Caddis Waders Review

Caddis Wading Systems offer wading products to the hunting and fishing industry. In this review, we give you the best selection of Caddis Waders and where to buy them.
Caddis Waders Review

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In this article, I review all the Caddis waders. This brand offers exceptional value for money, with the most expensive option just shy of $300. For the angler that prefers a boot foot or neoprene wader, Caddis has a large selection of some of the best fly fishing waders and a wide range of available sizes.

Caddis Waders

About Caddis Waders

Caddis Wading Systems has been around for more than ten years. They offer wading products to the hunting and fishing industries. Of all the wader manufacturers, Caddis probably has the largest selection for review. This means that you’re going to find a Caddis wader that suits your needs and budget.

All the waders have a warranty of one year on material defects and craftsmanship. All you need to do is send the proof of purchase in with the claim. The warranty does not cover failure due to excessive use or damage. Caddis has a good reputation for customer service should you have a problem with your waders.

Caddis Wader Lineup

Let’s review each model in Caddis’ extensive lineup and see what options, sizes, and colors are available for some of the best waders for fishing.

5 Ply Extreme Endurance Breathable Waders

5 Ply Extreme Endurance Breathable Waders

Available Here: TackleDirect

  • Price: $289.99
  • Variants: Bootfoot
  • Available sizes: 8 – 13

The Extreme Endurance are ideal waders for the angler looking for a heavy-duty, durable wader. A 5 ply material is used to construct the wader and is reinforced around the knees, shins, and butt.

Unfortunately, the waders are only available in boot foot models. To increase the traction in slippery conditions, fit the Extreme or Sure-Grip stud kit to the boot’s sole. The integrated boots are oversized to ensure a comfortable fit when wearing thick socks.  A boot for wader also means not having to deal with attached gravel guards. If you are interested, check out our Best Wading Socks here.

There are four storage pockets on each pair of waders, giving them ample space to carry all your valuables on the water. Caddis states that the compartments are waterproof, but I recommend placing electronic items in waterproof pouches for peace of mind. The waders include a belt and a repair kit.

Zippered Deluxe Plus Breathable Wader

Zippered Deluxe Plus Breathable Wader

Available Here: Caddis Wading System

  • Price: from $249.99
  • Variants: Stockingfoot and Bootfoot
  • Available sizes: 8 – 14 (Bootfoot) and S-XXL (Stockingfoot)

The Zippered Deluxe Plus wader features a full-length waterproof zipper, which allows for easy access when nature calls. The reinforced knee and butt sections ensure long service life. On each side of the wader is an accessory pocket and a fleece-lined hand-warming pouch. Mind your valuable electronics as these pockets aren’t waterproof though they are good quality. The abundance of pockets is excellent if you don’t want to wear a wader belt.

The Zippered Deluxe Plus is the perfect choice for the angler looking for an affordable zipping alternative to Simms Freestone Waders. A saving of more than $150.

Deluxe Breathable Waders

Deluxe Breathable Waders

Available Here: Amazon

  • Price: from $134.99
  • Variants: Bootfoot (Standard and Stout), Stockingfoot (Standard, Stout, Long, and Short Stout), Stockingfoot Waist High, and Stockingfoot with Jacket
  • Available sizes: 8 – 13 (all Bootfoot models), S – XXL (Stockingfoot models), S-XL (Stockingfoot Waist High), and S & M (Stockingfoot with Jacket)

The Deluxe Breathable waders come in a wide range of sizes and variants. The options available include boot foot and stocking foot models. There’s also a hip-high wader and one that incorporates an integrated jacket.

All the Deluxe Breathable Caddis waders, except the waist-high variant, have a hand-warming pouch and incorporate a storage pocket for your personal belongings. The stockingfoot version has an effective gravel guard that attaches to your boot’s laces. As most of a wader’s wear occurs from the knee downwards, Caddis has reinforced the Deluxe waders in this area.

The waders come with a belt and a repair kit.

Women’s Deluxe Breathable Waders

Women’s Deluxe Breathable Waders

Available Here: Amazon

  • Price: from $119.99
  • Variants: Stockingfoot (Standard and Queen) and Bootfoot in various colors
  • Available sizes: 7 – 9 (Bootfoot) and S-XL (Stockingfoot)

Caddis has released a women-specific breathable wader. Just like the male version (above), the Women’s Deluxe is available in a wide range of sizes. An exciting addition is the optional pink or teal coloring.

