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Scott Fly Rods (Compare all Models and Find your Perfect Rod!)

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Scott fly rods are handmade, high-quality rods made in Colorado, USA. For over 45 years, this company has been designing and producing excellent rods for fly anglers. They pride themselves on the fact that they hand-produce every single product that leaves their workshops, and test their designs out on the water before bringing them to market. If you’re looking for top fly fishing gear, you won’t go wrong with one of the Scott fly rods.

Not only are these US-made rods constructed to the highest standards in Colorado, but every single Scott fly rod is backed by their generous lifetime warranty. Scott fly rods are built to last, but accidents happen, so their dedicated repair department will fix or replace your rod for you. Do note that the warranty only covers the original owner and is valid if you purchase from an official Scott shop. Most official dealers will include free shipping for your rod.

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Complete Range of Scott Fly Rods

Currently, the Scott company has a range of different fly rods in production. Here’s a quick summary of each rod series, so you can see which of their rods will work best for you:

Sector – Saltwater Rods

The Sector saltwater series is powered by the latest in Carbon Web and ReAct technology for amazing performance. These fly rods by the Scott company combine precision, feel, and top-quality componentry. It feels lightweight in hand and is a joy to cast. While it does have a premium price, it’s worth the investment if you stretch your budget. If you’re all about fly fishing in salty water, check out the Scott Sector.

Tidal – Saltwater Rods

Saltwater fly fishing isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for a leisurely day of fishing, head to your nearest river instead. But the Scott fishing company knows all about the challenges of fishing in the ocean, and they’ve designed this rod accordingly. The Tidal packs a fast line speed, incredible accuracy at 60 feet, and the power you need to haul in those whopping saltwater fish.

F Series – Fiberglass Rods

The F Series harks back to the early days of Scott fly rods, when graphite rods hadn’t yet been invented! These super-lightweight fiberglass rods are extremely accurate, perfect for fishing those remote mountain streams. You can chase wild trout with this deep-flexing rod, achieving tight, perfect loops and a smooth cast. Some of the best 3 weight fly rods on the market.

Radian – Freshwater Fast Action


The Scott company states that their Radian fly rods are ‘fast with feel.’ This is no mean feat, giving you the power to get your flies out long distances without losing out on accuracy. Fast action rods are perfect for windy conditions, heavy split shot, and long casts.

While the Radian is great at chucking out streamers, you can also get that delicate presentation you need for your dry flies. The Radian Scotts rods come in at a higher price of $795, a fair price for this high-performance all-rounder rod suitable for every fly fishing trip.

Flex – Freshwater Fast Action


The Flex is the Scott company’s mid-range fast action fly rod for freshwater fly fishing. Whether you’re after trout, bass, or bluegills, the Flex is just what you need. With tight loops and fast line speed, you’ll have fantastic control of your fly and be able to haul those fish in with ease. As with all Scott fly rods, you’ll get that lifetime warranty and faultless finish. Check out the full Scott Flex review here to find out more! 

G Series – Freshwater Medium Action

Medium action fly rods are some of the most versatile rods for the fly angler. The G series has been around since 1976, and now the Scott company has reinvented it to make it even better! The new lighter, stronger, and bendier rod has a clever multi-slope taper and can chuck out those big flies and heavy lines, no problem. You get all the strength of a sturdy butt section with impressive flex with the Scott G Series fly rods.

Radian 2H – Two Hander Rod

Sometimes, a one-handed rod just doesn’t cut it. If you’re going after those massive steelhead, salmon, or Northern pike, consider the Radian 2H. As with all Scott’s fly rods, it’s constructed in Colorado from the best components around. The quality cork grips feel great in hand, the reel seat is made from aluminum bar stock, and titanium stripping guides finish the look. It’s sensitive but sturdy enough for fishing big rivers in Colorado and across the US. If you shop online, the Radian 2H normally comes with free shipping.

Scott T3H

The T3H is Scott’s premium spey and switch rod offering with a price to match. If you want to cast out big, heavy sink tips, this is your rod. Available in weights from 4 wt up to 10 wt, the T3H has a winning combination of being lightweight, speedy, and forgiving. It’s easy to cast and provides plenty of feel. A superb two-hander rod from the Scott company, based in Colorado.

Scott L2H

The L2H is the mid-range two-handed rod from Scott. If you’re new to spey or switch rods, this is a great rod to get started with. Scott has carefully designed the L2H to perform seamlessly using modern spey casting techniques. You’ll be able to get those flat, tight loops that spey anglers love. Plus, free shipping is available when you buy online.

Scott SC (Split Cane Bamboo)

Fly fishing has a rich history, with bamboo rods at its core. The Scott company has blended tradition and innovation in the SC fly rod series. Thanks to the latest split cane rod technology, this rod has unique action, sensitivity, and is easy to cast effectively. Curious about trying out a bamboo rod? The SC by the Scott company is one of the best on the market right now. Shop online (with free shipping) or from an official Scott dealer/fly shop.

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The Wrap Up

Scott has a wide range of fly rods to fit every fishing situation and price. You’ll be sure to find the perfect rod for you among their range of Scott fly rods, all lovingly constructed in Colorado, US. Every single rod is handmade and finished to the highest standards, with attention paid to every detail in their Colorado workshop.

Backed by the generous Scott warranty, you’ll know you’ve got a fly rod for life. Most online stores offer free shipping for your new rod, too.

Which Scott rod sounds right for you? Or do you already have a favorite? Drop us a comment or an email to let us know!

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