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The new Redington Crux is a fast action rod that is both lightweight and affordable. But is it the right rod for you?
Redington crux Review

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Finding the right fly rod to meet all your needs can be a challenging task, whether you are a beginner or an experienced fly fisher. You’ll need to think about factors such as weight, performance, and your budget, before you buy.

Redington are well known for creating high-quality rods with the latest technology, so we couldn’t wait to review the Redington Crux! Having tested out a range of Redington fly rods, we were both surprised and impressed by the Crux’s performance.

So, how does the Crux compare against other Redington fly rods? Does it fit the bill for all your fly fishing needs? We know you’re short on time but you want to get the best rod, so here’s our detailed review of the new Redington Crux rod.

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The Redington Crux Fly Rod

Redington Crux

Redington Crux Specs:

Line Weight: 3 – 10 Length: 7 – 9ft
Action: Fast Handle: Reversed Half-Wells
Rod Weight: 3.6 – 4.4oz Rod Tube: Cordura Rod Tube
Color: Green Sections: 4
Warranty: The Redington Lifetime Warranty Country Of Manufacture: USA

Overall Score

Build Quality
Weight and Balance
Aesthetics and Design
Price to Value Ratio
Warranty and Brand Reputation
Customer Service
Innovation and Features

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Key Features

  • Uplocking w/Black Anodized Aluminum
  • Line Speed Taper
  • Lightweight Stripping Guides
  • Cordura Rod Tube
  • The Redington Lifetime Warranty


The Redington Crux is one of the latest of Redington’s inventions, released in 2018. It is an upgrade of Redington’s past rods, and Redington state that it’s the best rod they’ve ever built! High praise, but does it live up to the hype? 

Its casting power, enhanced by the Angled Key Grip feature, makes it versatile and dependable out on the water. The Crux comes in different models that range from the 3-weight 7’6’’ to 10-weight 9’ models. 

Having reviewed the Crux, we can confidently say that it’s a phenomenal rod. Although it sells at less than half the price of most high-ranking rods, the Redington Crux is an exceptional blend of value and performance. 

It is ideal for chucking bugs to all sorts of fish, big and small. You can cast effectively on both stillwater fly fishing, lakes and fast-flowing rivers, and reel in your catch with no problem at all.

Features and Benefits

The Redington Crux has some incredible features that rank it as one of the best fishing rods on the market. Here are some of the fly fishing features that set the Crux apart from other rods:


Admittedly, the Redington Crux rod is heavier than some fly rods of this class. It’s hard to miss the weight of the Crux in hand.  However, one benefit is that this weight creates a good balance while casting.

For example, the 9-foot 3-weight rod weighs in at around 2.1 ounces. Although that is not the lightest 3-weight rod there is on the market, it feels light in hand.

A heavier weight is not always a bad thing for a trout rod, as the stiff middle section reduces the casting weight on the angler. As a result, you’ll feel less arm strain and fatigue than you would usually with a heavy rod.

It’s necessary to mention at this point in our Crux rod review that this rod is not one designed for long distances. While the Crux offers an excellent feel at close range, you’ll feel the weight more if you’re casting long distance.

Redington Crux

Build Quality

Redington is popular for innovative inventions. In addition to having great aesthetics, the new Redington crux has an incredible design from reel seat to rod tip. It has a stylized reel seat, with a logo inscription on top of it.

The reel seat is embedded with a reversed half grip, allowing you to get a strong, comfortable grip on this rod. Fully anodized, the reel seat is durable and hard-wearing, while the weight of the rod balances out the reel seat perfectly.

The Angled Key Grip is wrapped with pre-compressed cork material which increases the sensitivity and durability of the Crux.

The finishing of the Crux is done using the standard high-quality Redington snake guides and hard chrome stripping.


The Redington Crux is a fast action rod designed with a stiff tip to minimize tip vibrations. This rod excels as casting with precision at any distance, almost every time!

The Crux has a Line Speed Taper which ensures spot-on accuracy in the short to mid-range. But you’ll also have no problem to cast out 60+ feet with this fast, stiff rod.

Some rods sound amazing in print, but don’t compare in real life. This wasn’t true of the Redington Crux. While it could chuck those flies out to extreme distances, it didn’t lose out on any accuracy close up.

The fast action of the Crux will catch you lots of fish, even in the windiest conditions. This rod packs enough power to easily haul in trophy-size fish. If you challenge yourself to hunting down those lunker fish, the Crux is the rod you need!


The Redington Crux works well across for a distance range of 25 to 45 foot. It scores well when fishing small dry flies and big streamer flies too.

The Crux is equally effective when fly fishing for saltwater fish, warm water fish, and trout.

The Crux comes in every weight from 3 weight up to 10 weight, making it easy to pick the best weight rod for your needs. If you prefer fishing for panfish and trout on small streams, the 3 weight is perfect for you! But if you’re more of a steelhead and salmon fisher, you’ll want to arm yourself with the 8 weight or 9 weight model, instead.

The Crux can handle a variety of styles and fly patterns. This makes it an ideal rod for fishing on rivers, streams, lakes, and even oceans. And coming in at a budget price, it’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for an affordable all-rounder fly rod.

We were impressed by the versatility and accuracy of the Crux across a range of distances and in all fishing conditions.

redington crux


The Crux is covered by the generous lifetime warranty that Redington offer on all their fly rods.

Online Redington CRUX Review

It is easy to see why the Redington Crux rod is one of the most sought-after fly rods on the market. But don’t just take our word for it. We took the time to search for other fly fishers’ opinions of the Redington Crux for you:

I have seen and tried one, twice, it is an attractive rod and cast well. Both times I tried the 5 wt because that was the rod available.

For 400 dollars, I’d rather have my Sage Pulse or an Orvis Recon. However, people I trust do like the Crux!

Pros and Cons

Although Redington is a trusted manufacturer of rods, just like any other rod, the Redington crux rod has some advantages and disadvantages.

You can also take a look at the Redington Hydrogen fly rod for a full review as it’s a great option from Redington as well.


  • Balanced weight with manageable swinging weight
  • Robust and accurate for all distances
  • Highly durable
  • The Angled Key Grip reduces hand fatigue
  • Excellent craftsmanship and build design.


  • The Crux is heavier than most rods of its class
  • More expensive than some rods within this category
  • Struggles at distances above 60 feet

Redington Crux

Wrap Up

It can be tricky to find a rod that is suitable for all weather conditions and casting distances from short to long distance. But the Redington Crux is just that! This superb fly rod meets the needs of the angler, no matter what situation you’re in or whether you’re fishing for trout or bonefish. You can cast confidently and precisely with this beauty of a rod.

Redington designed the Crux using the latest technology, years of experience, and exquisite craftsmanship, making this a rod worth checking out. It’s built with care and attention to detail, right from the reel seat to the wraps and chrome guides. What’s more, this rod is affordable, making fly fishing more accessible to all fly anglers.

If you’re looking for a workhorse rod that’s dependable, versatile, and aesthetically stunning, the Crux might be the perfect fly rod for you. It’s true that the Crux is a heavy weight rod, and that the rod does put some anglers off. It’s not the lightest rod on the market, but if you can get over the heavier swing weight in hand, it ticks all the boxes.

The Orvis Recon has been mentioned earlier. You can also check out our post here on Orvis Recon review. It’s also a great entry from Orvis.

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