Sage Mod Review in 2023 – Fly Rods

sage mod review

The Sage Mod is one of the finest fly rods available for intermediate to advanced of us fly fisherman. In this Sage mod review we look at all of it’s features!

Echo Bravo Review in 2023 – Fly Reels

echo bravo review

It’s rare to find a low-cost reel that you can use in saltwater, because most good saltwater reels will cost you an arm and a leg. Unfortunately, most low-cost reels just aren’t built to withstand the corrosive environment of the salt flats or the open sea. That’s why we were so excited to hear about the Echo Bravo – a saltwater-specific reel for under $150!

Orvis Clearwater Fly Reel Review in 2023

Orvis Clearwater Review

In this orvis clearwater fly reel review, we’ll be examining the Orvis Clearwater large arbor reel. does it live up to its reputation? How does this diecast reel compare to a machined reel? We’ll answer all your questions in our detailed Clearwater reel review!

Orvis Mirage Review in 2023 – Fly Reels

Orvis mirage Review

In this orvis mirage review we take the Orvis for a spin to see if it’s the ideal fly reel for you. Take a minute to read our review and see exactly what this reel has to offer.

Orvis Helios 3 Review in 2023 – Fly Rods

orvis helios 3 review

In recent years, most new premium rods have been designed to maximize distance and line speed. We like to keep you up to date on reviews so we’ve reviewed the Helios III here for you, to see if it truly stands up to the hype.

Echo Ion Reel Review in 2023 – Fly Reels

echo ion review

Echo Ion Fly Reel is a superb low-cost fly reel can easily compare against premium reels thanks to the close attention to detail and smart design from the folks at Echo. Let’s take a look at this Echo Ion fly reel review and see what it has to offer!

Lamson Litespeed Review in 2023 – Fly Reels

lamson litespeed review

In this Lamson Litespeed Review we find out just how this fly reel performs. After speaking to experts and the team at Lamson, we can show you everything you need to know about this wonderful fly reel.

Lamson Remix Review in 2023 – Fly Reels

lamson remix review

In this Lamson Remix review, we’ll see whether this fly reel is really affordable. We also covered all the features you need to know so you can decide whether it is the right reel for you.

Sage Motive Review in 2023 – Fly Rods

sage motive review

If you’re looking for a sturdy rod for saltwater fly fishing, you need to check out the Sage Motive. Here’s our in-depth review Sage Motive fly rod so you can decide whether it’s the right rod for you!

Scott Flex Review in 2023 – Fly Rods

scott flex review

Scott fly rods are well known for their superior craftsmanship, high standard, and great performance. In this review we’ll take a closer look at the Scott Flex’s features.

Fenwick Aetos Review in 2023 – Fly Rods

femwick aetos review

In this Fenwick Aetos Review we test the performance of the signature series from Fenwick. You’ll find everything you need to know right here in this Fenwick Aetos review so you can decide if this is the rod for you.

The Art of Trout Jumping

amazing trout jumping videos

Salmon are the better-known jumpers of the fish world, but their cousins, trout, are not too shabby at leaping through the streams either. Strong swimmers, trout can leap over waterfalls and many different obstacles with ease. 

The 8 Best Budget Fly Reels in 2023 – Buyers Guide

best budget fly reels

Over the years, I’ve learned what specs truly matter and what to look out for on a reel to ensure it lasts. This article includes an in-depth look at the features and characteristics you should look for in the best budget fly fishing reel.