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Redington Fly Rods (Affordable and Powerful rods)

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Founded in 1992 by fly fishing enthusiasts, Redington is one of the most well-known fly rod and gear manufacturers around today. The Redington team has a real passion for all things fly fishing, which shows in their products and their ethos. They aim to create specialized, high-performance fly rods and gear while making them affordable. As a result, fly fishing is becoming more accessible to even more people!

With their prime location in the Pacific Northwest, the folks at Redington have tons of fly fishing experience. They have worked hard to create fly gear and rods that are practical, effective, and don’t break the bank. While their rods aren’t manufactured in the US to keep costs lower, they are still made to the highest quality and come with a great warranty.

You can buy Redington fly rods directly from their online shop, from many fly shop dealers, and online from Amazon. At the official Redington online shop, you get free shipping on all orders over $50.

Here’s are the different Redington fly rods that are available now. We’ll quickly summarize each rod so you can see if it ticks the right boxes for you!

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Freshwater Redington Fly Rods

Here, you’ll find Redington fly rods designed for fly angling in freshwater rivers, creeks, streams, and lakes.


Trout anglers, listen up. This fly rod is perfect for chasing those wily trout. It’s lightweight with a versatile medium-fast action. You’ll love casting this Redington fly rod – the Hydrogen feels light in hand and is super smooth. Landing a convincing, natural presentation will come easy with this rod. The Hydrogen is best suited to small water – little trout streams and creeks.

Hydrogen Euro Nymph

The Hydrogen rod series includes 3 Euro Nymphing specialist models. Wherever you’re fishing, you won’t miss any strikes with this rod. It’s incredibly sensitive and allows for delicate presentations. You can use high stick nymphing techniques, throw dry flies, or double up with a streamer and a weighted nymph. However you use it, the Hydrogen Euro Nymph rod will catch you more fish than ever.

Butter Stick

Fast action isn’t for everyone. When you remember to slow it down, you can get a lot of enjoyment from your fly fishing trips. If this sounds like you, the Butter Stick is the rod for you! It’s a slow-action fiberglass rod that harks back to the early days of fishing on the fly – with a few smart improvements. It has a classic, retro feel and handles nicely, with a high-quality finish. Find out more about the Redington Butter Stick here.

Classic Trout

At a lower price than the Hydrogen, the Classic Trout is an affordable fly rod for anyone who wants to catch trout. Redington’s designers have honed this fly rod for trout fishing at distances of under 50 feet. It loads quickly and flexes deeply to protect your tippet, and is spot on when it comes to accuracy. The Classic Trout offers consistent performance on small water and impressive value for money. Read the full Classic Trout review here. 

Freshwater/Saltwater Compatible Rods

You can use any of these Redington fly rods to fish in either saltwater or freshwater. They all work well in freshwater, but they’re suitable for harsh saltwater conditions, too.


Released in 2018, the Crux is one of Redington’s hottest models yet. It is lightweight, powerful, and versatile. You’ll have no problem using the Crux in the short-mid range, yet it’s productive for those extra-long casts, too. The blank has a new Line Speed Taper and fine diameter for faster casting and recovery. It’s suitable for fishing in all conditions of all types of fish. If you’ve been on the search for an amazing all-rounder rod, the Crux might be the one! Check out the in-depth Crux review here.


Redington designed the Predator for fishing long distances and in windy conditions. It’s the rod to pick up if you love throwing those bulky, heavy flies and catching big fish! With pike and musky models and a stiff, powerful butt section, the Predator is powerful and sturdy. Nothing is left to chance with this design – you can cast 80+ feet effortlessly. Read more about the Predator here.


The Vice is a fast action rod with a multi-modulus blank, suitable for any fly angler. You can get tight loops with the Vice and accurate casts across a range of distances. The Vice fly rods series is perfect for saltwater or freshwater, small creeks, or the big ocean. Find out more about the Vice here.


Redington’s Path fly rods are classic and versatile. Whether you’re casting out on saltwater, lakes, or rivers, this flexible, lightweight rod performs well. You get the best of both worlds with the medium action, and the affordable price makes this a great budget buy at under $200. Check out the full Path fly rod review here.


If you’re a beginner fly fisher (or you know someone who is), the Redington Crosswater is an excellent starter rod. Priced at under $100, it’s easy to learn how to cast using this series of fly rods. The medium-fast action hits the balance just right between speed and flex, and you get a 1-year warranty on these fly rods. Here’s our full Crosswater review for more details on this great rod.

Youth Minnow

The Youth Minnow is a shorter rod, designed for kids and teens who are just learning to fish. It’s simple to learn using the Youth Minnow with its accessible price and medium action.

Redington Spey/Switch Rods

If you’re into two-handed fly angling or want that extra power and distance, check out Redington’s spey and switch rods. Currently, Redington has 3 different types of spey/switch rods available: Hydrogen Trout Spey, Dually, and Chromer.

The Hydrogen Trout Spey is a specialized model from the Hydrogen series, with all the great features and a downlocking skeletonized reel seat, matte finish blank, and Zirconia stripping guide inserts.

The Chromer is Redington’s premium spey/switch rod. It’s been carefully designed to support all spey casting techniques and launch those heavy lines. Pinch grip sections on the handles allow for extra comfort and line control, and it’s covered by Redington’s lifetime warranty. Add it to your cart from their online shop, and you’ll get free shipping, too!

Last but not least, the Dually is a more affordable spey/switch rod. With a light blank, increased stability, and an improved handle, the Dually is a brilliant two-hander rod.

Redington Fly Rods FAQ

Where are Redington fly rods made?

Redington fly rods are made overseas in China and other countries. While they design all their rods in the US, Redington exports the manufacturing process to keep prices low, while keeping the quality high.

Who owns Redington Rod?

Redington Rods are owned by Far Bank Enterprises, the investment group and parent company that also owns Sage and RIO.

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The Wrap Up

So there you have the round-up of Redington’s excellent fly rods. Every rod is constructed from quality components according to a smart design, with fly anglers in mind at all times. If you’ve been on the search for a reasonably priced rod that performs well, Redington fly rods are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Their fly rods are affordable and versatile, whether you’re looking for your first fly rod or a saltwater beast. Plus, you get that generous warranty and free shipping from Redington’s online shop. You won’t go wrong when it comes to Redington!

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