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Best Fly Fishing Vest

Fly fishing is an amazing sport. As you grow you’ll find yourself casting while standing in a river (sometimes under), on lakes, in boats or even in the sea. Having a fishing vest ensures you have all the tools you right in front of you and gives you a platform to work on.

Vests that are made from the durable material will serve you for a long time. I had my last fishing vest for over 5 seasons before it had to go into retirement. So choose wisely. We’ve put together the 5 best fishing vests for every type of angler to help you make the right choice.

You’ve heard us talk time and time again that quality is everything when selecting gear for fly fishing. So if you can afford to spend that little bit extra for quality, you won’t regret it. It’s better to have, and love a few great pieces of gear than be sitting atop a mountain of junk!

Before we get started let’s learn a bit about fishing vests.

Best Overall
FishPond Wasatch Tech Pack - Driftwood,One Size
Allen Gallatin Ultra Light Fishing Vest & fly...
Allen Company, Big Horn Fishing Chest Vest with...
Anglatech Fly Fishing Vest Pack for Trout Fishing...
FishPond Wasatch Tech Pack – Driftwood,One Size
Allen Gallatin Ultra Light Fishing Vest & fly…
Allen Company, Big Horn Fishing Chest Vest with…
Anglatech Fly Fishing Vest Pack for Trout Fishing…
Best Overall
FishPond Wasatch Tech Pack - Driftwood,One Size
FishPond Wasatch Tech Pack – Driftwood,One Size
Allen Gallatin Ultra Light Fishing Vest & fly...
Allen Gallatin Ultra Light Fishing Vest & fly…
Allen Company, Big Horn Fishing Chest Vest with...
Allen Company, Big Horn Fishing Chest Vest with…
Anglatech Fly Fishing Vest Pack for Trout Fishing...
Anglatech Fly Fishing Vest Pack for Trout Fishing…

What are the advantages of Fly Vests? 

These vests keep the weight off your neck and help you improve your posture while casting. The higher-end vests have pockets on the front and back. Therefore, the weight of the tools you are carrying is distributed around your body, helping with balance. 

With the many pockets fly vests come with, you have storage space for all your tools. When there is a pocket for each fishing gear, you can easily find what you are looking for when fishing.

The best fishing vests ensure there is no interference when you are casting. Your range of motion is not limited as your hands and arms are free to move. You don’t have to keep holding equipment you are no longer using as there is a pocket for it. 

Because there are many pockets, no pocket will be stuffed with gear. When you have that fish of a lifetime on the line and you need your knife, you’d better know where it is! Vests enable to keep your gear dry as you wade through the water too, something pockets aren’t so good at doing!

Things to look for in a Fishing Vest 


First off, the number of pockets in your vest should be the number one factor you consider. Base this on the equipment you usually carry when you go fishing. Ensuring that every tool has its pocket helps you know where things are. 

Having too many pockets could also be a problem. Sometimes a simple solution is better. You’ll know the type of person you are and whether you prefer to look like inspector gadget, or just have a few extra pockets for the essentials.

Durability And Material

The material used to make vests should also be considered as it determines the quality of the product. Go with nylon if you are fishing in the summer and cotton or polyester if you are fishing in a much cooler climate. 


Size also matters when you are purchasing a vest. Ensure you purchase products from manufacturers who make vests that are true to size. Consider purchasing a vest with adjustable waist and shoulders, so it fits perfectly.  

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Number of Pockets

A fishing vest is the ultimate fly fishing accessory as it allows you to carry all the tools you’ll need and have them within reach. The less time you spend rummaging through your backpack the more successful you’ll be. I always remembered the saying: “you can’t catch fish if your line’s not wet!”.

A vestpack allows you to organise all your tools so that you don’t dig through a heap of items trying to find one thing. How much gear you usually carry as you go fishing should determine the kind of fish vest you purchase. 

The best fishing vests are those that have enough space to accommodate all your tools. Vests with pockets that are strategically placed for proper organisation offers you convenience so that you focus on having a good time while you are out fishing.

Comfort and Weight

A trout fishing vest also needs to be lightweight so that it doesn’t weigh down your shoulders. Consider shopping at online shops that also have women’s fishing vest. Most vests aren’t completely waterproof so consider carrying a waterproof pouch for important belongings like your keys and phone. 

Fishing Vest Set Up

Having a logical organisation when you are packing to go fishing helps you avoid spending too much time looking for items. Because the fly box is frequently used, you should consider having it to your left if you are right-handed or to your right if you are right-handed. Having it at this position ensures you can easily access it with your dominant hand. 

