Fly Fishing Tips

best steelhead flies

Best Steelhead Flies

Fly fishing for steelhead is challenging and exhilarating in equal measures. There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you hook one of these beasts with

best trout flies

Best Trout Flies

Whether you’re new to fishing or you’re an experienced fly fisher, one thing is sure: You want your fly box stocked up on the best

types of flies

Types of Flies

In this article, we dive into the types of flies that are important for us while we are fly fishing. If you’ve been to your

best panfish flies

Best Panfish Flies

Fly fishing for panfish is one of the most exhilarating and fun experiences that it’s possible to have! From bluegill to crappies, rock bass to

fly fishing forum

Fly Fishing Forums

When you’ve got burning questions about fly fishing but you don’t have any angler friends to ask, fly fishing forums are the next best thing!

fly fishing subscription box

Fly Fishing Subscription Box

Just about all of us have had something delivered online now. But for some reason, that trip to the fly shop is still something we

best bass files

Best Bass Flies

If you’ve checked out our guide to bass fly fishing and you’re raring to give it a go, you’ll need some great bass flies to

fly fishing podcasts

The Best Fishing Podcast

Podcasts are all the rage lately, and what better way to get yourself in the mood for an epic fly fishing trip than to listen

trout fishing in the rain

Trout Fishing in the Rain

Is trout fishing in the rain worth it? Bad weather is often associated with a drop in atmospheric pressure, which signals to the fish that

trout species

Trout Species

Trout are one of the most desired fish species for fly fishermen. They’re smart, sneaky and hard to catch. They also have a dazzling variety

fly fishing landing brown trout

Best Fly Fishing Gifts

It’s terribly close to Christmas, or to an important birthday and you completely forgot to get that special angler in your life something that will

fly fishing books

Best Fly Fishing Books

For the days you’re not out taking on the river monsters, there’s nothing better than curling up with a good book, some delicious tea and

How to Sharpen Fish Hooks

One of the easiest things to neglect as a fly fisherman is hook sharpness. Because we are working with such small hooks, it is easy

Fly Fishing Terms

Fly fishing can be extremely intimidating to get into. Not only will you catch more trees than trout for the first few weeks but words

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