The boot foot model is only available in a standard fit and fits shoe sizes between 7 and 9. I do recommend the stockingfoot waders for more sizing options and comfortable fit.

The pink stockingfoot waders are available in standard and queen. Each of these fits is available in sizes ranging from small to extra-large. The teal-colored version is also available in queen short, giving female anglers even more options.

The wader features reinforced knees and gravel guards, and a hand-warming pouch and zippered accessory pocket complete this excellent value wader tailored for female anglers.

Game Changer Breathable Waders

Game Changer Breathable Waders

Available Here: Amazon

  • Price: from $239.99
  • Variants: Stockingfoot (Standard and Stout)
  • Available sizes: S – XXL

The Game Changer takes the wading system one step further by incorporating a fly box and accessory pockets. The fly box securely holds flies with the foam insert and folds open to give the angler a working platform. Located on either side of the box are two small accessory pockets. These are large enough to hold some tippet material and floatant.

The wader construction is pretty similar to the Deluxe model, using the same breathable fabric. In my personal opinion, I would recommend opting for a standard set of waders and make use of dedicated fly boxes suited to the application.

Northern Guide Breathable Waders

Northern Guide Breathable Waders

Available Here: Amazon

  • Price: from $189.99
  • Variants: Stockingfoot (Standard, Stout, Long, and Short Stout), Bootfoot (Standard), and Stockingfoot with Jacket
  • Available sizes: S – XXL (Stockingfoot) and 8 – 13 (Bootfoot)

The Northern Guide waders are durable and warm. They are the perfect choice for anglers regularly wading in cold rivers and lakes. They are some of our favourite waders for surf fishing too. There are three different models to choose from, which include a stockingfoot, bootfoot, and stockingfoot with an integrated waterproof jacket.

All three have a warm handing pocket and accessory storage space on the angler’s chest. The stockingfoot models have gravel guards that prevent debris from getting into your boot. The waterproof jacket folds away neatly in a dedicated storage compartment on the angler’s back. Deploy the jacket within seconds when needed.

The waders come with a standard wading belt and a repair kit.

Breathable Waders

Breathable Waders

Available Here: Caddis Wading System

  • Price: $119.99
  • Variants: Women’s (Standard), Men’s (Standard, Stout, Long, and Short Stout), and Youth
  • Available sizes: S – XL (Women’s), S – XXL (Men’s), and S- XL (Youth)

Are you looking for a high-performance breathable wader that doesn’t break the bank? The standard breathable Caddis waders are an excellent choice. What’s even better is that they are available for women, men, and kids.

The two adults version features a large hand warming pocket and a zipped front pouch for accessories. The kid’s version has a small mesh zippered compartment. On all of these, remember to place valuables in a waterproof bag.

All three models have stocking feet, which makes it necessary to purchase wading boots separately. I do recommend this for most anglers as it gives you much more flexibility in terms of traction and sizes.

Hybrid Extreme Elements Waders

Hybrid Extreme Elements Waders

Available Here: Amazon

  • Price: from $159.99
  • Variants: Bootfoot (Standard), Stockingfoot (Standard and Stout), and Stockingfoot Waist High
  • Available sizes: 8 – 13 (Bootfoot), S – XXL (Stockingfoot), and S – XXL (Stockingfoot Waist High)

If you love the warmth and durability of neoprene but prefer the breathability of more modern waders, the Caddis Hybrid Extremes are for you. They are available in three models, which include a boot foot, stockingfoot, and a waist-high stockingfoot.

The two full-length options have 5mm neoprene from the waist downward. Above this point, you’ll find the same breathable Caddis material as on the Deluxe waders. Located on the chest are a fleece-lined hand-warming pocket and a large accessory storage pouch.

The waist-high model has 5mm neoprene below the knees, with the rest of the wader made of breathable materials. Unfortunately, this wader does not have any storage pockets, and the angler will have to carry a back, hip, or chest pack.

Reinforced knees protect the most vulnerable point of the wader and provide cushioning for your legs.