Purchase a vest with size appropriate pockets so that your tools easily fit into them. Have small items in small pockets so that the bigger pockets are left for larger tools and equipment. Some of the small-sized equipment you will need to pack include

  • Leaders
  • Tubes of flotant
  • Fly Boxes
  • Nippers
  • Pocket knives

The frequently used items should be closest to the outside of the vest while the less frequently used should be placed further away. Consider purchasing a vest with retractable leashes as well as zingers for your nippers and hemostats. 

Tippet tenders that are easily attached to the vest enable you to access your spools easily. If you are one to go fishing for a whole day, remember to pack take away lunch so that you don’t interrupt your day. Pack your vest ahead of time so that you don’t forget to carry any essentials.

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The Best Fly Fishing Vest (Reviews)  

FishPond Fly Fishing Vest Review

This is arguably the best fishing vest. It  is double patented with a signature moulded zip-down fly. The replaceable foam as well as the integrated rod tube holder makes it a valuable purchase. You can enjoy comfort when you are out fishing with its expansion zipper design for larger loads. 

FishPond Fishing Vest allows you to carry all you need for a fishing trip. The adjustable waist and shoulder straps ensure that this vest fits you perfectly. Its standard design means that it is also womens fishing vest. 

The Good

  • High quality
  • Adjustable waist and shoulder straps
  • Comes with pockets of different sizes
  • Durable material
  • Integrated rod tube holder

The Bad

  • Some parts are not waterproof

Marshway Fly Fishing Vest Review

The Marshway Vest is made from high-quality quick-drying nylon. The double material ensures that the vest is durable and long-lasting. This vest is suitable for use during winter and autumn. 

The v-neck design and breathable mesh lining ensure maximum air circulation so that you are as comfortable as possible. Because this vest was designed for outdoor activities, the breathable material ensures that you remain dry and comfortable. 

This vest has double thick pockets and button closures with a hook design to secure all your fishing gear. Because each tool has its dedicated pocket, you can easily find what you are looking.

The Good

  • Cost-effective
  • Fast drying material
  • Long lasting

The Bad

  • Awkward sizing
  • Less pockets than other options
  • Fairly rigid

Allen Gallantin Light Fishing Vest Review

This is an ultralight vest that is made from high quality, durable material. The padded neck strap ensures that your neck is protected so that you don’t feel strained as you fish. Allen Gallantin Fishing Vest has the maximum storage capacity to ensure you have a pocket for each tool to fit in. 

The front pockets have zip closures to ensure that all the items you store do not fall into the water. There are pockets big enough to hold large fly boxes and the large interior mesh pockets you have additional room for fishing tools. 

The Good

  • Lightweight design
  • Durable materials
  • Zip closures

The Bad

  • Some vests are not true to size
  • Less pockets than other options

Allen Company Big Horn Fish Vest Review

With the many pockets that this vest has, you get enough storage space for all your equipment. This is a high capacity fishing vest that is made from high-quality material. It is a valuable purchase as it is guaranteed to last you a long time. 

The dual zip down design, as well as the fly patches, ensure that it fits perfectly. The adjustable shoulder and waist straps allow you to share it with someone smaller or bigger. The padded shoulders make you comfortable since all the weight of the tools rests on your shoulders. 

There are pockets on the front and back panel to ensure you have room for everything and also to have the weight evenly distributed for stability and balance.

The Good

  • High-quality materials
  • Padded shoulders
  • Pockets on front and back panel
  • Dual zip down design
  • Adjustable waist and shoulder straps

The Bad

  • Some pockets hang low
  • Could be hot in Summer

Anglatech Fly Fishing VestPack Review

This vest is specifically designed for fly fishing, ensuring you have an enjoyable time at your favourite fishing spot. You get to fit all your fishing gear and equipment in the many pockets it comes with. This vest is designed for both men and women, and the size is adjustable. There is plenty of storage space so that you don’t have to leave an important tool behind. 

All your tools will be within reach with this vest, so you don’t spend too much time trying to fish out items. The shoulder and waist straps are adjustable to ensure this vest fits perfectly. There is room for you to pack your take away lunch so that you spend as much time as you need when you go fishing. 

The breathable mesh used to make this vest ensures that it is comfortable. It is made from a premium material that is lightweight, so it doesn’t weigh you down. The enabled air flow through the vest ensures you are dry and cool. 

The Good

  • High-quality materials
  • Breathable mesh
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Comfortable and lightweight

The Bad

  • Fly pocket inserts squash flies
  • Mesh wears over time

Fly fishing is a fun activity that allows you to spend time with family and friends. Having the best vest ensures that you are comfortable and well balanced when you are out fishing. Knowing what to look for when you are shopping for a fishing vest helps you settle for the right one. 

A fishing vest with pockets of different sizes ensures that all your fishing gear (fly lines, nippers, headlamp and even fishing net) have a dedicated pocket or hook. Consider purchasing a vest with shoulder padding to provide cushioning for the weight of the tools you are carrying.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide. Tight lines!

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