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In this Lamson Guru 2.0 Review we find out just how this fly reel performs. From the reel's construction, drag system, to pros and cons, we got you covered.
lamson guru 2.0 review

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In this Lamson Guru 2.0 Review, we find out just how this fly reel performs. From the reel’s construction, and drag system, to the pros and cons, we got you covered.

Waterworks Lamson reels are some of the most popular fly reels out there, and for good reason! This company has been making excellent fishing gear for over two decades. Their expertise and passion for fishing are evident in their top-quality, effective products, which is why we couldn’t wait to review the Guru 2.0 fly reel!

The Lamson Guru 2.0 has long been a classic reel for fly fishing. And with its complete redesign, it’s better than ever. Let’s take a look at the all-new Guru series and see how they fare out on the water. Read on to find out if the Guru 2.0 is the right reel for you!

Lamson Guru 2.0 Review

lamson guru

Lamson Guro 2.0 Specs:

Available Size: 2 – 8 Overall Weight: 4.8 – 8.3oz
Arbor Size: Large Material: Machined 6061 Aluminum
Spool Diameter: 3.09 – 4.41in Colors: –
Spool Capacity: 35 – 250yds Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
Drag Type: Disc Country of Manufacture: USA

Overall Score

Drag System Quality
Weight and Balance
Line Capacity
Ease of Maintenance
Aesthetic and Design
Price to Value Ratio
Brand Reputation & Customer Service

Key Features

  • Sealed Conical Drag System
  • Machined 6061 Aluminum
  • Type II Anodized
  • Large Arbor


The Waterworks Lamson Guru series consists of fully machined, low price reels that are suitable for all types of fly fishing. This reel boasts a large arbor and concave spool, which allows you to load it up with plenty of backing and line!

The clever redesign makes it stronger than ever before. Lamson uses machined 6061 aluminum for the frame, and the internals are constructed from anti-corrosive stainless steel. The final detail is the type II anodize with a clear finish for a durable and attractive result. This is a reel that will last!

From start to finish, the production of the Guru 2.0 reels takes place in the US. With top-quality materials and close attention to detail, you won’t be disappointed by these excellent Lamson fly reels.

In any case, you also get a lifetime warranty for the first buyer. If anything happens to the reel, you’ll only need to pay the $20 fee, and Waterworks Lamson will replace or repair it for you.

You can buy the Guru type II in the color silver, black, or grey/orange. Take your pick from any of these colorways – they all look great out on the water! It’s available in size 1 up to size 4, according to your needs.


Another benefit of the latest Waterworks Lamson Guru series is the open porting to reduce weight, making it a lightweight reel. For example, the 5 weight Guru reel comes in at 4.85 ounces. Pretty impressive!

The open porting has an additional benefit in that it speeds up line drying, too.

You can fish all day with this, and you won’t have to worry about arm strain or achy muscles. You’ll be raring to go straight back out onto the water the next day!

lamson guru drag system

Drag System

You won’t be disappointed by the fly reel drag system on this low-cost reel. As you’d expect, it has the iconic conical drag which is fully sealed. That makes it more durable and prevents sand, grit, and corrosive saltwater from getting inside. The result is a buttery smooth drag!

You won’t need to worry about finicky maintenance with the Guru 2.0 reel. The folks at Lamson know that you want to spend more time out on the water, not cleaning your gear. As it’s fully sealed, there’s no need to take it apart. Just rinse it in river water before you pack up for the day, and that’s all you need to do.

The drag system has a fair amount of power to stop those fish. The 5 weight reel has a maximum drag of 3.4 lbs, which isn’t bad. It can’t beat more expensive, premium reels, but it’s enough for some great fishing!


If you’ve become used to higher-end reels with ergonomic handles, then the handle of this reel might disappoint. With its flat shape, it’s not as comfortable as ergnomically-molded handles can be. But it gets the job done, which is the main thing to consider.

The drag knob is on the small side, so it’s not the easiest to operate.


  • It’s both strong but lightweight
  • Great low price
  • Open porting allows for quicker line drying
  • A smooth, low-maintenance drag system
  • Holds plenty of backing and fly line
  • Comes in the color silver, black, or grey/orange


  • The startup inertia is significant
  • Not as powerful as some other reels

You can also check the Lamson Speedster

lamson guru wrap up


Does the Lamson Guru have a sealed drag?

Yes, the Lamson Guru Fly Reel has a fully sealed conical drag system for smooth, reliable performance.

Where is Lamson Guru made?

The Lamson Guru Fly Reel is proudly made in the USA.

Can you use the Lamson Guru for freshwater and saltwater?

Yes, the Lamson Guru Fly Reel is designed for both freshwater and saltwater use.

The Wrap Up

In conclusion, the Lamson Guru 2.0 is a reliable, entry-level reel that performs well out on the water. Lamson has brought in some smart improvements to the earlier Guru series like the open porting and new spool design.

We love that it’s fully sealed, so you don’t need to waste time with regular cleaning and maintenance. It’s also sturdy with a smooth drag. The only downsides are the handle and drag knob, which are on the small side and lack that ergonomic shape.

All in all, it’s a great reel for this low price! Whether you’re just starting out or you’re on a tight budget, this reel won’t let you down.

Not sure if this is the right reel for you? We’ve reviewed some of the best reels out there, so head on over and browse through our reel review section!

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