What Is The World Record Northern Pike?

world record northern pike

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Are you an avid fly fisherman? If so, you might be interested to know that the world record Northern Pike weighed in at a staggering 55 lb 1 oz. It was caught by a lucky angler named Lothar Louis, who was using a spoon as bait in the tranquil waters of Greffern Lake in Germany.

The Story Behind This World Record Northern Pike

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Every fishing enthusiast loves a good story, and the tale behind the biggest Northern Pike ever caught doesn’t disappoint.

Lothar Louis, the lucky angler, didn’t set out with the intention of landing a record-breaking Pike on that fateful day of October 16th, 1986. His plan was simple: catch a few roach and carp. However, as an optimistic angler, he did bring his Northern Pike rod along.

He had a routine of casting his Pike rod 15 times at the start of each fishing trip, just in case a big Pike was lurking nearby. On that day, he was using spinning gear with a 16 lb line and a spoon lure. On his third cast, he hooked the monster Pike.

After an intense battle with the colossal Pike, Louis knew it was too big to fit in his net. Unwilling to risk losing his biggest catch ever, he bravely grabbed the Pike by the gill plates and heaved it onto the shore. Louis recalls not even feeling the Pike’s teeth sinking into his fingers due to the excitement of landing the largest Pike ever caught on rod and line.

Are There More Record Northern Pike In The Lake of Grefeern?

While this lake will forever be known as the location of the largest Pike in history, it hasn’t produced any other record-breaking catches. So, it’s a mystery whether this lake is particularly conducive to the Pike species.

Given the lake’s plentiful supply of Pike prey like carp and roach, and its connection to the Rhine, it’s possible that the record Pike wandered into the lake from the river and found a veritable feast, allowing it to grow into one of the largest specimens ever caught.

About Northern Pike

About Northern Pike

The Northern Pike, also known as the great northern pickerel, jack, or jackfish, is a game fish species found primarily in the northern part of the world. These lengthy, beautifully colored fish are found in the Arctic waters of North America, Europe, and Asia. Fishing enthusiasts can find them in the USA, Canada, Sweden, France, Italy, and Siberia.

Where Have Other Northern Pike World Records Been Caught?

Interestingly, world records for Northern Pike have been caught in various locations around the globe. For instance, Michelangelo Schenone snagged the All-Tackle Length World Record fish in Lake Maggiore, Italy. This Pike measured a whopping 124.0 cm!

Another notable catch was made by Paolo Pacchiarini in Centro Cadore Lake, Italy. He caught the largest Pike ever while fly fishing – a 43 lb Northern Pike!

Sweden is also known for Pike records. In fact, four of the nine Line Class World Records for Pike are held by Sweden.

Alaska and Canada, too, have their share of records, especially among women’s records. Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada holds three women’s records, all caught in the month of June.

How Do I catch Big Pike


How Do I Catch Big Pike?

Catching a record-breaking Pike requires the right tactics and bait. Big Pike are attracted to big baits, so make sure your lure, fly, or bait is large enough to entice a monster Pike.

Do You Need Wire To Land Pike?

It’s advisable to use a wire trace when fishing for Pike as their sharp teeth can easily bite through mono or fluoro.

Do You Need A Boat To Fish For Pike?

While you can catch Pike from the shore, a boat can be helpful to cover more ground and work deep ledges on larger bodies of water.

In conclusion, fishing for Northern Pike can be an exhilarating experience, especially if you hook a potential record-breaker! For more tips and stories about fly fishing, download our series of fly fishing books below. Happy fishing!

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