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Winston Fly Rods (We Compared All Models To Find The Best!)

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Winston fly rods have been around since 1929, producing high-quality, industry-leading fly rods. Founded by Lew Stoner and Robert Winther, the R. L. Winston Rod Company has been pioneering and innovating excellent fly rods from the very beginning.

The Winston Rod Company started with bamboo fly rods and expanded into fiberglass and graphite fly rods over time. Gradually, the company became well-known for its unique graphite composite/boron fly rods. The Boron series became their flagship fly rods, loved for their incredible combination of power, speed, accuracy, and responsiveness.

The secret to the success of the Winston fly rods is that they’re created by fly fishing experts and enthusiasts! These folks don’t just want to make money – they want to make superb fly rods and gear that take fly fishing to the next level. With over 90 years of experience and a glowing reputation, you can trust Winston rods.

Every graphite or boron/graphite fly rod is covered by Winston’s lifetime warranty, ensuring that it will be replaced or repaired if it breaks. This warranty is only valid for the original owner, so make sure you register your Winston rod when you buy. Let’s find out more about the Winston fly rods!

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Winston Fly Rods

Here’s a quick summary of all the Winston fly rods, so you can find the perfect fly rod for you! From saltwater to freshwater, bamboo to Spey rods, we’ve covered them all. We’ll sum up the action, performance, weight, and more, so read on to find out all about Winston fly rods.

New Winston Air TH

The New Winston Air TH is an incredible two-handed fly rod, ideal for steelhead and salmon fly fishing. If you want power and responsiveness in a lightweight rod, this is the model for you. It comes with a lofty price of over $1000, but this premium two-handed rod won’t disappoint. 

It’s beautifully balanced and is available in 3-8 weight models, measuring from 11’6 up to 14’6. Don’t forget that online shipping is usually included in the price with this high-end sort of rods!

New Winston Alpha+

The Winston Alpha+ fly rods are designed for big fish and weighted lines, whether you’re fly fishing on rivers, lakes, or off-shore. These fast action fly rods can handle any challenge, including lunker trout, muskies, tarpon, and bonefish.

If you like to throw big flies on heavy lines, and you’re on the search for the right fly rod, the Alpha+ is the solution! Reinforced in the blank for even more lifting power, this rod is sure to amaze you. Other than the 5 and 6 wt, the models all come with a full wells handle with fighting butt for extra comfort and control of those whopping fish.

You can buy the Alpha+ fly rod in any size from 5 – 12 weight, all measuring 9 feet in length. Most online shops offer free shipping included in the price of your Winston rod when you add to your cart, or visit your local fly shop instead.

Winston Saltwater AIR

Looking for a mighty saltwater fly rod? Check out the Winston Saltwater AIR! These fly rods from the Winston company are super light due to their unique SuperSilicon resin system. The Saltwater AIR provides a buttery smooth cast for your flies and lines, with plenty of that famous ‘Winston feel.’

Designed for saltwater anglers, these rods have progressive tapers, impressive line speed, and fast blank recovery. You won’t be fazed by windy conditions with this fly rod in hand and can search out those big offshore gamefish.

The Saltwater AIR comes in a range of sizes from 6 -12 wt, with specialized action and performance in each sort of rod. They’re not cheap at a price approaching $1000, but these are sturdy, light rods that are well worth the investment.

Winston Freshwater Air

Just like the Winston Company Saltwater AIR, the Freshwater AIR is super lightweight and responsive. Suited to all freshwater fishing, it’s hard to find a rod as versatile as this one. Like all Winston rods, they are high quality and perform to an exceptional standard. This kind of fly rod comes with a higher price, and the Freshwater AIR comes in at $975.

You can buy the Freshwater AIR in 3-8 weights, with new longer models measuring 9’6 for big rivers. Almost all online dealers offer free shipping for your rod when you add to cart.

Winston PURE

The PURE range of fly rods is exactly what the avid trout angler needs. If you love landing that perfect, delicate presentation with a dry fly to lure out the trout, this rod fits the bill. Achieving that convincing, natural presentation is easy with PURE trout rods by the Winston Rod Company.

These rods have a moderate action, spot-on accuracy, intense feel, and fast line speeds. They are versatile enough for any trout fishing situation and suitable for fishing with dry flies, light nymphs, and streamers.

You can buy the PURE fly rods in any size from 2-6 wts. For tight spaces, the 5’9 wt is perfect, but you can buy rods measuring up to 10′, too.

Boron III Super 10

As the name suggests, this specialist Boron Winston rod measures 10 feet in every model. So when you need some extra length, this is the rod to go for. You can use it effectively for high stick nymphing, among other techniques.

It’s a beautifully balanced rod, with a stiff butt section to haul in your catch. You won’t miss a strike on your fly lines with the Boron III Super 10, which is available in 3 – 5 weights. The price is $850, which includes Winston’s lifetime warranty and free shipping from most online shops.

Boron III TH Microspey

This unique rod is a two-handed rod that is specially adapted for trout. It’s a superb sort of rod for when you need a bit of extra length but don’t want to lose any precision or feel. This specialized sort of rod does come with a hefty price tag, but if you have the money to spare, you won’t regret it. (Plus, free shipping is normally included in the price.)

The Boron III TH Microspey is equipped with larger guides, a bigger tiptop to handle spey lines, and a uniquely crafted grip.

Winston Bamboo

Bamboo rods have never completely gone out of style, due to their amazing performance and classic feel. In the 90 years that the Winston company has been producing bamboo rods, they have honed their technique into a fine art. These handcrafted rods by the Winston Rod Company have a gorgeous slow action, superb loop control, and outstanding precision.

The price might shock you, but given that this sort of rod takes around a year to make by an experienced rod designer, you can see why. For only the most devoted fly anglers around. You can buy online with free shipping when you add to cart.

The Tom Morgan Favorite

The Tom Morgan Favorite is a specialized rod invented by Tom Morgan, former owner/chief rod designer of the Winston Rod Company. He left his mark on the company, and this rod has been re-released to celebrate the company’s 90th anniversary! It’s just the rod you need if you’re on the search for wily trout that are easily spooked.

The Tom Morgan Favorite is an 8 foot 4 wt rod that has a reasonable price (as far as Winston rods go!) With progressive tapers, it’s super smooth and very light in weight, suitable for lighter lines and flies. Add to your online cart for free shipping!

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The Wrap Up

So there you have our complete guide to rods by the Winston Rod Company. With a wide variety of fly rods available, you’re sure to find the right model for you. Every rod is created with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, hence the higher price. You can buy rods from the Winston Rod Company from many online shops that offer free shipping when you add to cart.

If you found this guide helpful, feel free to share it on social media. And drop us a comment to let us know if you’re a Winston rod fan!

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