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The Exocett fly rod is made for fishing for large predatory fish, both in fresh and saltwater. The fast action and light design come with a lot of power and these rods really do perform exceptionally well when you need to cast small or big flies over 60ft, as is often the case in the salt.
Thomas and Thomas Exocett Review

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The Exocett fly rod is made for fishing for large predatory fish, both in fresh and saltwater. The fast action and light design come with a lot of power and these rods really do perform exceptionally well when you need to cast small or big flies over 60ft, as is often the case in the salt.

The Thomas and Thomas Exocett is one of the best performance saltwater fly rods on the market. It’s the go-to fly rod on the atolls of Seychelles where rods take a beating and have to handle some of the toughest species and conditions on the planet. Find out why it’s so good in our review of T&T’s Exocett saltwater fly rod.

The Thomas and Thomas Exocett Fly Rod

The Thomas and Thomas Exocett Fly Rod

Thomas & Thomas Exocett Specs:

Line Weight:  Length: 8ft
Action: Fast Handle: Full Wells w/Fighting Butt
Rod Weight: – Rod Tube: Aluminum Rod Tube
Color: Blue Sections: 4
Warranty: T&T Lifetime Warranty Country Of Manufacture: USA

Overall Score

Build Quality
Weight and Balance
Aesthetics and Design
Price to Value Ratio
Warranty and Brand Reputation
Customer Service
Innovation and Features

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  • Light swing weight makes casting long distances and long days easier
  • Top-quality craftsmanship from the blank to the aluminum reel seat and titanium frame stripping guides
  • Fast action and a thin tip makes throwing long-distance casts into the wind easy
  • Range of models for both salt and freshwater
  • Beautiful to cast with and tight loops couldn’t be easier
  • Impressive accuracy over 60ft
  • Cork fighting butt for handling big fish comfortably


  • A pretty expensive price at 895.00
  • The tip is quite delicate
  • A bit quick for beginners

Everything about the rod is geared to performance and is there to help you when chasing those fish of a lifetime. The dark matte blue finish won’t spook a wary permit, while the large double coiled single foot guides and snake guides are there to ensure a smooth cast to a GT on the back of a ray. And once you hook up, the cork fighting butt lets you focus on lading the fish instead of having nowhere to place your rod.

I’ve fished these rods in Seychelles for years and believe me, they are a delight. Everything from the accuracy to the low swing weight and the thin tip come together so anglers get the most out of their weeks on the flats.

The one and only issue with the Exocett is that you can’t be too aggressive with it as the rod’s thinner top section could break if you treat it mean.

Who are Thomas & Thomas rods?

Who are Thomas & Thomas rods

T&T has had a bit of a tough time over the years. The company was founded in 1969 and made some beautiful hand-crafted fly rods but had a hard time due to ownership struggles until around 2014 when Neville Orsmond got involved.

Since then, they have had a complete refresh and have come out with some of their best fly rods to date. Models like the Zone, Avantt, and Exocett really hit the ground running and are now considered some of the best performance fly rods in the world.

With every T&T rod comes a lifetime warranty, so even though they come at a high price, you are getting a fly rod for life.

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Design and Features Of The Exocett

Materials & Build

The Exocett has the appearance of a standard rod when you first look at it, plain blue in style with everything you’d expect but it’s only once you look close, pick it up, and make some casts with it that you begin to understand the premium ingredients that go into each model.

The blank is a composite of graphite and T&T’s own StratoTherm Resin which is what makes the rod so light and keeps the weight down while providing an extreme amount of power. The top section is even deliberately tapered off just so an angler can handle windy conditions on the flats with less effort.

Added to the blank are titanium stripping guides which also bring the weight down, single foot at the base working up to snake guides at the top with quality wraps that handle a heavy fight. Then comes the anodized aluminum reel seat that is made for the salt, premium cork grip, hook keeper, and an aluminum rod tube.

Every part of the Exocett is made to survive the harshest environments and the creatures that roam them.

Casting Performance & Action

Casting Performance & Action

The Exocett is made for a weight forward line, and a line like the Cortland GT/Tuna really brings the 12wt model to life. Tight loops and casting a distance of 90 ft or your full line isn’t hard with this rod if you have the skills, and your shot will be accurate too.

Pick any zone at the top end of your fishing abilities and you’ll make an accurate throw beyond it in most cases.

The fast action of the rod combined with the build makes picking up 40 ft of line easy, and making a recast at a tailing permit or cruising GT about as efficient as possible. It doesn’t take much to get the rod going either and a medium stroke is all you need to get a solid line speed.

Weights & Lengths

With models ranging from a 6-12wt, you can go fishing pretty much anywhere with the Exocett. Whether it’s chasing chrome in a river with the 6wt rod, on the search for a permit with the 10 wt, or looking for those big tarpon and GTs with the 12wt. Whichever model you choose to search out your bucket list species with, the rod is going to deliver.

Verdict – Is the Exocett worth it?

Verdict – Is the Exocett worth it

When it comes to picking a rod for going after some of the most demanding species on the planet, the Exocett is up there with the likes of the G.Loomis NRX. If you’re a good fly fisherman and are ready to take on the likes of permit and everything else that lives in the sea, then the Exocett is a rod that will make your journey easier and successful.

But, if you’re a beginner the Exocett might be a little fast for you to get to grips with, but it should be on your horizon once your skills improve.

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