Redington Behemoth Review

You used to have to shell out hundreds of dollars for a fly reel with a super powerful drag system. In this review, we'll show you the Behemoth's features and reasons why you should not ignore this wonderful reel.

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redington behemoth

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The Redington Behemoth fly reel is a reel designed to make fly fishing more accessible. With its affordable price point, anyone can get into fly fishing, and catch some BIG fish, too. Because that’s exactly what the Behemoth was designed for – to put up a fight and haul in some massive fish.

Anglers have pushed the Behemoth fly reel to the limit to test Redington’s claims, and this reel always comes out on top. Tarpon, bonefish, sailfish, albacore… Whatever you challenge this reel with, you won’t be disappointed with its performance!

But that’s not all that makes the Behemoth stand out. It looks cool, with its unique, die-cast construction and interwoven spokes, and the ergonomics on the handle and the drag knob are brilliant. The large arbor size can hold loads of backing, and you can easily convert the retrieve from left hand to right hand.

You can also see our post here on How to Attach Fly Line Backing to A Fly Reel for more information.

If you’re looking to expand into saltwater fly fishing or you want to go after bigger fish, a bog-standard reel just won’t cut it. Instead, you definitely want to check out this reel. It holds a unique place in the market, with its low cost and impressive performance.

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Redington Behemoth Features and Benefits

Here’s our detailed guide of the Redington Behemoth fly reel’s features, so you can see what it has to offer:

Super Strong Drag System

Without a doubt, this is the USP of the Redington Behemoth. Nothing can quite match this reel’s incredibly strong carbon fiber drag system. Redington rates this fly reel at 30 pounds of weight/capacity, and you can use up to 16 pounds of that insane drag.

It’s the most powerful drag of any of the fly reels in the same price range, with incredible stopping power. In the 11 12 size, the Behemoth can easily haul in a hefty saltwater salmon with no trouble.

You don’t have to worry about the start-up inertia, either. With a low start up inertia, you’ll find that the drag on this reel is smooth and even, with none of those annoying jerks or stops that can make you lose fish. It’s not quite in the same league as more expensive, high-end reels, but it certainly does the job.

Redington Behemoth


Another positive of this rod is that you can use it anywhere you like – it works wonders in both fresh water and salt water. You can team it up with a 5 weight rod to catch trout, but it’s also suited to fishing for larger species more commonly found in saltwater. That’s just one of the reasons we think this reel deserves a spot in any fly angler’s fishing gear.

Unique Die Cast Construction

Die-cast reels don’t have the best reputation compared to CNC machined aluminum reels. However, the Behemoth is in another league entirely from those cheap die-cast reels that are flooding the market. The folks at Redington wanted to create die-cast reels that combined performance, super strong drag, and durability, so they put a lot of thought into the design.

The result is a smart, eye-catching reel. The interwoven spokes allow for greater structural strength than regular die cast reels, and a hardy frame that can withstand the pressure from the drag system.

Make sure you treat this reel gently, though. If you want your reel to last, you’ll need to take good care of it, so no throwing it down onto the rocks. The die-cast construction can break more quickly than a solid CNC-machined reel.

Clever Spool Design

The spool on this reel has an unconventional V-shaped design, which has two main advantages. Firstly, it holds reams of backing, so you won’t risk running out if you hook a fish that just wants to run. Secondly, it allows for a consistent, even line pick-up, so you don’t have to waste valuable fishing time untangling your line.

Unsealed Drag

This was one of the features we weren’t so crazy about. The Behemoth has an unsealed drag, which means that sand, dust, salt, and water can all get inside your reel and gum it up or cause it to corrode.

The unsealed drag means that the Behemoth needs lots of maintenance and careful cleaning after every trip out on the water. If you use the Behemoth for saltwater fishing, you’ll need to take extra care to make sure your reel doesn’t go rusty. 

This isn’t a deal breaker, but it’s worth noting if you prefer low maintenance gear. You might want to go for a sealed reel instead (but good luck finding one that performs this well for the same price!).

Redington Behemoth


The ergonomics on the Behemoth are superb. You’ll love the comfortable handle, and the drag knob is one of the best I’ve come across. 

The only minor drawback I can see is that the polymer-coated handle can grab your fly line if you’re not careful – but this may just be down to casting style more than anything else.

Cool Aesthetics

The Redington Behemoth has an eye-catching, striking look because of the unique way it is manufactured. It looks really cool with its interwoven spokes and comes in a choice of 5 colors: Black, Desert, O.D. Green, Gunmetal, and Hunter Orange (an all-new color option!).


It’s hard to beat the Redington Behemoth with its low price of $129. It sits right between those cheapy $50 reels that won’t last more than a few trips out on the river, and the expensive $500+ reels that price many anglers out.


Redington offers a great lifetime warranty for the original owner. It’s a great bonus to know that if anything does happen to your reel over time, Redington will replace or repair it for you. The lifetime warranty makes this an even greater steal for the price.

redington behemoth review

What People Are Saying About the Redington Behemoth

Brian S. said: “Have used Redington’s Behemoth rigorously over the past few years. Dragged through mud chasing 20+ pound carp, knocked off rocks hunting salmon, caked in beach sand for stripers… They have yet to fail under any conditions.

Tim is another fan: “The reel lives up to it’s name, Behemoth! The reel is gorgeous! The drag system is top notch, and it holds a very good amount of line (150 / 175 yrds of 20lb backing – 100ft of 8wt!) Works really well for fresh and salt.”

Redington Behemoth: Pros & Cons

Not sure if the Redington Behemoth is for you? Here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons in our fly reel review!



The Wrap Up

Redington has really pushed the limit to create a superb, reasonably-priced fly reel which does the job. If you’re looking for a fly reel that can handle massive fish, the Behemoth is just what you need. Simply put, it’s one of the best fly reels on the market.

It’s suitable for saltwater and freshwater fly fishing, and it won’t let you down with its consistent performance and buttery-smooth drag. With 5 different color options, you can pick the one you like best too, from black or gunmetal to the new orange shade. Sure, it’s a little heavy – but for this price, you won’t go wrong with this reel. Whether you’re looking for a sturdy backup reel or an affordable main reel for going after bigger fish, the Behemoth fits the bill.

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Redington BEHEMOTH Fly Reel
Redington BEHEMOTH Fly Reel
Redington Behemoth Fly Reel

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