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Mystic Fly Rods (Compare all Models and Find your Perfect Rod!)

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Mystic fly rods have been rapidly growing in popularity across the US and further afield, and it’s not hard to see why. This family-run company produces high-quality rods in the US for an affordable price. You get so much value for your money when you buy a Mystic fly rod.

Not only are the Mystic rods inexpensive compared to other brands, but they offer superb, reliable performance. And every single one is constructed painstakingly by hand by the talented Mystic team for a superior build and finish.

The Mystic Fly Rods company is so confident about the quality of their rods that they offer a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee! That means that if you don’t love your rod, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund. Pretty impressive!

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Mystic Fly Rods

Here’s our quick guide to the Mystic fly fishing rods available right now. From the budget Mystic Reaper X to the premium Tremor Saltwater rod, we’ll cover them all. We’ll look closely at the action, weight, and performance of each model. As always, we want to help you with your search for the right fly fishing gear and rod, so let’s get stuck in!

Mystic Reaper X

The Reaper X is Mystic’s budget offering, making fly fishing more accessible without breaking the bank. This great freshwater/saltwater rod has a good cork handle, stainless steel stripping and snake guides, and a lovely taper.

With a moderate-fast action, it’s suitable for all anglers, beginners and pros. It performs incredibly well for medium and long distances, but is slightly less precise up close. The Mystic Reaper X rod will protect your tipper and drop your fly right on target, all for an excellent low price! So if you’ve been on the search for an affordable rod that performs, the Mystic Reaper X fly rod is worth checking out.


The JXP fly rod is a versatile, mid-range rod that you can use on both saltwater and freshwater. This fast action rod is equipped with a hybrid full wells grip made from quality cork, and titanium stripping and snake guides.

The reel seat is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum and matches the rest of the rod’s excellent build and finish. You’ll get smooth loading, superb accuracy up to 60 feet, and a lighter weight for comfortable all-day casting. The JXP is available in 9′ 4 – 6 weight models.


If you’re ready to spend a little bit more money, take a look at the M-Series fly rods. These are Mystic’s premium offering, with a price just under $500. The M-Series rods are very versatile, offering accuracy up close, but enough power to reach those longer casting distances, too.

You’ll be impressed by their amazing, consistent performance out on the water. The only negative is that this isn’t a very light rod, with lighter models on the market. However, the M-Series fly rod offers excellent value for money.

M-Series Spey & Switch

Mystic’s M-Series Spey and Switch models have unique, specially designed blanks. The high modulus carbon fiber blanks combine a carefully balanced blend of power and shock absorbency, allowing you to reach longer distances. You’ll have no trouble hauling in big fish with this smart rod.

With a downlocking titanium TiCH reel seat, stainless steel snake guides, high-quality cork handle and an extended barrel, it’s the perfect two-handed rod. The medium to fast action is ideal to search out those big trout, salmon, and steelhead. You can cast up close or throw your flies long-distance effortlessly.

You can buy the M-Series Spey rod in 7 or 8 weights, while the Switch is available in 3-8 weights, each measuring 11 feet 3 inches. You can buy directly from the Mystic website – just add to cart!

Au Sable

If you’re on the search for a versatile trout rod, the Au Sable ticks all the boxes. You can cast up close in tight quarters with this freshwater rod, but it can handle big rivers and lakes, too. It will put up an impressive performance with any fly you tie on, from big nymphs to light dry flies.

The Au Sable is compact and lightweight, measuring just 8 feet 3 inches. This makes it perfect for taking on out on a hike or camping trip. It’s a beautifully crafted rod, with a burled rosewood reel seat, charcoal blank, titanium stripper guides, and high-quality cork.

With a medium-fast action, it’s ideal for casting up close to the trout and dropping your fly on target with a delicate presentation. If you’re an avid trout angler, the Au Sable deserves a space among your fly gear. You can buy it in 4 -6 weights, just add to cart directly from the Mystic website or your favorite online retailer.


If you’ve been on the search for a fly rod specialized for women anglers, then look no further! The Sapphyre is designed to be ergonomically and aesthetically suited to women fly anglers. The handle comfortably fits a smaller hand, while a teardrop tiptop and light snake guides finish the construction. You’ll love this striking sapphire blue rod, complemented by violet wraps and silver trim. Available for the mid-range price of $449.00, you can buy the Sapphyre rod in a versatile 5 or 6 weight.

Tremor Saltwater

Looking for a saltwater specific rod? The Tremor Saltwater has a fast action and a strong backbone for those whopping big saltwater fish. It’s easy to cast without expending too much energy, and you’ll get tight loops and fast line speed even in the windiest conditions.

It’s extra sturdy and durable thanks to the compound taper and multi-modulus build with extra carbon fiber material – this is a rod that’s built to last! The Tremor can throw flies long distances of up to 80 feet, and it has a super fast blank recovery, too. Choose from 7-10 weight Tremor models and pop it into your online cart so you can get fishing ASAP!

Micro Spey/Switch

If you’re into microspey fishing, this is the rod for you! Lightweight and responsive, yet powerful: the Mystic Micro Spey can handle all situations. With incredible line speed, smooth line flow, and impressive lifting power, this rod won’t let you down. Use it to cover more of the river and catch more fish! Take your pick from the available models from 3 weights up to 8 weights.

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The Wrap Up

Mystic has an excellent range of rods to suit any angler! If you’re looking for a reliable, mid-range rod, you’ll love these designs. Drop us a comment to let us know which model you’re tempted to get. We’d love to know!

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