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TFO Fly Rods (Compare all Models and Find your Perfect Rod!)

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Temple Fork Outfitters is a fly fishing and gear company, but they’re much more than that. The vision of Temple Fork Outfitters is to create excellent gear and TFO fly rods, which will take your fly fishing experience to the next level. They also aim to get even more people into fly fishing, out into nature, and committed to caring for our natural environment.

To achieve their aims, they’ve drafted in some of the best fly fishers in the world right now to collaborate on their range of TFO fly rods. The result is some of the best fly rods for sale today, all at reasonable prices. Here’s a quick guide to all the TFO models in production now:

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TFO Single-Handed Rods

Temple Fork Outfitters has a range of single-handed fishing rods available to fly anglers, from freshwater models to saltwater specific fly rods. While their products vary from budget options to more expensive, premium fly rods, every rod provides an impressive performance.

Axiom II-X

Starting with the Axiom II-X fly rod, this unique TFO fast action rod is designed for experienced anglers. It combines power, performance, and accuracy, and comes with a significant price tag. The Axiom II-X has a carbon fiber high modulus blank, high-quality cork, an anodized aluminum reel seat, and lightweight stainless steel snake guides.

Finesse Trout

If you’re ready to slow things down and concentrate on your presentation in the water, this is a sign that the medium action Finesse Trout is the rod for you. This fly rod is perfect for fishing on small rivers and creeks using dainty flies, playing them with care to tempt out those wily trout. You’ll get convincing presentations, tight loops, and all the feel with the Finesse Trout. But it also allows you to chuck bugs longer distances with surprising ease and will protect your tippet if you land a bigger fish.

Bluewater SG

When it comes to versatile models suitable for freshwater and saltwater, you’ve got several options from Temple Fork Outfitters. The Bluewater SG is a high-end, fast action rod, but its price compares favorably to other premium brands. This fly rod excels when fishing off-shore with large flies and heavy fly lines, but it also does the job for freshwater fishing, too.

Axiom II

The Axiom II is another top rod for all types of water. When it comes to versatility, this rod is about as good as you can get. Whatever your fishing style with your fly rod, the Axiom II can handle it! With easy loading, smooth tracking, plenty of flex, you’ll have no problem getting your casts on target. But you can also protect your tippet and haul in big fish with almost no effort.

NXT fly rod

If you’re looking for more affordable options, the NXT is the ideal beginner rod on a budget, starting at $124.95. It’s forgiving and easy to use with a medium-fast action, making it the perfect model for practicing your casts and trying out new techniques. For kids, go for the Bug Launcher by Temple Fork Outfitters, instead. It’s carefully designed for smaller hands, with an extended reel seat for a two-handed grip.


The Drift has a mid-range price but a premium performance. Designed for amazing responsiveness and impeccable precision, you won’t miss any strikes with the Drift in your hands. Fish will be on the menu with this incredible rod by TFO.

Medium-Fast Models

When it comes to medium-fast rods for salt and freshwater, you’ve got the Impact and the Pro II, which comes in at a lower price. For faster action, go for the BVK fly rod, which comes in 3 – 10 weights. The BVK fly rod is lightweight with incredible sensitivity and can drop your fly right on target. As well as the BVK fly rod for saltwater and freshwater, other models by Temple Fork Outfitters include the Mangrove, Esox, and Clouser, all great models with a faultless performance and affordable price. The Signature II is also available at $124.95.

Tenkara Rod

For Tenkara anglers, check out the Temple Fork Outfitters Tenkara fly rod. These telescoping fly rods are lightweight, perfect for hiking and backpacking. They’re available in a choice of actions and lengths and include an extra tip section and rod case to protect your rod when you’re on the move.

Benefit Rods

TFO also has three single-handed benefit fly rods:

  • Project Healing Powers fly rod
  • Casting for Recovery fly rod
  • Reel Recovery fly rod

When you buy any of these excellent models, Temple Fork Outfitters donates a percentage of the price to non-profit organizations. This money goes to support wounded military service members and cancer survivors. Each of these models has a medium-fast action and is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater.

Two-Handed Fly Rods

If you’re more into two-handed fly fishing, there are a few choices on the menu from TFO. They have just recently brought out the Axiom II Switch, a superb two-handed fly rod that excels, no matter what technique you use. You can cast this switch rod up close or in tight conditions, but it has the power for long casts with easy loading and consistent performance.

The Pro II two-handed fly rod is a medium-fast action rod that is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater. It comes in weights from 2 up to 8, and lengths between 11′ and 13′. The progressive taper ensures smooth but powerful casts and spot-on accuracy.

If you’re looking for a fast-action spey rod by TFO, the BVK Spey fits the bill. You’ll have no problem casting powerfully and effectively and hauling in those big game fish with this beast of a fly rod. It boasts lightweight stripping guides and snake guides and a newly-designed, ergonomic handle.


Where are TFO rods made?

TFO rods are made in South Korea in a facility dedicated solely to creating these fishing rods. TFO has sourced high-quality materials and maintains the highest standards of construction and quality assurance for all its fishing products.

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The Wrap Up

So there you have our complete guide to TFO fly rods. If you’re looking for a fantastic rod at an affordable price, you won’t go wrong with any of their rods. From the premium Axiom II-X to the BVK fly rod, every rod performs well and is worth the money. Plus, you get a generous lifetime warranty to cover your rod in case of defects or damage.

Let us know which TFO rod sounds like the right fit for you by dropping us a comment or sending it to our email address. We’d love to know what you think!

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