Neoprene Waders

Neoprene Waders

Available Here: Amazon

  • Price: from $84.99
  • Variants: 3.5mm Bootfoot, 5mm Bootfoot, 3.5mm Stockingfoot (Standard, Stout, Long, and Short Stout), 3.5mm Women’s Stockingfoot (Standard and Queen), and 3.5mm Stockingfoot Youth
  • Available sizes: 7 – 13 (3.5mm Bootfoot), 7 – 13 (5mm Bootfoot), S – XXL (3.5mm Stockingfoot), S – XL (3.5mm Women’s Stockingfoot), and XS-XL (3.5mm Stockingfoot Youth)

The standard neoprene wader is available with incorporated boots or socks. The stockingfoot version includes a gravel guard that deters the ingress of material into your boot. The waders are warm and last a good number of years.

All models include a comfortable large front hand-warming pocket, which comes in really handy during winter fishing.

I recommend a neoprene pair of waders for beginner anglers that regularly fish in cold weather conditions. This option is not ideal for warmer climates as neoprene does not breathe, making it extremely uncomfortable when it’s hot.

Stockingfoot or Bootfoot Waders?

Stockingfoot or Bootfoot Waders


In this section, we’ll look at the pros and cons of both a stockingfoot and bootfoot pair of waders. I discuss which one is best suited to your needs and will give you more flexibility in terms of fit and future traveling.



  • Comes complete with a boot, so no additional purchases are necessary
  • Quick to put on or take off when compared to the other option


  • Cannot adapt to traction requirements as with wading boots
  • The boot size determines the wader size. Thus, it might be hard to find the perfect fit
  • Replacement of the entire wader if a significant leak is present on either the boot or wader
  • The rubber boots do not offer the stability and ankle protection that proper wading boots do

The booted option is ideal for the lake angler. The standard rubber boots do not offer enough ankle protection for serious river fishing.



  • The angler can buy boots with the correct sole suited to their fishing environment.
  • The wader and boot size are independent of one another. This sizing means that both can fit the user perfectly.
  • Replace only the boot or wader if damaged


  • Premium options can work out veery expensive
  • It takes a long time to put on and take off

I recommend stockingfoot waders for almost all anglers. This recommendation isn’t because the waders themselves are superior, but it allows the angler to find the correct wading boot suited to their needs. A boot that offers more traction and ankle support makes for a safer and more comfortable option.

What is the best material for waders?

Neoprene or Breathable Material


So, what are the differences between the two materials, and which one is the best material for waders? There is no clear-cut correct answer to these questions, and that really isnt the purpose of this review. I think it depends on personal preference, budget, and conditions of use.

Are neoprene waders good?

For those that don’t know, neoprene wetsuits are made with the same material. Waders have been made with the material for a good number of years. Most manufacturers offer various density neoprene to suit different fishing and weather conditions. Look for a high-density neoprene for colder conditions.


  • Inexpensive
  • Well suited to cold climates as it keeps the user warm
  • Relatively durable


  • Does not breathe, which means that any sweat on the inside stays there
  • Not suited for warm weather
  • Heavy
  • Hard to put on and take off

Are Breathable waders good?

Different companies have different names for their breathable material. Ultimately, it’s a lightweight and thin fabric that is both waterproof and allows moisture to pass through it from the inside.


  • Very comfortable to wear as it’s lightweight and conforms well with movement
  • Well suited to fishing in warm weather. In cold weather, it is possible to wear a base layer to retain body heat
  • Easy to put on or take off


  • Overall it can be quite expensive. However, as Caddis are showing, more affordable options are available
  • Cheap waders are not as durable. Look for waders that have a 3 ply or more construction

What are the most durable waders?

As you have seen throughout this review the most durable wader is not determined by the materials used, but rather the quality of the materials. Breathable materials are very durable, especially when correctly cared for and if they are 3-ply or more.

The same is true for neoprene, a more dense neoprene will hold up very well over time, though you may find it warm in summer. It really is a case of you get what you pay for when it comes to the best fishing waders.  


Many anglers, especially those that pursue their quarry on the fly, think that big names such as Patagonia, Simms, and Orvis are the only option when it comes to the best fishing wader. With their big lineup and quality materials, a Caddis wader is a viable option for anyone looking for a high-value system at a slightly lower price.

In my opinion, the best wader in the Caddis range is the Northern Guide Breathable. It is durable and lasts many seasons. Although the comfort of zipper-styled waders does seem appealing, I always have a concern about the durability of the zip.

If you guys found the article useful, please share it with your fellow anglers and friends. Also, leave any comments or questions at the bottom of the page; we would love to hear about your experiences.

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