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You used to have to shell out hundreds of dollars for a fly reel with a super powerful drag system. In this review, we'll show you the Behemoth's features and reasons why you should not ignore this wonderful reel.
redington behemoth review

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Back in the day, one would have to spend a fair amount of cash to get a decent reel, especially if the reel was needed for saltwater environments with big fish that pull hard.

Enter the Redington behemoth fly reel; Redington is no stranger to the fly fishing world, and they have been making top-quality fly fishing gear for decades.

The Redington behemoth fly reel is an excellent example of how Redington is bringing top-quality fly reels to the market at a very competitive price. The Redington behemoth is has been cleverly designed to produce a die-cast frame with a very powerful drag strength.

The interlocking spool fins are what give the reel the edge over other reels in its class, coupled with its drag system the reel is a first choice to fish with.

redington behemoth

Redington Behemoth Specs:

Available Size: 4/5, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12 Overall Weight: 5.2 – 11.4oz
Arbor Size: Large Material: Die-Cast Aluminum
Spool Diameter: 3.4 – 4.7in Colors: Bronze, Gunmetal, O.D Green, Black, Desert
Spool Capacity: 75 – 250yds Warranty: Redington Warranty
Drag Type: Carbon fiber Country of Manufacture: USA

Overall Score

Drag System Quality
Weight and Balance
Line Capacity
Ease of Maintenance
Aesthetic and Design
Price to Value Ratio
Brand Reputation & Customer Service

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Available Sizes

  • 4/5
  • 5/6
  • 7/8
  • 9/10
  • 11/12

Redington Behemoth in Detail Review

When seeing the Redington Behemoth fly reel on the shelf in the local fly shop, you won’t be able to help yourself; you’ll want to pick it up and take a look. When you see the price tag attached, you will question the shop assistant whether it is correctly priced. A high performance fly reel for $149 is hard to beat.

Die-cast fly reels look great, and if you consider how quickly they are produced, it’s understandable there may be a few minor issues, aesthetically speaking. This is not the case with Redington’s Behemoth fly reel.

The Redington Behemoth has great balanced aesthetics and ergonomics to it. It’s evident that head designer Paul Richardson gave those designs some real thought and came out with a real winner. Many anglers look for a visually pleasing reel before looking at the fundamentals in the modern fly fishing world. In this case, the Behemoth fly reel ticks the boxes.

first impression

The die-cast design is simple and elegant, available in black, hunters orange, O.D green, desert, and gunmetal. The spool design is simple but strong, with the spool ribs interlocking with each other over the center pin. This is what gives the behemoth the extra spool strength.

The distinct deep v spool is also very noticeable, which allows for a greater backing capacity and prevents line pileup. The large arbor has a fast line pickup for any line size allowing the Redington Behemoth to perform reliably.

Reliability is key to any fly fishing reel; the angler needs to know its capabilities and flaws.

The drag knob is easily accessible and quick to engage. The 30lbs drag is a massive attraction to fly fishers who are looking for a sound drag output when on the rocks hunting salmon or chasing large fish on a fly that they would usually target when spin fishing.


The Redington Behemoth fly reel is not like other die-cast reels. The behemoth fly reel has an unbelievable drag system for its die-cast construction.

Understanding die-cast construction is a whole article on its own; the basics are that the setup costs are what set most producers back, and they struggle to maintain a consistent product. Redington has done this incredibly well and can produce die-cast reels with incredible stopping power at a great price.

The Redington behemoth fly reel is not like other reels, its die-cast aluminum construction and its powerful unsealed drag system have unbelievable stopping power.

The spool fins cross each other with an interlocking design, something that Paul Richardson is very proud of.

spool design

Richardson wanted the strongest spool with the lightest weight possible, all on a die-cast reel. Of course, this is possible with CNC machined aluminum reels, but that comes with a price tag, and Redington was aiming at a specific price bracket.

The Redington behemoth has ticked all those boxes producing a top-notch, strong reel with good drag strength that will stop large fish.

Die-cast fly reels have a reputation for being cheap and unreliable mostly with shitty drags. The behemoth fly reel is non of these and really sets the standard for die-cast reels in the fly fishing world. Stopping monster-sized fish and having the traits of the high-end reels is what the Behemoth’s goal was, and it has far surpassed these expectations.

It’s a beautiful reel and one of the best fly reels in its bracket.

Drag system

The drag system on most die-cast reels isn’t great, and they are usually jerky and often result in popped tippets and lost fish. The Redington behemoth fly reel is the only reel in its class to have such a powerful drag system, making it great when fishing for big fish.

