The 9 Best Fly Fishing Books of All Time – Reading Guide

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These are the best fly fishing books that we recommend all anglers read before heading out on the water or learning some new techniques.

Quick Answer: If you are looking for the best fly fishing literature book ever written, look no further, A River Runs Through It. If you want to up your fly fishing game and study some techniques, then Simple Fly Fishing is what you are after.

If you can’t be out fishing or at least talking about it, you might as well read a book that will get your imagination out on the water.

So, to give you a little extra happiness on those most dreary of non-fly-fishing days, we’ve rounded up the best fly-fishing books known to man.

The Best Fly Fishing Books You Should Read

These are the classics, the manuals, the legends that every serious fly fisher should have on their bookshelf.

We’ve picked one for every category because fly fishing literature is a treasure trove of diverse wisdom, from the technical to the historical and the humorous. 

Fly Fishing For Beginners – Best Fly Fishing Book To Learn Techniques

by Chris Hansen

Orvis Sure Step Folding Wading Staff

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For the best fly fishing book for beginners, look no further than Chris Hansen. Chris is a bona fide master of the art of fly fishing and even writes a blog on the subject. If you are looking for some more personal instruction, Chris does guided fishing tours.

Whatever you are after, Chris Hansen knows what he is doing, and his book Fly Fishing For Beginners is a sterling example of mastery in action. Fly Fishing For Beginners covers every fly fishing angle, from finding the right gear, practicing casting, and reading the water to cleaning your gear after an outing. The photos and illustrations add to the book’s clarity and are especially helpful if you are just starting on your fly fishing journey.

The book’s tone is friendly and accessible. Reading Fly Fishing For Beginners, you feel like Chris is right next to you, explaining the nitty-gritty of fly fishing over a coffee, anticipating your questions, and giving detailed explanations. The book was published in 2003, so the equipment suggestions might be a bit dated, but the generation Z fish haven’t changed that much, so the fly fishing advice is still just as solid!

I own a huge library of books on fly fishing and am in the industry. Each year I teach as many willing souls to fly fish as I can. This book is the best beginner’s fly fishing book on the market! It has wonderful instructions, diagrams, and pictures to make the teaching complete. If you buy one book to get started, this is it!

Earrol, fly fisherman from Logan, UT


A River Runs Through It – Best Classic Fly Fisherman Book

by Norman Maclean

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“In our family, there was no clear line between religion and fly fishing.” This sentence in A River Runs Through It marks the beginning of a book that can not be described in any other way than – an American classic.

A River Runs Through It describes Norman Maclean’s childhood experiences and is a beautifully written account of a time and place that are now lost in the echoes of days past. The stunning depictions of nature, Montana’s Big Blackfoot River, and a family’s endless passion for fly fishing have been etched not only in literature but also on the silver screen in Robert Redford’s 1992 classic by the same name, starring Tom Skerrit and Brad Pitt.

The last sentence in A River Runs Through It, “I am haunted by waters,” is something I think we can all relate to, for our love of the echoing call of nature and the thrill of the chase.

This masterpiece also has a movie adaptation. One of the best fly fishing movies of all time.

A great read. Stories of the wild Montana rivers and forests. A River Runs Through It was especially good, fly fishing explained in detail but with scenes of water and trees brought to life with pictures painted by words. A time gone, but still desired by all who wish to alone, quite and one with nature with the strength of the wild all around

Harvey, an angler from the United Kingdom


Simple Fly Fishing – Best Book about Fly Fishing Technique

by Yvon Chouinard

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Yvon Chouinard is the founder of Patagonia, one of the world’s most committed environmentalists, and, not so secretly, a world-class fly fisher. Chouinard is the real deal. Famous for his rock-climbing prowess and his billion-dollar equipment empire, his skill in fly fishing is a lesser-known but not the less-developed quality of the naturalist. He was chosen by (the now-defunct but not forgotten) FlyRod and Reel magazine – one of the best fly fishing magazines out there – as Angler of the Year in 2009.

