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Hardy Fly Rods (Compare all Models and Find your Perfect Rod!)

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Hardy is a fly rod and gear brand that has gained respect and an excellent reputation by producing top fly fishing products for over a century. Brothers William and John Hardy began the company in 1872 and launched their first fly reel, the Perfect reel, in 1891. While their fishing fly reels made the Hardy brand famous, they have expanded into fly rods, line, and apparel, too.

The Hardy brand has always been associated with innovation and respect for tradition, as well as their attention to detail. While it is no longer a family-run company, these values continue to thrive and their products are loved by fly fishers all over the world. Hardy fly rods are created using the unique Sintrix material, a special blend of resin, carbon, and nano technology.

Here’s a quick guide to all the Hardy fly rods available right now. If you’ve been on the search for a high-quality rod for fly fishing, take a look to see what the Hardy brand has to offer. You can shop for their products online (add to your cart for free shipping) or find your nearest dealer shop here. 

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Hardy Freshwater Fly Rods

Here are all the freshwater fly rods offered by the Hardy brand! We’ve broken it down according to price, performance, action, and the sort of fly rod, so you can find the right model for you.


The Shadow is one of Hardy’s most affordable rods, yet it’s made from high-quality components with an aluminum reel seat. You’ll be impressed by the speedy blank recovery, smooth loading, and ease of use that the Shadow offers.

Demon Smuggler

If you’re the sort of angler who’s always checking out new places, don’t miss the Hardy Demon Smuggler. This 6-piece travel rod is the ideal rod to put in your carry on or backpack and head to a new fishing destination. While the price is pretty high, you’ll soon see why. It’s lightweight and compact with incredible accuracy and enough punch to cast long distances. Add this to your cart if you’ve been after a travel fly rod!

Sirrus Glass

On the search for a classic glass fly rod? Check out the Sirrus Glass by the Hardy brand! This rod has that classic feel and slow parabolic action, allowing the blank to flex deeply, protect your tippet, and lift bigger fish than you would expect! Plus, you’ll get super smooth casts and convincing, natural presentations, all for an affordable price.

Zephrus Fly Rods

The Hardy Zephrus series is available in a range of different models, including freshwater fly rods, all-water fly rods, and the two-handed Zephrus DH. The Zephrus range is the sort of fast action rod that is incredibly versatile on the water, across all distances and for all fly fishing techniques.

You can use the Zephrus DH in all environments, and it provides the precision and the power you need. If you’re looking for a workhorse rod that can handle every type of water, the Zephrus AWS has the hardware suitable for both freshwater and corrosive salt water. It’s equipped with an aluminum reel seat, large guides, and greater power to cover those long distances offshore.

The Hardy Zephrus Ultralite is different from the other Zephrus models due to its medium-fast action. By dialing down the speed and stiffness of the rod, you get more sensitivity and responsiveness as a result. So if you’ve been on the search for an excellent fly rod for delicate presentations and incredible accuracy, add the Zephrus Ultralite to your cart.

All the Hardy Zephrus rods are at the high end of the price scale, but provide amazing quality. If your budget can stretch to the Zephrus rod by the Hardy brand, you won’t be disappointed. Test one out at your local fly shop to see for yourself!

Wraith Fly Rods

When it comes to action, the Hardy Wraith AWS and the Hardy Wraith FWS take it to the next level! Both packing ultra-fast action, these fly rods can handle big flies, long distances, and strong winds, no problem. Both these fly rods come in with a high price of over $800, but if you’re looking for a premium fly rod, they don’t disappoint.

The Wraith AWS and FWS are both stiff rods, but they perform when it comes to line speed, blank recovery, and accuracy. The difference between these two rods lies in the hardware – the AWS (All Water Series) is suitable for saltwater while the FWS isn’t. Both models have Fuji titanium stripper guides, black pearl recoil guides, a double uplocking reel seat, and a reversed half-wells cork grip. The construction and finish are completed to the highest standard, just as you’d expect from any Hardys fishing rod.

Saltwater Fly Rods

If you’re looking for a sturdy, durable fly rod for fly angling on saltwater, Hardy has two specially designed saltwater type rods. You can choose between the Hardy Demon and the Hardy Zephrus SWS (saltwater series).

The Hardy Demon is a fast action, 4-piece rod that is available in 3-8 weights, and from 7′ to 14’9″ in length. The Demon is lighter, more durable, and offers better comfort and balance in hand. Not only is it perfectly suited to saltwater, but it works wonders on rivers, creeks, and streams too. If you’re on the search for the ideal all-rounder fly fishing rod, check out the Hardy Demon.

The Hardy Zephrus SWS is an impressive saltwater rod that packs plenty of power and can cut through strong winds. It comes with a high price, but for this price you get a super-strong butt section, loads of feel, and quick recovery. This durable rod, constructed from Sintrix 440 material, is up to any saltwater conditions.


Who owns Hardy fishing?

Sycamore Partners own Hardy, having purchased the company in 2018.

Where are Hardy fly reels made?

Hardy fly reels are made in Alnwick, England. They have been produced in the same location by hand for the last 120 years, refining age-old traditions and techniques to create superior products.

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The Wrap Up

So there you have our guide to fly rods by the Hardy brand. While these rods are high up on the price scale, we’re of the view that the impeccable quality and innovative designs make them worth the money. Every type of fly rod is honed to meet the angler’s needs in every sort of situation that might occur on the water! The Hardy brand is constantly looking for new ways they can add value and improvements to their fly gear or create an exciting new fly reel or rod.

You can add any of these fly rod models to your fly gear by buying from any reputable online retailer, or find your nearest local shop here.  Drop us a comment to let us know what you think of the brand – do you have a Hardy fly rod? If not, are you tempted to buy one? We’d love to know!

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