redington crux review

Redington Crux Review

Getting a fly rod that meets all your needs can be a challenging task, whether you are a beginner or an already established fly fisher. There are numerous factors to take into account before you invest in a fly rod, including the weight, performance, and the budget. Fortunately, companies such as Redington continue to hold a reputation of featuring high-quality rods, with a technological outlook. You have every need sorted.

I have used and owned several Redington fly rods. However, I must admit that I was at first a bit sceptical about the new Redington crux rod. I was uncertain of its capacity to perform in my pursuit of the trout and bonefish. To my surprise, the crux worked much better than I expected. Most of the Redington’s fly rods are heavy and at times clumsy.

However, the crux is an exception. It is not only a fast action rod, but it is lightweight and affordable. Since my first experience with this fly rod, I have become a Redington crux fan!

This Redington crux review will start you off with everything that you need to know about the new Redington crux.

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The Redington Crux Fly Rod

The Redington crux is the latest of Redington’s inventions. It is an upgrade of Redington’s past rods. Redington acknowledges that the new crux rod is the best they have ever built. 

Its casting power, enhanced by the Angled Key Grip feature makes it versatile and dependable under the waters. The crux comes in different models that range from the 3-weight 7’6’’ to 10-weight 9’ models. 

I reviewed the crux, and I confidently recommend it as a phenomenal rod. Although it sells at less than half the price of most high-ranking rods, the Redington crux is an exceptional blend of value and performance. It is ideal for use in both still waters and rushing waters in fishing both large and small fishes.

Features and Benefits

The Redington crux has some incredible features that rank it as one of the best fishing rods in the market. Some of the fly fishing features that I found to be noteworthy include the following;


The new Redington crux rod is not lighter than most fly rods of this class. However, its lightweight is good enough to give you a good balance while casting. For example, a 3-weight rod weighs in at around 2.1 ounces. 

Although that is not the lightest 3-weight rod there is in the market, it has a light feel in hand. A heavy weight is not always bad for a trout rod. The stiff section at the middle of the rod reduces the slinging weight on the angler. As a result, this alleviates fatigue which the caster is likely to encounter when using a heavy rod.

Perusing through every rod review on the new Redington crux, you will realise that the crux is not designed for long distances. Having a light feel on your hand is dependent on the casting distances. The crux offers an excellent feel when casting at close distances.

Build Quality

Redington is popular for innovative inventions. In addition to having great aesthetics, the new Redington crux has an incredible design. It has a stylised reel seat, with a logo inscription on top of it. 

The reel seat is also embedded with a reversed half grip, which enables the angler to position their finger or thumb easily when making a grip. The Angled Key Grip is wrapped with a pre-compressed cork material which increases the sensitivity and durability of the crux. 

The finishing of the crux is done using the Redington componentry, comprising of snake guides and hard chrome stripping.

redington crux


The new Redington crux is a fast action rod designed with a stiff tip that minimises tip vibrations. The crux is fastened with a Line Speed Taper which supplies short to mid-range delivery of flies. It also offers confident extreme distance casting. 

I noticed this feature before I could head to my fishing adventure. Not getting excited over the function, I cast the crux into a shallow stream. To my surprise, what is described by Redington about the feature is what it translates to in the water. The review I read was quite precise. 

The fast action of the crux brings in fish quickly, with minimal disturbance in windy conditions. The rod also worked well for me every moment I captured a large fish.


The Redington crux works well across for a distance range of 30 to 45 feet. It scores well when fishing small dry flies and the large ones too, including saltwater fish, warm water fish, and the trout. 

The crux can handle a variety of styles and fly patterns. This makes it an ideal rod for fishing in rivers, streams, lakes, and even oceans. The crux has a good budget value for anyone interested in an all-rounded trout rod. 

I found the Redington crux to be excellently versatile due to its fish-fighting performance, accuracy, distance usage, and handling.


The Redington crux rod has a lifetime warranty.

Online Redington CRUX Review

It is easy to see why the Redingtoncrux rod is one of the most sought-after fly rods in the market. Several online reviews compliment the crux as dependable, all-rounded, aesthetically stunning, versatile, and affordable. 

I have seen and tried one, twice, it is an attractive rod and cast well. Both times I tried the 5 wt because that was the rod available.

For 400 dollars, I'd rather have my Sage Pulse or an Orvis Recon. However, people I trust do like the Crux!​

Pros and Cons

Although Redington is a trusted manufacturer of rods, just like any other rod, the Redington crux rod has some advantages and disadvantages.


  • It is lightweight with manageable swinging weight.
  • Robust and accurate for all distances.
  • Highly durable.
  • Has Angled Key Grip that reduces hand fatigue.
  • Excellent craftsmanship and build design.


  • The crux is heavier than most rods of its class.
  • It is more expensive compared to most rods within its category.
  • Not suitable for distances beyond 60 feet.

Wrap Up

It is difficult to find a fly rod that is designed with suitability for different fishing conditions such as weather changes, fishing heights, and fish-fighting. The Redington crux rod is a technologically developed fly rod, designed with great craftsmanship for such conditions. 

It is lightweight for fishing and flexible for swinging. This crux meets all the necessary thresholds that should be considered before purchasing any fly rod. Such requirements include build quality, performance and versatility, action, and warranty.

Redington crux has specs such as Angled Key Grip, Line Speed Taper, Pre-compressed cork material, high-quality reel seat features. These specs make the crux one of the most competitive fly rods in the market. 

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