The unsealed carbon fiber drag system is why the Behemoth has the reputation it does. Fly fishers love a strong smooth drag, especially the saltwater anglers. The behemoth is the perfect reel to start out with or if oyu need a back up reel for a trip, it’s a great choice at $149.

drag system

Testing Redington’s Behemoth rigorously was the only way to ensure the drag did what it claimed it could. With 30lbs tensioned drag, it has very little startup inertia, which is brilliant. A few slight jerks, but for the most of it, a silky smooth output with no rough stops or anything like that.

Stopping power is one thing, but a smooth turning range and output are very important as well. Maybe not for the lighter weights but definitely for the large fish, and drag strength and smooth operation are imperative. The behemoth fly reel delivers in both.

The drag knob is easily accessible and works well, quickly engaging the fully set drag system.

The unsealed drag system can become an issue with beach sand and grit if not properly washed and cleaned after each session. Some may see it as a disadvantage, others not.

I, for one, prefer being able to open my drag and give it the washing and service it needs to be properly maintained. Whichever makes sense to you.

The interchangeable right hand to left hand retrieve is excellent. More and more reels are allowing for this left-hand swap which shows brand awareness and forethought.

behemoth drag system

Along with the carbon fiber drag system, the quick release spool is also a bonus, and with the price of a spare spool only $74, it pays to have a few with other fly lines on it.

When you fly fish and read a fly reel review and the mention of a powerful drag is always an attractive aspect. After all, stopping larger fish and getting them to the net is what it’s all about.

The Behemoth delivers in all of the above, and the drag is to thank for it.


Looking at the overall performance of the behemoth fly reel. For its price of $149, you wont find a better reel.

Its ability to have a smooth, engaging drag with high-end output power and still not break the bank is what makes this reel so popular. Its versatility to be used to target so many different species and hopefully catch more fish could easily convert anyone to become a die-hard fan.

The lifetime warranty Redington offers to the original owner; sweetens the deal. It’s charged at an extra $15, but this would be a no-brainer for most anglers.

If you want another performance reel from Redington, see our full Redington Run reel review here.

Reel Specifications

  • Available weights: 4/5-5/6- 7/8- 9/10/- 11/12
  • Backing Capacity:
  • 4/5- 125 yards/20lbs
  • 5/6- 125 yards/20lbs
  • 7/8- 200 yards/20lbs
  • 9/10-200 yards/30lbs
  • 11/12- 230 yards/30lbs
  • Reel weights:
  • 4/5- 5.2oz
  • 5/6- 5.7oz
  • 7/8- 7.5oz
  • 9/10- 10.8oz
  • 11/12- 11.4 oz
  • Easy to grip drag knob

Redington Behemoth Features

behemoth features

  • Powerful drag system.
  • Drag knob, adjusting carbon fiber drag.
  • Unique die-cast construction and mold.
  • Large arbor
  • Quickly changeable spools.
  • Spools have a deep V-shaped shape.
  • V-shaped spool takes a larger backing capacity.
  • Moulded handles 
  • Nylon reel bag 
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Inexpensive to start with.
  • Spools are cheap enough to have a few as backup, whichever fish species you target.
  • Solid drag system, with adjustable drag knob.
  • V-shaped spool for large backing capacity.
  • Smooth drag minimal startup inertia.
  • The supreme quality for a cast reel.
  • Can stop big fish.
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Some say it’s a little heavy (each to their own)
  • It could be damaged if bumped or dropped.


Is the Redington behemoth sealed?

No, the Redington Behemoth is not sealed. It is designed with a waterproof, breathable fabric and has a roll-top closure to keep out moisture.

What is Redington behemoth made of?

The Redington Behemoth is made of a proprietary waterproof, breathable fabric with a durable TPU coated face fabric. It also features a 420D ripstop nylon bottom and PU coated tarpaulin reinforcements. It also has a roll-top closure, webbing daisy chains, and multiple attachment points.

How much can you back on Behemoth?

The Redington Behemoth has a maximum capacity of 75 liters.

Is the Redington behemoth saltwater?

Yes, the Redington Behemoth is designed to be waterproof and is suitable for use in saltwater environments.


Over the past few years, many a fly reel have come and gone equally fast, as the die-cast produced reel can either withstand its pressure or simply not. Rough drags and jerks result in lost fish, and if an angler loses a fish because of the reel, it will see the back of the shelf very quickly.

This is where Redington has done is so well. They have spent time and money designing a cast reel that is affordable to most fly fishers and works like a charm and is reliable. Having a reliable reel that you can get to know and trust is so important.

Some say it’s only when fishing for larger species that it genuinely helps to have a smooth, reliable reel, but when fishing for a 16″ brookie on a 7x tippet, a smooth drag may even be more needed. Just a thought!

That said, the Behemoth is a great fly reel and one that can be used in many scenarios and conditions. It may not look or feel the best, but it can stop fish, and if that is what you need, you can’t go wrong with having it on your fly rod.

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