Simple Fly Fishing is the revised second edition of the now-famous Simple Fly Fishing: Techniques for Tenkara and Rod and Reel. It was released to massive acclaim for its no-nonsense approach to technique, and comprehensive coverage of both western-style and Tenkara fly fishing techniques. Simple Fly Fishing is an excellent resource for the fly fisherman who wants to get back to basics, to what works, and not get lost in the endless shopping lists that other books prescribe.

Chouinard loves nature, catching fish, and simplicity, which comes across incredibly well in this revised masterpiece.

A great read – Chouinard’s a good writer and throws in surprisingly humorous anecdotes along with helpful information on fly fishing. Really enjoyed his philosophy on life and fishing.

Catherine T. Young


Fly-Tying for Beginners – Best Book about Fly Tying

by Peter Gathercole

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Peter Gathercole has become synonymous with the art of fly tying.

He’s written ALL the books on the subject, including the relatively harder-to-find The Handbook of Fly Tying, and is the primary resource for anyone trying to master the art of fly tying.

Fly-Tying for Beginners amply illustrated and full of rich explanations, is a zero-to-hero guide on how to tie your own flies like the master, without having ever done it before. Gathercole conveys his technique and legacy in easy steps and paves the way for a whole new generation of master artisans in fly-tying.

Gathercole’s photography background shines through in the stunning macro shots in which he captures every fly’s details. Fly-Tying for Beginners covers 50 basic flies, but once you’ve learned the ground rules, it’s easy to get creative and experiment with more nuanced designs.

This is the best book that I have read to get anyone tying flies. Loads of information on tools, materials and flies. Simply written with lots of illustrations so that anyone can tie 50 different simple flies. Read carefully and you will be able to tie loads of variants of those flies.

Clive Edwards, fly fisherman from Somerset, England


Fish, Fishing and the Meaning of Life – Best Humour Book

by Jeremy Paxman


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Fish, Fishing and the Meaning of Life is an anthology curated by the fishing enthusiast and journalist Jeremy Paxman.

With chapter titles like ‘Ones That Got Away,’ ‘Ones That Didn’t Get Away,’ and  ‘Fish That Bit Back,’ the book spans over 300 articles from more than 250 books written in the last 2000 years.

Why is Fish, Fishing, and the Meaning of Life the best fishing humor book? Because it’s got all the tall tales, all the clever mischief, and all the splendid stories that fishers have accumulated over the last two millennia. And as anyone who’s ever been on a guided fishing tour knows, there is nothing funnier than the stories of old sea dogs (and old freshwater dogs, for that matter!).

The tales of Irish Pike legends, whaling, tales of fishing inn’s and the live frog baits used by an American Doctor (just during July and delivered to his door in the morning in a box) conjure up the variety and essence of why people, though primarily men, fish. It is not easily explained, particularly to a non-angling wife. A great little book that will take a long time to read and re-read or fit in your fishing bag.

Derek from the United Kingdom


Fly Fishing for Trout: The Next Level – Best Book about Fly Fishing for Trout

by Tom Rosenbauer

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Another fly fishing legend, Fly Fishing for Trout: The Next Level author Tom Rosenbauer has gotten about as far in fly fishing as is humanly possible. He’s been the marketing director at Orvis Rod & Tackle for 30 years, has written ten books, was FlyRod, and Reel’s Angler of the year in 2011, has taught countless people how to fly fish, and even hosts a podcast on the subject.

Rosenbauer’s Fly Fishing for Trout: The Next Level is an insightful journey into the trout’s mind. He’ll guide you in understanding how this fish thinks, his likes and dislikes, and how he interacts with his environment. The more you know about the trout, the easier fly fishing for trout will be.

Fly Fishing for Trout: The Next Level is written in a casual, friendly style that never undermines the true mastery of the man writing it. It’s incredibly well-illustrated and a fantastic companion to his videos.

A lot you’ve forgotten, a lot you never knew all packaged up. Well organized, great illustration concept to help you visualize where the beasties actually are. Like sitting around with a top guide.

Chris Korody


The History of Fly Fishing in Fifty Flies – Best Fly Fishing Cult Classic

by Ian Whitelaw

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The History of Fly Fishing in Fifty Flies is an excellent concept for a book about fly fishing history. Whitelaw looks at fifty flies and their historical origins and builds the whole story of fly fishing on the back of that.

