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Abel Reels (Compare all Models and Find your Perfect Reel!)

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Since 1980, Abel Reels has been producing some of the best quality fly reels around. Loved by top guides and fly fishers all over the world, Abel fly reels offer quality, performance, and intelligent design. What’s more, every single Abel fly reel is manufactured in Colorado, USA, to the standard you’d expect.

With a wide range of fly reels for every situation, Abel Reels has the perfect fly reel for every angler. Here’s a quick guide to all the Abel fly reels, so you can find the right sort of reel for you!

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Abel Fly Reels

Here are all the Abel fly reels that are currently available. From saltwater to freshwater reels, Abel produces every sort of reel you could ever need.

If there’s a particular model you’re interested in, you can shop online or visit your nearest fly shop that sells Abel fly reels. Check here to find your local fly shop/Abel reel dealer.  Most online retailers also offer free shipping, so in most cases, you won’t have to factor shipping into the price if you buy online.

VAYA Series

The VAYA fly reels are works of art, anodized by hand with a stunning pattern. These reels boast a large spool, dual-pawl drag engagement design, and a stainless/carbon multi-disk drag system. When it comes to technology, design, and aesthetics, the VAYA series by Abel fly reels are second to none.

The Vaya Abel fly reels are suitable for trout fly fishing, as well as smaller saltwater fish. These lightweight but sturdy Abel fly reels are more than worth the mid-range price of $495. You can buy the VAYA fly reels in sizes 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8.

Abel TR

The Abel TR is a classic product from Abel fly reels, now re-released with some modern twists. The redesigned Abel TR fly reel looks edgy, is lighter than ever, with the iconic partial porting of Abel fly rods. Not a single detail has been missed on the Abel TR fly reels, right down to the machined silhouettes of stoneflies, mayflies, and caddisflies on the inner frame.

The larger spool means that you get less line memory and a faster retrieve, while the integrated spool clicker eliminates the need for an external counterweight. As with all Abel fly reels, the TR is constructed and finished with careful attention to detail.

Model SDF

The Model SDF (Sealed Drag Fresh) is an awesome machined fly reel for chasing trout, bass, and more. This fly reel performs exceptionally out on the water, with hardly any startup inertia, and a fantastic drag system of carbon fluoropolymer and stainless steel. You can adjust the drag more easily and with a broader range than before, from zero up to a whopping 10 pounds of pressure.

As with almost all Abel fly reels, it has the standard large arbor, which aids line retrieval and reduces your fly line memory. The Model SDF is constructed by fly fishing experts in Colorado, among the best trout waters. So it’s not hard to see why this reel stands out so much! 

If you’ve been looking for the best sort of freshwater fly reel, check out the Model SDF by Abel fly reels. You can shop online (with shipping included in the price) or find your nearest fly shop to check out the Model SDF in person.

Model SDS

The Model SDS is Abel Fly Reels’ saltwater specific product, designed to withstand the harsh, corrosive conditions of the sea. So if you’ve been on the search for a reel that can handle fly fishing off-shore, the Model SDS is the reel for you!

With a buttery smooth drag and all the power you need for big saltwater gamefish, this fly reel does not disappoint. In fact, it’s won many awards and is well worth the price, which starts at $895. 

Equipped with a fully-sealed multi-disc drag system, large arbor, quick-change spool, the Model SDS by Abel Fly Reels is exactly what you need for fly fishing in saltwater. Shop online for the Model SDS, or if you wan’t wait for the shipping time, find your nearest Abel dealer/fly shop instead!

Super Series

The Super Series by Abel fly reels has been around since 1999. These fly reels have an easily adjustable drag system, a robust aluminum frame, and the standard large arbor size of all Abel reels. 

And as you’d expect, the Super fly reels also look amazing, with the iconic Abel fly reels hand-anodized finish. An excellent reel to take out on any fly fishing trip! You can shop for the Super reel series online (shipping included) or from any Abel dealer/fly shop.

Limited Edition Super Fly Reels- AC/DC and Johnny Cash

If you’re an AC/DC fan or you adore Johnny Cash, you’ll love this premium, special edition Abel fly reels. These incredible, hand-painted fly reels will be available in a tiny number, individually serialized. So if you’re a fan of the rock stars AC/DC or the legendary Johnny Cash, take the opportunity to snap them up before they run out. The high price reflects the hours of meticulous care that goes into these one-of-a-kind Abel fly reels.

You can shop for them directly from the Abel fly reels online shop, with shipping included. And if you miss these limited edition Abel fly reels, don’t worry. Abel Reels runs different special editions of fly reels from time to time.

Mooching Abel Fly Reels

Abel fly reels introduced the Mooching fly reels in 2013 after plenty of extensive testing in the factory and out on the water. The Mooching reels by Abel fly reels are designed specifically for fly anglers who use the mooching fly fishing technique. This means combining a disc-drag system with monofilament line for open water fly fishing.

These Abel fly reels are constructed in Colorado, as all Abel fly reels are. The price reflects the high quality and attention to detail that go into this sort of premium fly products. 

The Mooching fly reels come equipped with a stellar cork drag system, standard large arbor, and a bigger, milled aluminum drag knob for easy adjustments. So if you’ve been on the search for a fly reel for mooching, this is the product for you! You can get free shipping when you shop online, too.

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The Wrap Up

So there you have our guide to all the Abel fly reels, from the Super Series to the VAYA series. All of the Abel fly reels are constructed from superior materials in the Abel fly reels factory in Colorado, USA. With a dedicated team of rod designers and manufacturers, quality and performance are assured.

Every Abel product is carefully designed and tested before it hits the market, so it meets the fly angler’s needs. You can even select a custom finish from a wide variety of cool, colorful designs, to make your Abel reel stand out. The extra custom job comes at a high price, but if you want a unique Abel reel that looks amazing, it’s worth the splurge.

You can buy Abel fly reels online from your favorite shop (most offer free shipping when you buy one of the Abel fly reels). Or, if you don’t want to factor in shipping time, search for your nearest Abel fly shop instead.

If you found this guide to Abel fly reels, drop us a comment to let us know which of the Abel product range you’re most tempted by! And don’t forget to share this Abel reel guide on Facebook or Twitter, too!

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