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G Loomis Fly Rods (Compare all Models and Find your Perfect Rod!)

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G Loomis is a company that aims to create excellent fly rods and fishing products for the experienced angler. If you want to take your fishing experience to the next level and enhance your skills and capabilities, a fly rod by Loomis will be the perfect tool for you. Using the latest, carefully developed technology and highest quality materials, this company is continually improving its products to serve you, the angler.

If you’re on the search for a premium fly rod that performs consistently, check out these fly rods! From specialty rods to all-rounders that are light, strong, and precise, these fly fishing rods never fail to impress.

You can shop for the Loomis fly rods online (with free shipping from most retailers when you add to cart). But if you prefer to support bricks and mortar fly shop businesses, find your nearest shop that sells these rods here. 

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G Loomis Fly Rods:

Here’s our guide to all the fly fishing rods currently available by G Loomis, and which one to go for to meet your needs! From price to performance, action to feel, and every sort of fly rod, we cover it all here.

All Water Fly Fishing Rods

The Asquith is perhaps Loomis’ most well-known fly rod series, and for good reason. If you’ve been on the search for that special rod, this might well be it. Created with triple-layer Spiral X technology, these fast action fly rods are lighter, stronger, and more powerful than ever before. The Asquith fly rod feels light in hand and is suitable for saltwater and freshwater.

Freshwater Rods

With a range of freshwater fly fishing rods available, you’re spoilt for choice.

The IMX-PRO and the IMX-Pro Streamer fly rods have been honed to meet the freshwater angler’s needs. Whatever you’re fishing for, in whatever conditions, these fly rods will perform. So if you’ve been on the search for a model that hits that sweet spot for freshwater fishing, the IMX-PRO rods fit the bill. Shop online (you’ll get free shipping when you add to your cart) or visit your local fly shop to try these rods out.

For dry fly anglers, NRX+ LP is a highly specialized model for landing your dry flies with the ultimate delicacy and precision. If you’re looking for something more versatile, take a look at the NRX+ Freshwater for an incredible blend of feel, power, and accuracy. Using the best of modern technology and a multi-taper construction, the NRX+ series does not disappoint.

If you’re on the search for big muskies, you’ll need the IMX-PRO Muskie. This sort of rod has been specially designed for fishing for monster-size muskies while being gentle on your hands and shoulders, so you won’t be left aching at the end of an amazing day on the water. The IMX-Pro Muskie has comfortable, quality cork grips and fast action to get the distance behind your flies.

Saltwater Rods

If you’re looking for a saltwater specific rod, here are the current saltwater fly rods available now from Loomis:

The Crosscurrent PRO-1 is the cheapest series on offer from Loomis, but don’t write it off for this reason. This one-piece rod was designed to be lighter than other saltwater rods while offering incredible performance and casting. While they are less portable, if you don’t need a travel version, this could be the right fly rod for you at a reasonable price!

For easier transport, check out the Crosscurrent GLX. These 4-piece fly rods range from 6 – 12 weights and all measure 9 feet. Enhanced by the legendary GLX technology, the Crosscurrent GLX pack the backbone and line speed you need for big salt fish. Casting is smooth and accurate with these fly rods, no matter what the conditions are.

If you’re ready to splash out, consider the NRX PRO-1 or the NRX+ Saltwater. Both premium fly rods are constructed using the GL7 Resin System for crazy sensitivity, ultra-fast blank recovery, and impressive accuracy. About as light as fly rods can be, both these rods will be the perfect tool for the saltwater angler on the search for big fish. The NRX+ S has the latest taper design and balances out strength and feel in a remarkable combination.

Specialty Rods

For any angler who wants to target the fish that lurk in shallow water around shores and bays, the Shorestalker is the fly rod to go for. This rod was originally designed for catching warm water fish, but it became clear that it’s the ideal fly rod for casting out to the species that lurk in shallow waters. 

With a shop price of just under $400, it’s as cheap as Loomis rods come. If you’re looking for accuracy above distance in the short range, the Shorestalker series is just right for you.

Spey/Switch Rods

If you’re looking for two-handed rods, GLoomis has three different models for you to choose between. Their legendary flagship rod is available in a spey version, the Asquith Spey. You can buy this impressive rod in 6-10 weights and lengths of 12’6 to 15 feet.

Next up is the IMX-Pro Shortspey, a shorter and more versatile spey rod. These models all measure 11’11, ideal for tight spaces and overhanging vegetation while providing the power and precision you need.

Finally, you have the NRX + Spey + Switch. This unique fly rod series is perfectly suited to changing conditions, preparing you for any situation when you’re out fly fishing. With all-new tapers, you’ll get tight loops, lots of sensitivity, and improved casts with this fly rod.


Where are G Loomis fly rods made?

Every G Loomis fly rod is made in Woodland, Washington, where the company has its headquarters.

Is G Loomis owned by Shimano?

Yes, G Loomis is owned by Shimano since 1997, when Shimano bought the company from Gary Loomis.

Do G Loomis rods have a lifetime warranty?

G Loomis rods do have a lifetime warranty for the original owner, although this warranty is limited. It covers any defects caused by the workmanship or materials, in which case they will repair or replace your rod for free. However, the warranty does not cover general wear and tear or incidental damage. If the company judges that your rod broke due to wear and tear, they may repair it for a fee.

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The Wrap Up

G Loomis offers a wide range of incredible fly rods to meet every fly fishing situation. These high-quality, high-performance rods are backed by the best technology and manufactured to the highest standards in Washington, USA. So if you’ve been on the search for the best fly rods, check out these models in your nearest shop or pop one in your online cart. We’d love to know which model sounds like the right fit for you – drop us a comment to let us know!

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