The History of Fly Fishing in Fifty Flies is slightly biased toward the English-speaking world, missing some key European flies like CDC or F flies but is comprehensive enough to present most of the history on the back of the ones presented.

The lovely illustrations and the sheer beauty of The History of Fly Fishing in Fifty Flies make it an excellent book for any fly fishing enthusiast in your life.

Really well done. I can’t say I learned a lot of new things, but then I’ve been reading about and collecting books on fly fishing for 50 years. I’d recommend someone who wants to learn about the sport and its origins to start with this fine book. A lot of useful information, extremely well presented.

Leigh Shumanit


A Cast in the Woods – Best Book for the American Fly Fisherman

by Stephen Sautner

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A Cast in the Woods is like Walden, but instead of a dreamy, philosophical Thoreau, we have the highly practical Sautner, a hero who loves fly fishing, nature, and his community. A man that’s more relatable to most of us, I would say.

With beautiful prose and a playful narrative, A Cast in the Woods really manages to “get” why we fish. The stillness of nature, the joy of the pursuit, the deep satisfaction of learning the craft.

It is an amazing book that’s not only about a place, a cabin in the woods in the Catskills, but about the people there, the stunning rivers, tricky fish, and about preserving the nature we all love to enjoy.

Reading Sautner is being invited to sit on his porch and become a part of his life, a neighbor, a friend. Good stories of adventures, threats, and disasters are well told. He surprises as he brings you into his world. I share his concerns for the outdoor world and enjoyed his interpretations of the bird songs he hears while walking the woods.

Tom McCo


Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die – Best Fly Fishing Travel Book

by Chris Santella

Orvis Sure Step Folding Wading Staff

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Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die is a book for dreaming. It’s perfect to have on your coffee table for inspiration and to have your significant other browse it sneakily. The images are so stunning that you don’t even need to be a fly fisherman to yearn to visit these breathtaking locations.

Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die makes traveling to the best rivers in the world an easy sell.

The title might be a bit macabre, but sometimes we have to look our mortality straight in the eye, check the bucket list, and just go for the experiences we really want to have before the clock runs out.

Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die makes a lovely present as well, as it’s beautifully designed and marvelously illustrated. Just don’t give it to your grandparents if they are very old, they might take it the wrong way.

I bought this as a nice little present and loved the way it looked when it arrived. Also had a little browse through it, and the pictures all looked amazing, and it seems very informative. My boyfriend – who I bought it for, was over the moon and loves it!

Lisa, the girlfriend of committed fly fisher


The Longest Silence: A Life In Fishing – Best Fly Fishing Essays

by Thomas McGuane

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The Longest Silence: A Life In Fishing has been described as the next best thing to actually fishing—That’s not a bad review at all.

McGuane is a novelist first, and an angler second. Not because he’s not committed to fly fishing, but because he’s just so good at writing. The Longest Silence is a collection of 30 essays, full of wit, sensational stories, and a lot of reflection on the pleasures of fishing and a true pleasure to read.

“Few are the works of literature that can successfully capture the essence of a sport. With this soulful and reflective work, much-lauded American novelist Thomas McGuane has surely created a modern classic.”

Scotland on Sunday


Honorable mentions

Because there’s no list of fishing books that skip Hemingway, we’re not going to start now.

For his collected anecdotes and thoughts on fishing, read Hemingway on Fishing.

And a true master of the genre, the prolific John Gierach, needs to be mentioned for books like Trout BumA Fly Rod of Your Own, and No Shortage of Good Days.

Final thoughts

Fly fishing is a bug that you can catch out on the water, out in the depth of nature, battling it out with the elements. Or, you can catch it in the comfort of your own home, browsing the countless stellar books that have been written on the subject.

So what are the best fly fishing books? You know, for the days you’re not out taking on the river monsters. 

If you are looking for the best piece of fishing literature ever written, look no further, A River Runs Through It. If you want to up your game and study some techniques, then Simple Fly Fishing is what you are after.

The books we’ve listed here include some of the best resources to learn the craft of fly fishing, but also some of the most beautiful literature to help you understand what fly fishing is all about, why it’s our passion, and why we do it.

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