The 9 Best Fly Fishing Magazines in 2024

best fly fishing magazines

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Whether you’re an experienced fly fisher or a newbie, there’s no better way to dive deeper into the world of fly fishing than by perusing some top-tier fly fishing magazines. These publications are a goldmine of information, filled with tips, techniques, gear reviews, and insights into new angling destinations.

Can’t decide which ones to read? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I’ve rounded up a list of the best fly fishing magazines that are worth subscribing to. These magazines are packed with valuable content that will reel you in, hook, line, and sinker.

The Drake Magazine

the drake magazine

Launched in 1998, The Drake Magazine began as a grassroots journal in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with a unique ethos: “too much contemporary outdoor writing gives away all the answers to people who never learned what the questions were.” Today, this magazine continues to adhere to this ethos.

The Drake Magazine isn’t necessarily a go-to for quick answers to your fly fishing queries. Instead, it’s a treasure trove of insightful articles about fly fishing hotspots worldwide, providing an in-depth look into each location. It’s also an excellent resource for those passionate about conservation, offering valuable tips on protecting our beloved rivers and fish species.

The Drake is primarily distributed around Jackson Hole, but its popularity is steadily growing throughout the United States. You can subscribe to it or check out their website for some free older articles.

Fly Fisherman Magazine

the fly fisherman magazine

Fly Fisherman Magazine is a one-stop-shop for everything fly fishing. The magazine boasts detailed articles penned by renowned authorities in the field, both old and new. From Lefty Kreh to David Whitelock, and contemporary famous fly anglers like Oliver White and April Vokey, this magazine is a wealth of information.

Celebrating over 45 years in publication, Fly Fisherman Magazine offers more than just tips and tricks. It provides insights into amazing global fly fishing destinations and addresses some of the latest challenges facing the sport.

Plus, it features useful fly tying information about new patterns from some of the world’s best fly tyers, making it one of the most comprehensive fly fishing magazines around.

American Angler Fly Fishing Magazine


American Angler Magazine, initially known as Fly Tyer, is now one of the most popular fly fishing magazines globally. With around 35,000 subscribers, it’s earned its reputation as an authority in the field of fly fishing.

American Angler is the quintessential guide to fly fishing in the USA. It provides a wealth of information on where to fish, how to secure the best deals, and how to make your fly fishing trips more affordable. Additionally, it’s packed with tips and tricks to enhance your fly fishing skills, from hatch charts to nymph rigs and the latest tackle. The magazine also advocates for the protection of fly fishing waters around the country.

Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine

Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine

If you’re a fly fishing enthusiast based in the northwest of North America, Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine is a must-read. It covers everything from Northern California to Montana, Idaho, Washing, Oregon, Wyoming, Western Canada, and Alaska.

Proud of its top-notch photography and writing, Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine provides all the information you need about fishing in the northwest — the when, where, how, and who. Each region in the magazine is covered by experienced local anglers, making it an invaluable resource for fly fishing in the Northwest.

Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine

Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine

First published in 2005, Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine has quickly become one of the most popular fly fishing publications. As the name suggests, it covers fly fishing in North America’s eastern regions, from east of the Mississippi to the eastern United States and Canada.

This magazine stands out thanks to its clear layout, stunning photography, and knowledgeable writers. Each issue covers multiple destinations, including well-known and lesser-known waters. The featured article of each issue delves deep into details, providing hatch charts, maps of the fishery, and more. Additionally, the magazine offers tips from famous anglers and step-by-step fly-tying instructions.

Southwest Fly Fishing Magazine

Southwest Fly Fishing Magazine

If you’re based in the southwest of the United States or planning a fishing trip there, Southwest Fly Fishing Magazine is a must-read. It covers southwest fly fishing in Texas, Nevada, Mexico, Southern California, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and even Central America.

The magazine is filled with valuable information about the best fishing spots in these regions. It’s written by local experts who provide helpful insights into the fishing available and how to catch more at each destination.

The FlyFish Journal

The FlyFish Journal

The FlyFish Journal keeps you updated on the latest happenings in the fly fishing world. Whether it’s about politics, economics, the environment, or unexpected fishing species or destinations, this journal covers it all.

Published four times a year, you can either get it delivered to your home or download a digital copy. The FlyFish Journal is your ticket to staying current with the exciting, boundary-pushing world of fly fishing.

Catch Magazine

catch magazine

Created by veteran fly fisherman and professional photographer Brian O’Keefe, Catch Magazine brings fly fishing to life through stunning photography and filmmaking. This online magazine offers a visual feast that can evoke a profound longing to go fishing.

For full access to the magazine’s content, you’ll need to pay a subscription fee. But at only $20 a year, it’s a small price to pay for a year’s worth of breathtaking fishing visuals.

Fly Tyer Magazine

Fly Tyer Magazine

Established in 1978, Fly Tyer Magazine is the ultimate guide to fly tying. Articles and tying instructions are written by some of the world’s best and most creative tyers, making this magazine a must-have for fly tying enthusiasts.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a beginner eager to learn, these magazines are sure to enhance your fly fishing knowledge and passion. So why wait? Dive right into these pages and let the adventure begin!

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  1. I am English. I love fly fishing on chalk streams in southern England during the Mayfly season. Although I use American rods and reels it is very easy to become irritated by the ‘made in America’ cheer leaders. High quality equipment is just that. Makes no difference what country it is made in. I seem to remember the quality of Hardy Cascapedia fly reels improved when manufactured in South Korea.

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