The Best Fly Fishing Movies in 2023

There is nothing better for us fly anglers than sitting back and watching a fly fishing film when we don’t have the time to be on the water, or the weather is saying no. It is a way for us to connect with the great outdoors and get pumped up for the next fishing trip.

Now, you can scour youtube for clips of awesome fly fishing but there isn’t anything quite like watching the best fly fishing film you can find.

I’m sure you have a list of your own best fishing movies you like to watch, and the next best thing might be to take a look at our list of the best fly fishing movies out there.

Join me as we take a dive into the best fly fishing films in the fishing world that you can enjoy with your fishing buddies on those foul-weather days.

Our Best Fly Fishing Movies

A River Runs Through It

A River Runs Through It

A River Runs Through It is, without doubt, one of the best fly fishing films ever made and probably the most iconic at the same time! Based on a book by John Maclean, directed by Robert Redford, and starring Brad Pitt and Tom Skerritt, this fishing movie is about two brothers who grow up fly fishing in Montana under the instruction of their father.

The beautiful scenery of Montana captured in this fly fishing movie is simply stunning, to the point that I actually flew to Montana to go fly fishing there because of it. This movie has without a doubt inspired thousands of fishing trips to Montana but there is more to it than brown & rainbow trout and the rivers that go with them.

This movie is about the connection between the two brothers formed by fly fishing which simply can not be broken. No matter where in the world they are, fly fishing brings them together. It also tells the history of that time in Montana, how family life worked back then, and fly fishing’s connection to religion.

This is a must-watch film for all fly fishermen out there and it is based on a true story in the way that it is a semi-autobiographical book from John Maclean.

Where The Yellowstone Goes

Where The Yellowstone Goes

Another of my favorite fly fishing films is “Where The Yellowstone Goes”, which is a film about a 30-day float fishing trip down the longest undammed river in the contiguous United States.

The anglers fly fish their way down the river capturing all the amazing scenery as they go while stopping and meeting the locals in the towns and booming cities the river passes through.

The movie is stunningly filmed with a single camera which provides consistent intimate portraits of all the action. It is one of those fishing movies that makes you feel like you are there and it gets anglers pumped to be on the water.

This isn’t just a movie for fly anglers though as it showcases how stunning the river is, and the scenery around it, and it talks of the future of the river and what that may look like.

The River Why

The River Why

The River Why is another of the most amazing fly fishing movies out there as it tells a story that probably all fly anglers on the planet can relate to. You have probably heard of the book if you didn’t know it was already a movie, as the book is very famous, and is much better than the film in most opinions.

The River Why is about a young man coming of age who leaves home with his fly rod and engages in a life of solitude and fly fishing, doing things his own way so to speak.

Along the way, he enjoys some great trout and salmon fishing and stumbles upon a love interest skinny dipping while he is fly fishing. By the end of his journey, he sees the world in a new light. He gains a new appreciation for his family, love, and life.

This is an excellent movie for a fisherman and a non-angler too as it is as much about life as it is about fly fishing too.

Salmon Fishing In Yemen

Salmon Fishing In Yemen

Salmon Fishing In Yemen was also a book before it became a film. Written by Paul Torday, the book, and now film follows the story of a Yemeni sheik’s connection to fly fishing and how he believes it removes the class system while being on the river.

He wants to fill the wadis of Yemen with Scottish salmon so that his people Yemen can enjoy the peace that fly fishing brings to one’s life. He ends up working with a fisheries scientist, played by Ewan McGregor, who at first is immensely negative about the idea but in the end, comes around.

It is a great story filled with love, fly fishing in Scotland, politics, London, and lots more, making it perfect for both anglers and non-anglers alike. I would have to say that the book is much better than the film but they are both great overall, so be sure to read and watch them.

The Old Man And The Sea

While this is not about fly fishing, I couldn’t miss it out of the article. The book, written by Ernest Hemingway, is a book every angler has read growing up and it tells the story of Santiago, a local fisherman in Cuba who fishes on his own and ends up hooking up to a giant marlin.

The film and book tell the story of the ensuing battle and the connection made between fish and fisherman during the fight. In the end, Santiago wins the battle against the huge marlin after fighting it through the night, but then has sharks to deal with where he utilizes the marlin’s bill to protect them both.

This is by far one of the most famous fishing stories ever told and I would recommend reading the book and watching the film when you get the chance.



Providence is one of the films that showcases some of the most incredible fly fishing that one can experience on the planet. If you don’t know, Providence is a remote atoll in the outer islands of Seychelles and it is home to incredible saltwater fly fishing.

There is no settlement on Providence, and the operation is run from a liveaboard boat with skiffs that take anglers into the atoll each day. The flats are covered with bonefish, permit, triggerfish, and GTs while the deeper edges are home to milkfish and sailfish.

Watching Providence is like going into fly fishing nirvana heaven as you see the incredible charging eats of GTs taking the fly, get to understand the movements of the tide of the atoll, how vast the place is, and lots more.

By the end of the film, you will be ready to book a fishing trip to Seychelles, as it truly is a mesmerizing place when it comes to how pristine it is, the species on offer, and how abundant nature is there. I have never experienced an ocean so alive, and I didn’t live on Providence, which could only have been a step up.

Low And Clear

Low And Clear

Low And Clear is another great fly fishing film that tells the story of two friends who used to go on fishing trips together all the time but have lost touch over the years. They decide to go on one last adventure together to catch up in their home waters of Colorado.

What they discover during their trip is how different they have both become over the years and their views on both the world and fly fishing are now very different.

During the film, you will be taken into the stunning scenery of Colorado and get to see some excellent fly fishing too as they catch trout in some of the prettiest waters around.

Atlantic Salmon – Lost At Sea

Atlantic Salmon - Lost At Sea

It is no secret in the fly fishing world that Atlantic Salmon are at risk of becoming extinct as their numbers seem to be dropping year after year. Atlantic Salmon – Lost At Sea is all about trying to work out what is going on and is an awesome documentary that uncovers a lot.

It took 6 years or so to film and it follows what happens to young salmon par on their way out of the rivers and into the sea. Filming this was a major operation that took both land and sea vessels working across a large range of different locations.

In the end, this documentary film does give us some great information about what is happening to the young salmon and how we can save them. It is worth a watch whether you are into fly fishing or not, as there is a species on the line here that needs saving.


Which Disney film that have fishes?

The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, and Finding Dory are all Disney films that feature fish.

What fly fishing world tour movies are on Netflix?

Netflix has several fly fishing-related movies, including Wild River, Reel Life, Reel Water, The Fisherman’s Son, and Where the River Runs.

Filming Out

Thank you very much for reading my article. I hope you enjoyed it and now have a list of some awesome fly fishing movies to watch and maybe re-watch on those nights after work while you are waiting for that weekend cast.

Please share the article with your fishing buddies and why not have a look at some of our others. We cover everything from the best carp flies to how to catch a triggerfish on the fly.

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