Sage Pulse Review – The Ultimate Fly Rod?

Sage released the Pulse fly rod series to replace the older Response fly rods as a 'workhorse' rod for all anglers. In this review we'll take a closer look at the Sage Pulse Rod.
sage pulse review

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The renowned fly fishing gear manufacturer, Sage, stirred up quite a buzz in the angling community with the release of the Pulse fly rod series. As a successor to the older Response fly rods, the Pulse is touted as a versatile ‘workhorse’ rod appropriate for anglers of all skill levels. With a price tag of around $450, the question is, does this mid-range, fast action rod live up to its hype? How does it hold up against other top fly rods in the same price bracket?

We decided to find out, diving deep into every aspect of Sage’s Pulse fly rod series. Read on to unravel our expert verdict on the Pulse fly rods and determine whether this investment is the right one for your angling needs!

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Sage Pulse Specs:

Line Weight: 3 – 8 Length: 7 – 10ft
Action: Fast Handle: Half-Wells / Full-Wells
Rod Weight: – Rod Tube: Black nylon rod tube
Color: Olive thread wraps with Black trim wraps Sections: 4
Warranty: Sage Lifetime Warranty ($30 Processing Fee) Country Of Manufacture: USA

Overall Score

Build Quality
Weight and Balance
Aesthetics and Design
Price to Value Ratio
Warranty and Brand Reputation
Customer Service
Innovation and Features

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Sage’s Pulse: A Brief Overview

Emerging from the stables of the acclaimed rod manufacturer, Sage, the Pulse is a testament to the brand’s reputation for excellent craftsmanship, superior componentry, and outstanding performance. Introduced as a versatile, workhorse rod, it certainly meets these expectations.

The Pulse’s exceptional performance lies in its backbone- the Graphite IIIe Technology. This technology endows the rod with a blend of feel and power rarely seen in fly rods. Whether you’re casting heavy or light lines, the rod delivers effortlessly on any river, lake, or creek. For a mid-priced model, the Pulse offers remarkable value for money, nearly matching the performance of higher-end rods.

The Sage’s Pulse series offers a range of sizes from 3 weight up to 8 weight and lengths from 7’6 right up to 10′ rods, ensuring there’s a perfect rod for every angler’s needs. With both freshwater and saltwater models available, these rods cater to every angler, regardless of your preferred fishing style or location.

The Sage Pulse: A Deep Dive into Benefits and Features

Interested in the Sage Pulse, but unsure if it’s the right rod for you? Let’s delve into what this product brings to the table for fly fishing enthusiasts, examining its performance, weight, action, and build!


Weighing in at 3.25 oz for a 7wt, 10 foot Sage Pulse fly rod, it’s not the lightest rod on the market. Some anglers have voiced concerns about its heavier swing weight. However, its superior performance more than compensates for this minor setback.

sage pulse switch rod review

Build Quality

The Pulse is a testament to Sage’s commitment to quality. Its high-end components and eye-catching design make it an excellent value for money. The neon green blank color might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it certainly lends a fresh and vibrant look to the rod.

The Pulse offers a comfortable grip, featuring a half wells snub-nosed version for freshwater models and a full wells grip complete with a fighting butt for saltwater models. The glossy black anodized aluminum reel seat with a rosewood insert (or aluminum for the saltwater rods) adds a touch of class. Topped off with a Fuji ceramic stripping guide and hard chrome snake guides, the Pulse looks as impressive as it performs. It also comes with a nylon rod tube with a divider to ensure your rod remains safe and secure between fishing trips.


While officially classified as a fast action rod, the Pulse falls somewhere between medium-fast and fast action. Thanks to the latest graphite technology, you get a bit more flex and give in the blank, which is crucial when playing a fish, reducing the chances of losing fish.

Sage has nailed the action on this rod. It’s progressive, meaning that while the tip offers more sensitivity, the butt section provides the power you need for those long casts. Unlike many fast action rods, the Pulse gives you a lot of feel and connection with your fly.


The Sage Pulse is a true all-rounder! This rod performs excellently at any distance, although it truly excels at mid-distance and long-range casts. If you love fishing big waters, the Sage Pulse is your go-to fly rod. Despite losing a bit of accuracy at close range, the rod still gives a decent performance, ensuring you catch fish.

The Sage Pulse is capable of casting out heavy rigs and weighted flies, but also performs admirably when dry fly fishing. Thanks to the latest Sage technology, the rod offers plenty of flex, reducing the chances of losing fish.

sage pulse action


As with all Sage products, you get the generous lifetime warranty. If anything happens to your rod, Sage will replace or repair it for you, giving you peace of mind.

Sage Pulse FAQ:

Here’s where you’ll find answers to all of your questions about Sage fly rods!

Who owns Sage rods?

Sage is owned by Far Bank Enterprises, a Seattle-based investor bank who also own Redington and RIO. Don Green and Bruce Kirschner created the company and ran it until 1994.

Where are Sage rods made?

All Sage rods are made at the original company headquarters at Bainbridge Island, Washington, where Sage has more than 175 employees.

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Our Verdict

In a nutshell, the Sage Pulse fly rod is a powerful, attractive, and well-constructed rod that offers great value for money. As a versatile workhorse rod, it deserves a spot in every angler’s gear collection and is suitable for a variety of fishing environments.

While it may lack precision at close range, its power and performance compensate for this minor shortcoming. If you prefer fishing in small streams or desire a lightweight rod, our other rod reviews on Fly Fisher Pro might help you find the perfect fly rod for your needs.

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