orvis recon review

Orvis Recon Review

Every fly fisherman is looking for that rod which is good enough to last you a lifetime of fishing, whether you are just a beginner starting or an experienced fisherman who has been around a long time. 

I was looking for a great mid-range rod that I could use on both larger and smaller water but my problem was, what to buy with the range of fly rods available and the vast price range. 

I searched far and wide until I found the rod that was perfect for both the beginner and the experienced fisherman looking for a versatile mid-range rod, the Orvis – Recon.

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What Is the Orvis Recon Fly Rod

The orvis – recon can be described as a mid-range fly rod which is suitable for use by both beginner and experienced fly fisherman. The Orvis’s -recon fly rod is the latest design in the well-known Orvis range and is a mid-priced rod that replaced the Access series to complement the high price end Helios range of rods. 

The Orvis recon with its shadow green blank has a new ferrule design, black reel seats and nickel hardware which ensures that you can approach covertly and with stealth to your chosen target. The recon comes with an aluminium tube, cloth rod bag and a preloaded reel with backing and protective case.

orvis recon fly rod

Features & Benefits

We at Fly Fisher Pro will discuss a number of the important features and benefits in this section of the orvis’s recon reviews which will provide you with a great overall view of the rod.


The Orvis Recon fly rod reviewed caters for both freshwater and saltwater fly fishing with its current range of rods which range from its recon 3-weight right up to a 10-weight fly rod in a variety of lengths ranging from 7’11’’ up to 10’ models. 

The different models come in a variety of lengths coupled to a certain weight and are in 4 sections. The recon fly rod reviewed is generally regarded as an excellent combination of overall low-weight and swing weight that produce a great performance. 

The recon feels light in the hand, well balanced and many users commented that they can use the rod a whole day without feeling fatigued.

Build Quality

The Orvis-recon is a well-constructed fishing rod that is more than just a pole to cast with manufactured in Manchester, Vermont. Orvis used the latest technology, fine materials and resources in a blend of different modulus graphite and resins to create the Recon. 

The ferrule design is new, the blank is in a covert, shadow green colour with heavy-duty hardware and reel seats in black nickel with a dark wood insert with a 7” half wells grip. 

The snake and stripping guides are in silver. The taper and action were designed to be the perfect match for a specific rod, this ensures that you can pick a weight and length and the action will be the right match for it. 

There is no need to be concerned about mid-flex and tip designations as the rod has been built with the appropriate flex into it. The built includes a nice aluminium rod tube and cloth rod bag with its 25 year-warranty that backs up the quality of the build.


The recon boasts a high-performance with fast action and low swing weight two ensure exceptional performance. The recon is accurate over the mid-range with the accuracy tapering off over the longer distance although it has enough power. 

The softer tip of the Recon is a perfect match for the fast action and can be used to fish all day long. The rod performed well in shootout test reviews and commentators agree that it can be used in many different situations to ensure that you land that large trout that you caught on your lure and line. 

It also makes it possible for the angler to switch from the one fishing technique to the other when the fishing condition varies in the wild. The rod’s action will suit most anglers from beginners to experienced anglers with its wide selection of models available.


The Recon performs well over across distances from 35 feet up to 100 feet with the accuracy at 100 feet still impressive. This makes it possible to fish relatively close and with long casts with excellent results. 

This makes it possible to travel and fish a variety of environments like large lakes, big rivers and small streams, the Recon is also at home in both freshwater and saltwater. This excellent mid-range rod with its all-round performance which makes it an excellent choice for anglers who need flexibility in a single rod. 

The Recon can be used to present dry flies on the surface, streamers through deeper water and nymphs under indicator areas. The rod can be used to catch large brown or rainbow trout, it can catch big fish, be used to fish in fast water and can handle anything from trout, bass, perch up to catfish. 

It can be used to land saltwater species like ladyfish, Spanish mackerel and schoolie speckled trout. The different lines weight and length combinations available make it the ideal fly fishing rod for any situations, discount real stealth situations.


The Orvis Recon fly rod carries a 25-year guarantee to either fix a damaged or replace a broken rod at no charge, just send it back in the Orvis’s recon tube to Orvis who will fix or replace it. This provides peace of mind when you know that you can fish without worries for the next 25 years with this exceptional guarantee.

Orvis Recon Review (By Locals!)

We scoured the internet and found several positive Orvis recon reviews by users that we would like to share:

The Recon is a pure delight to fish with, it handles every situation better, that a trout angler could ever find themselves in. The Recon casts with authority and is pinpoint accurate.

This rod is excellent for casting close or far. I have used it with small dries and mid-sized streamer and even some nymphing.

Handed I’ve been fly fishing for over twenty-five years, after casting many different rods, the Recon just felt right in my hand. I heartily recommend the Recon.

Pros and Cons

In this section of the review, we will take a look at a number of the things and points we liked and things we didn’t like that much about the Orvis’s-recon rod.


  • Low overall weight with fast action.
  • Excellent mid-range fly rod which is well prized.
  • Great versatility and excellent casting ability.
  • 25-year warranty for peace of mind.


  • Some complaints about the tip flex being more than expected.
  • Overall weight could have been lighter.
  • Less accurate on the longer distances.
orvis recon rod

Wrap Up

In summary of this review, it can be said that we firmly believe that this is currently the best mid-range rod available that provides the best value for money. 

The quality of the build, the materials used and the 25-year warranty provide peace of mind immaterial where and how many times you use your rod. The different models available ensures flexibility and versatility which ensures the ability to fish in many different areas for a variety of species. 

The orvis’s marketing slogan of “Maps not included.“ truly describes the fishing capabilities of this excellent fly rod.

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Our Top Pick:

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