St Croix Fly Rods (Compare all Models and Find your Perfect Rod!)

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St Croix is a company that prides itself on creating high-quality fly rods for serious anglers, from beginners to pros. At the same time, their products are reasonably priced, making fly fishing even more accessible. The St Croix company has been around for over 70 years, and their handcrafted graphite rods put up an incredible performance every single time! From saltwater fly rods to trout and bass specialty rods, here’s what St Croix has to offer:

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St Croix Fly Rods

Whether you’re looking for a saltwater fly rod, a two-handed switch rod, or a versatile freshwater rod, you’ll find the perfect St Croix fish rod in this list!

Mojo Bass Fly Rods

The Mojo Bass Fly Rods are specially designed to meet the bass angler’s needs. With a moderate-fast action, you’ll get all the feel and amazing precision. You’ll be able to cast accurately at short-mid range distances, essential for fishing for bass up close. It’s just what you need to catch impressive numbers of bass all day on your next fly fishing trip!

As with all St Croix fly rods, the construction is to the highest standards from top-quality materials. You also get a great 5-year warranty to cover your Mojo Bass fly rod if anything goes wrong with it during this time.

Mojo Trout Fly Rods

The Mojo Trout rods are superb fly rods for chasing trout, suitable from anyone from the beginner to the experienced fly fisher. These fly fishing rods are built from high-modulus graphite and come equipped with a quality, comfortable cork handle, an aluminum uplocking reel seat, stripper guides with aluminum-oxide rings, and treated snake guides for even more durability. These fly rods are available in 2-6 weights and lengths from 6 feet up to 9 feet, so you can find the right size for you.

The performance on the Mojo Trout will impress out on the water, with buttery smooth casts and moderate-fast action that suits every type of trout fishing style. Whether you’re fishing up close in tight quarters or on larger rivers, the Mojo Trout performs. The Mojo Trout fly rod by the St Croix company wasn’t built for super long distances, but it excels up close.

Imperial USA Fly Rods

St Croix introduced the Imperial USA fly rods in 2018, and they are the pinnacle of lots of research, experience, and experimentation. Handcrafted in the USA, these rods are high quality but with an excellent price, starting from just $250.00! Despite this low price, the Imperial USA fly rods perform like a premium rod.

The Imperial USA has a lightweight, uplocking reel seat, excellent cork handle, 3D stripper guides, durable treated snake guides, and a hook-keeper. The fly rods come with a strong rod case to protect your fly rod, no matter where you’re headed, with an interior divider to keep your gear neat and tidy. The blank is perfectly calibrated with a progressive flex all down the blank and a forgiving mid-section. While this rod is available for the affordable price of $250.00, you wouldn’t know it if you picked this rod up on a fly fishing trip!

Imperial USA Fly Switch Rods

The Imperial fly rods series includes these fantastic switch fly rods that you can use with one or two hands. You can even change it up during your fly fishing trip, depending on how you feel. The performance of these graphite fly rods is consistent and reliable, no matter which techniques you use.

The Imperial Switch is shockingly lightweight thanks to the high-quality graphite construction, but it’s plenty powerful enough to reel in lunker steelhead and salmon. With a fast action, you’ll have no trouble covering longer distances effortlessly. The Sea Snake snake guides reduce friction, allowing for a smoother performance, while the stripper guides are durable and suitable for any sort of fly line.

The Imperial USA fly switch rods start at the fair price of $340.00, more than reasonable compared to many of the other top brands. If you’re interested in buying, you can shop at many online stores and add to your cart, or find your nearest dealer store here

Imperial Salt

Saltwater anglers know that fishing out on the sea, by the shore, or on the flats requires a special sort of fly rod. That’s why St Croix developed the Imperial Salt series, due to be launched in 2020 – incredible fly rods for any saltwater situation. The Imperial Salt is made in 6 different models from 7 to 12 weight, all measuring 9 feet.

These fast action rods will be able to handle all situations, including high winds and corrosive saltwater conditions. Whether you’re a sight fisher or you like to chuck flies out with a well-honed double haul, the Imperial Salt will be the perfect tool for you. 

The cork grip is of superior quality and feels comfy in hand, and the 10-12 weight models have a fighting butt to help out on those long days of casting and fishing. The Imperial Salt comes with a generous 15-year warranty, so you’ll have a rod that will last you for many years to come.


Where are St Croix rods made?

St Croix rods are made in two locations – the Park Falls, Wisconsin headquarters, or in the excellent new factory in Fresnillo, Mexico. In both these places, the fly rods are made using the same process and materials to the highest standards.

Where is the model number on St Croix rod?

The model number on a St Croix rod is located above the handle on the blank of the fly rod.

Does St Croix make reels?

Currently, St Croix does not make reels.

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The Wrap Up

So there you have our guide to the St Croix fly rods. With excellent prices and incredible performance, you won’t go wrong with these rods. If you’ve been looking for a specialized trout or bass fly rod, go for their Mojo fly rods – you’ll catch more fish than ever before! For up close precision, tailored actions, and delicate presentations, the Mojo fly rods always impress.

Two-handed anglers shouldn’t miss the Imperial Switch, starting at $340.00. The Imperial USA fly rods are fantastic, versatile fly rods suitable for all conditions, with prices as low as $250.00. From reel seat to the rod tip, these rods are handcrafted with care and attention to detail from high-quality materials. And if you’re an avid saltwater angler, keep your eye on the Imperial Salt, which is likely to be one of the hottest (and most affordable) saltwater rods on the market in 2020.

We’d love to know what you think of the St Croix fly rods and products. Do you already use a St Croix rod for your fly fishing trips? Or are you tempted to try one out now you know more about this historic company, with over 70 years of experience crafting handmade fly rods? Drop us a comment to let us know which of the St Croix fly rods you’re tempted to buy!

Don’t forget that you can buy St Croix fly rods online from Amazon or another major online store. You can also find your nearest fly store that sells St Croix fly rods by searching here.  We’ve got a whole section of the site dedicated to fly rod and gear reviews, so check them out at Fly Fisher Pro!

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