need to pay a warranty processing fee for you to get a lifetime warranty. This is an additional cost.
  • It is rather challenging to use when casting short distances, anywhere below 20ft.
  • It is heavier than most of the rods within this class. Its swinging weight, especially, can be exhaustive.

Wrap Up

There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing a fly-fishing rod. Whether it is versatility, weight, aesthetics, warranty, or even durability, all you want is a fishing rod that will work well for you.

But when it comes to capturing large species and big flies, you will need a fast-action rod with enough strength to withstand aggressive-fighting fish and their weight. For such a rod, I recommend the Redington Predator fly rod. The new Redington – Predator commands sufficient power to combat large fish.

It is developed with components that enhance its adaptability in both freshwater and saltwater. It is also affordable. Experienced anglers and beginners can enjoy numerous benefits that come with this rod.

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