redington path review

Redington Path Review

If you take your fly fishing experiences seriously, then you need a tough and durable fly fishing rod. Using a lightweight and bigger rod is a convenient way to enjoy this outdoor activity. My search for a fishing combo with a combination of these two aspects came to an end when I run into the Redington’s new path II fishing rod. This Path II combo has everything you need in a fly rod.

This Redington path review provides you with a step-by-step guide on everything you need to know about the Redington Path II combo.

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Redington Path Fly Rod

Since its inception in 1992, Redington has been popular in its innovative development of high-quality water gear, including fishing products. Their excellent craft in the creation of their products is evident in the Redington Path II fly fishing combo. 

It is lightweight and ideal for capturing fish of all sizes. The rod sells at a relatively low price and is designed for fishing in both freshwaters and saltwater. The classic feel of this combo is something that you cannot ignore. It has a wooden reel seat, and the entire combo is made of graphite.

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Features and Benefits of Redington Path II Combo

The Redington Path II comes with a stylish and highly durable rod tube that protects your combo as you head for the river banks. Here are some of the features and benefits of the Redington Path that you should expect before purchasing it.


The Path is not only flexible, but it is also lightweight. The Redington’s path is featured in weights that vary from a 4WT to a 9WT. Different sizes of this rod will offer you different kinds of performances. For example, the 4WT combo is perfect for capturing small fish, while the 9WT combo can be best used to capture stronger and larger fish. Even when a fish runs miles down into the waters, this rod is flexible enough to support your catch.

Build Quality

Factors such as dirt, sand, moisture, and dirt can ruin your fishing rod. However, the Redington Path II rod comes with a Cordura tube which protects the rod from these destructive aspects. The combo also has an aluminium reel seat that is aesthetically designed to make the combo more durable. Some reel seats are designed using laser-etched wooden material, which makes the rod classy and durable.

Usually, fly rods are cushioned with plastic materials. Such designs expose the fishing gear to rusting and staining. However, the Redington Path II combo is an exception.

The combo is also embedded with a disc drag system which enables the reel to make a sufficient drag while stopping. This is why most Redington Path rod reviews consider this fishing gear to have powerful stopping power.


Wether, a short or long casting is done, a medium-fast action rod or a fast action combo is recommended. Redington Path is a medium-fast action rod. The combo provides a longer casting distance than most of the fishing rods within this class. Additionally, it has some unique hook-setting power. This makes it one of the most preferred rods when it comes to treble hooks applications and recreational baits.


This Path II is popular for its versatility features. The anodised aluminium used to make this combo enhances its adaptation in fresh and salty waters. It also has an excellent retrieval capacity due to its large arbour. The combo has large handles which enable anglers to have a sufficient catch for a rough fishing session. 

You will not need to worry about your hands developing blisters or getting roughed up by the handles. This is because the wooden handles are enhanced with a smooth finishing.
Apart from its adaptability to salty and fresh waters, the Redington Path combo can be used in streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans. This is because of its medium-fast action feature.


In the event of the occurrence of damages on the rod, Redington offers its customers a lifetime warranty. Their Warranty policies will be used to determine whether they will repair or replace your rod based on the extent of the damage. The reels, however, have a warranty of one year. 

Immediately one year lapses after purchase, you will be required to dig into your pocket to cater for possible damages. If the damage on the reels occurs within the first year of purchase, Redington will demand that you present a proof of date of purchase. Once the date has been validated, they will either repair or replace your reels.

Online Reviews

The Redington Path II fly rod has several online reviews. Some of the reviews that I came across were positive on the reliability, features, and functionality of the rod. Some of the samples of online reviews that I bumped into include the following;


I love this rod. And then the rod broke. Tip snapped on a tree. Took it to the local fly shop and they mailed it back to Redington for me, no receipt, no nothing. Two weeks later, a new rod came in the mail. If you're gonna buy a rod, buy one with that sort of guarantee.

This is an amazing rod for the price. Casts amazingly well, and as far as you'd ever need it to cast. But also allows for the more delicate casts as well. I bet I will have this rod in my arsenal for the rest of my life.

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Pros and Cons of Redington Path

Redington Path, just like any other fly rod, has some pros and cons.


  • The fly rod has a lifetime warranty.
  • It has durable protection enhanced by the Cordura Rod tube.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is a medium-fast action rod. This provides anglers with long casting distances. •
  • The combo is made of highly durable materials, including laser-etched wood and anodised aluminium.


  • The reels can be costly to repair after one year of purchase. They only have a one-year warranty.
  • The outer frame is highly fragile.
  • The tip can easily snap if not taken care of.

Wrap Up

Having an excellent fly-fishing rod is essential for a memorable fishing encounter. This rod by redington’s is reviewed with unique features that make it ideal for fishing in salt and fresh waters as well as for capturing fish of all sizes. Such features include versatility, lightweight, high-quality, and lifetime warranty. The rod comes with a durable protective tube made from Cordura. When taken care of, the rod can give you great fishing experiences.

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