Jamie Melvin

Growing up fly fishing on trout streams in Kenya and the UK, Jamie has traveled the world in search of fly fishing nirvana. From his time managing bonefish lodges in the Bahamas and running fishing safaris in East Africa, all the way to guiding on the flats of Seychelles, there aren't many species or environments he hasn't experienced firsthand.

fish finder ice fishing

The 5 Best Ice Fishing Fish Finders in 2022 – Buyers Guide

Ice angling is very different from other kinds of fishing as you can only fish where you have drilled an ice hole and you have to fish vertically. This means you can’t cast your line way out into a lake and cover a large area, catching fish involves drilling your hole in the right fish location.

best fly fishing nets

The 5 Best Fly Fishing Nets in 2022 – Buyers Guide

Do you carry a net when you fly fish? I never used to as I love the challenge of grabbing fish at the bank, plus I found carrying a net a bit cumbersome. If there is one thing I learned from not carrying a net for most of my 30 years in fly fishing, it’s that I should have.

What to Wear Under Waders

What to Wear Under Waders

Being comfortable while you’re fly fishing or duck hunting in your waders is key to enjoying your time away from the office. How comfortable you are is all about what you wear under your waders, and you’ll need to tailor it to the seasons you’re fly fishing. Getting cold, overheating, and piling up a bunch …

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Fly fishing for Muskie

Fly Fishing for Muskie

Fly fishing for Muskie is no easy task and while the rewards are high and full of body vibrating adrenaline they do not happen often. Muskie fishing, particularly with a fly rod is a game of patience and persistence, it will stretch your mental game to the brink of collapse. But. all it takes is …

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G Loomis Asquith Review

G Loomis Asquith Review in 2022 – Fly Rods

The Asquith is one of the best all-around fly rods that has ever been made. Built from Spiral X tech, it’s incredibly light while being super powerful. It’s an extremely tough fly rod that compares to the NRX, just try and break it on a fish, it’s almost not possible.

Thomas and Thomas Exocett Review

Thomas and Thomas Exocett Review in 2022 – Fly Rods

The Exocett fly rod is made for fishing for large predatory fish, both in fresh and saltwater. The fast action and light design come with a lot of power and these rods really do perform exceptionally well when you need to cast small or big flies over 60ft, as is often the case in the salt.

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