redington vice review

Redington Vice Review

I’m always looking for new gear, so I was excited to find out that Redington had released the Vice fly fishing rod aimed at intermediate anglers. 

To me, it’s more of a beginner’s fly fishing rod designed to be sold as a budget model. It does lack some of the more premium features. Despite that, the Vice is hailed as the rod that will turn you into a fly fishing addict.

 Let’s start this Redington Vice review to find out if that’s true.

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Introducing the Glass Superfine

The Redington fishing rod is a firecracker at 8 foot 3wt. all the way up to a 9wt. At the higher weights, it’s a fast action rod that can handle high winds. It has a multi-modulus blank if you need a little more manageability. 

Paired with a RIO line you can get pretty tight loops as a result of the dynamic tip. It’s designed to teach you the skills you need to do short-range fishing, so while it allows open loops, it’s versatile enough for shorter casting. You’ll manage 20 feet accurately and can even push that distance up to 60 feet. If you’re new to fly fishing, the Vice will let you try out a range of different waters. 

This Redington Vice review will take a closer look at fishing at different distances. It’s perfect for small and medium-sized creaks and awesome for trying out new techniques. I found this rod too inaccurate at 50 feet and too light for large fish.

Features and Benefits


The Vice feels heavy at short distances, but at 45 feet, it comes alive. Its fast action blanks are accurate, so it’s made to catch trout and bass. If you’re an experienced fly fisherman, you’ll have no trouble controlling it. Its weight is perfect for dry flies, large nymphs, and streamers. 

It feels bulky at 30 feet and loses accuracy at long ranges, but it’s not designed for that. If you’ve been fly fishing for a few months, it will introduce you to a bulkier rod. If you want to learn short-range casting, the 3wt model will give you the pace you need.

Build Quality

The Redington Vice combines a quality cork grip with chrome stripping and snake guides. It’s comfortable in the hand. You don’t need to hunt for the model or line weight because they’re laser-engraved into the rod. 

Its black anodized aluminum reel seat is built to last, and its components are solid. It comes with a Scientific Anglers Mastery MPX, an excellent trout line perfect for this review. 

It has a long-lasting Cordura rod tube and a multi-modulus design, making this fly rod incredibly versatile. The reel is made from anodized aluminum with distinct markings so that you don’t end up attaching a 6wt part to your 3wt gear.


Redington’s rod specs are carefully thought out. You’ll have no trouble battling flat saltwater or choppy freshwater fish. For extra versatility, try a Vice and RIO line combination. 

Your fly line has a huge effect on how well your rod will behave, so don’t judge this gear before you experiment with a range of different Vice combo accessories. 

This is one of the cheapest tools you’ll find, quicker than a Crux with more power in the midsection. The swing might be heavy, but it performs well.


This fishing rod is really built for quick action, and it’s smooth as silk. This is one of the best intermediate rods on the market. When you remove it from the tube, you’ll be suspicious of its bulkiness, but put it into action, and the Vice fly fishing rod will surprise you.

It’s not as light as its direct rivals, so you’ll get plenty of exercise while you try out new flies. It’s an awesome, stout-feeling rod that delivers large bass flies with ease. That said, the Vice rod loses accuracy and feels heavy in high winds at longer distances, so you won’t be able to push it to 100 feet.


The Redington’s Vice reels come with a lifetime original owner warranty. That’s an impressive backing for a quality fly rod. Unlike some brands, the rod itself is only covered by a material and workmanship defects warranty, which lasts for one year. If you damage it while fishing, you’re on your own.

redington vice fly rod

Online Reviews

The Vice has been widely reviewed. Some anglers love it at short ranges, and others prefer it at 80 feet. It lacks a delicate presentation, according to one review – Redington Vice gets in the way of your sense of control.

VICE's multi-modulous carbon fiber blank has a fast but manageable action. I’d agree. Refined power is the best description.

the Redington Vice is a fly rod you go to when fly fishing starts to become a lifestyle and not just a hobby.

Pros and Cons


  • Offers enough versatility to practice a huge range of distances and weights.
  • Redington's solid craftsmanship has created a durable rod.
  • Affordably priced despite its graphite and stainless steel frame.


  • Redington Vice is built to teach, not to excel.
  • The cork grip is made with filler, which won’t last a lifetime.
  • The Redington - Vice doesn’t transfer vibrations all the way to the end of the line.

Wrapping Up

Redington has crafted a perfect intermediate rod for salt flats and lakes. The Vice’s proportions will impress casters who enjoy classic rods. It has a few advanced features, and its multi-modulus design makes it impressively versatile. It’s a saltwater grade tool that resists harsh saline water, so if you’ve been dying to branch out into new environments, you’ve met your match.

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