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In this Redington Path Review we run through one of the most affordable fast action rods on the market. We will provide you with a step-by-step guide on everything you need to know about the Redington Path II combo.
redington path review

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In this Redington Path Review, we show that this medium-fast graphite fly rod is a serious contender for your primary rod. Whether you’re into freshwater or saltwater fishing. The Path II combo has everything you need in a fly rod.

This Redington path review provides you with a step-by-step guide on everything you need to know about the Redington Path II combo. We want to make it easy for you to select a fly rod, so read on to find out if the Path is the right fly rod for you!

Redington Path Review

redington path

Redington Path Specs:

Line Weight: 4 – 8 Length: 9ft
Action: Medium-Fast Handle: Reversed Half-Wells / Full Wells w/Fighting Butt
Rod Weight: 3.7-5.8oz Rod Tube: Condura Rod Tube
Color: Brown Sections: 4
Warranty: Original Owner Warranty Country Of Manufacture: USA

Overall Score

Build Quality
Weight and Balance
Aesthetics and Design
Price to Value Ratio
Warranty and Brand Reputation
Customer Service
Innovation and Features

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Since its inception in 1992, Redington has been creating innovative, high-quality water gear, including fishing products. We’ve come to expect great things of Redington craftsmanship and design, that the Redington Path 11 fly fishing combo is no different.

The Path fly rod is lightweight and ideal for capturing all sorts of gamefish. This versatile rod can be used on both freshwater and saltwater and is available at a relatively low price.

The classic feel of this fishing combo is something that you cannot ignore. It has a stylish wooden reel seat, and the entire combo is made of durable graphite. Combined with the reliable Crosswater reel, you’re all set for some fantastic fly fishing!

As with most fly rods, you can purchase the Redington Path from any good fly shop, or online from Amazon.


  • The fly rod has a lifetime warranty.
  • It has durable protection enhanced by the Cordura Rod tube.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Versatile medium-action rod for casting at all distances
  • Constructed from highly durable materials, including laser-etched wood and anodized aluminum.
  • Available in a range of weights


  • The reels can be costly to repair after one year of purchase. They only have a one-year warranty.
  • The outer frame is highly fragile.
  • The tip can easily snap if not taken care of.

Features and Benefits of Redington Path II Combo

Not sure whether it’s worth shelling out for the Redington Path? Here are the details of the features and benefits you need to know about before you purchase. Let’s get stuck into the features section of the review!


Not only is this rod flexible, but it’s also lightweight. The weight of a fly rod is important, as you’ll be carrying it and swinging it all day. The Path is a great choice that will leave you with no arm fatigue – even after fishing for hours.

Available in a range of weights from 4 weight up to 9 weight, it’s easy to find a rod that meets your fishing needs.

For example, the 4 weight fly rod combo is perfect for capturing small fish like panfish and trout. On the other hand, the 9 weight combo is perfect for hunting those massive steelhead, salmon, and saltwater fish. And if a fish starts to run, this rod is powerful and flexible enough to reel it in without losing your catch.

path build quality

Build Quality

Redington products are designed and manufactured with unbeatable attention to detail. This is clear to see on the Path fly rod, which is hardwearing, durable, and attractive, with exquisite finishing. The componentry is high-quality and built to last, with handy alignment dots for quick assembly.

In the Redington Path series, the lighter rods from 3wt – 6wt are kitted out with an elegant wood reel seat. The 7+ weight rods have an anodized aluminum reel seat that is aesthetically designed to make the combo more durable. As you can see, the rods have been carefully adapted to suit the needs of the fly angler, whether on a small trout stream or out in the ocean.

The combo is also embedded with a sturdy disc drag system which packs enough power to halt a fish and haul it in, no matter how big it is. This fly fishing combo has enviable stopping power compared to other models on the market.

You won’t need to worry about your hands developing blisters or getting roughed up by the handles. Thought has been given to this problem and the wooden handles have a smooth finishing for maximum comfort.

The Redington Path II comes with a stylish and highly durable rod tube that protects your combo as you head for the river banks. It will protect it from dust, dirt, sand, and moisture in between use, and keep it safe when you travel.

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A medium-action rod offers the best of both worlds. When you take the medium-action Path rod out on the water, you’ll have no trouble casting at short or long distance.

Redington have got the action just right with the Redington Path, creating an effective combination of power and feel. While a fast action rod will feel stiff, and a slow action can lack strength, the Path sits right in the middle.

Redington Path performs well across all distances, but it excels at those long distance casts where other rods start to struggle. Making those 60+ feet casts will feel easy and effortless with this rod.

Additionally, it has unique hook-setting power. This makes it one of the best rods for reeling in those trophy-sized fish! You’ll catch more (and lose less) fish with the Redington Path.

Redington Path


This Path II is popular for its impressive versatility. The anodized aluminum used to make this combo makes it perfect for both fresh water and corrosive saltwater environments. The anodized aluminum is resistant to rust and corrosion, making it the ideal choice if you like to go after those big tarpon, sea bass, or bonefish.

It also has an excellent retrieval capacity due to its large arbor. The combo has large handles which enable anglers to get a good grip for a rough fishing session. 

Apart from its adaptability to salt and fresh waters, the Redington Path combo can be used in streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans. This medium-fast action rod is ideal, no matter whether you’re fishing up close or at a range of 60+feet. 

Whether you’re chucking big streamer flies or aiming for that delicate presentation of dry flies, the Redington Path’s performance and precision will be sure to impress. 


If your rod gets broken or damaged, you’ll be pleased to hear that Redington offers its customers a lifetime warranty. Depending on the extent of the damage, they will either repair or replace your rod for you.

The reels, however, have a warranty of one year. So if one of your reels breaks, you’ll need to provide proof of the date of purchase when returning it for repair. If your reel breaks any time after your warranty expires, you’ll need to replace it yourself.  

Redington Path Review (From Locals)

It’s always interesting to hear other experienced fly anglers’ reviews before you purchase a rod. So, we spent some time searching for reviews of the Redington Path for you. Here’s what other fly fishers think about this rod combo:the 


I love this rod. And then the rod broke. Tip snapped on a tree. Took it to the local fly shop and they mailed it back to Redington for me, no receipt, no nothing. Two weeks later, a new rod came in the mail. If you’re gonna buy a rod, buy one with that sort of guarantee.

This is an amazing rod for the price. Casts amazingly well, and as far as you’d ever need it to cast. But also allows for the more delicate casts as well. I bet I will have this rod in my arsenal for the rest of my life.

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redington path pros cons

Pros and Cons of Redington Path

Redington Path, just like any other fly rod, has some pros and cons. Here’s a quick guide to the positives and negatives of this rod, to help you select the best rod for you!

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Wrap Up

Every fly angler is on the lookout for the perfect fly rod that will take their fly fishing to the next level. The Redington Path reviewed here has unique features that make it ideal for fishing in saltwater and fresh water, as well as for capturing fish of all sizes. 

The Path rod is versatile, lightweight, and high-quality, and comes with a generous lifetime warranty. With the Path rod and Crosswater reel combo, you’ll be all set for fly fishing in all conditions for many years to come. 

The Redington Path is an affordable option for beginner fly fishers or anyone on a budget, without losing out on performance or quality!

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