What Is The World Record Lake Trout?

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It’s an angler’s dream to reel in a record-breaking catch. In the world of lake trout, that title belongs to a 72 lb 0 oz beauty nabbed by angler Lloyd Bull in Canada’s Great Bear Lake. But why do the biggest lake trout seem to hail from this lake? And just how close have others come to breaking this record? Let’s dive in.

The Tale of the Titan

The story of Lloyd Bull’s record-breaking catch is somewhat shrouded in mystery. We know that the enormous lake trout was reeled in on August 19, 1995, while Lloyd was trolling from a boat on Great Bear Lake. The specifics of his gear and tactics, however, are less well-known.

But there’s another story that’s worth mentioning here. A remarkable 83 lb lake trout was hauled from the depths of Great Bear Lake, easily surpassing Lloyd’s record. However, it was caught in a gill net, not on a rod and reel, and therefore wasn’t recognized as an official world record by the International Game Fish Association.

The Story Behind The World Record Lake Trout

Despite the disappointment, this giant lake trout has sparked conversations about the fishing practices on Great Bear Lake and the potential for even larger catches in the future.

The Grandeur of Great Bear Lake

Why does Great Bear Lake seem to grow lake trout to such monstrous proportions? The answer lies in its youth and biodiversity. This recently deglaciated lake is relatively young compared to other lakes in Canada, and scientists believe this is a contributing factor to the colossal size of its lake trout. With only 15 species of fish in the lake, the lake trout face little competition for food, allowing them to grow to impressive sizes.

World Record Lake Trout From Great Bear Lake

In total, Great Bear Lake is responsible for 19 of the 35 existing world record lake trout catches according to the IGFA. This includes the record for the largest lake trout caught on a fly: a 30 lb 8 oz beast landed by Frank Bluch in 2010.

Other Notable Catches

While Great Bear Lake holds the majority of the records, other locations have also produced impressive catches. Lac La Martre, Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Lake Grandby, Dubawnt Lake, and Nueltin Lake all have their own stories of world record lake trout.

About Lake Trout

About Lake Trout

Lake trout, also known as Lake Char or landlocked salmon, are native to North America. They can be found from the Great Lakes to the far reaches of Canada and Alaska, as well as some parts of the Western U.S. where they have been introduced. Lake trout prefer cold water and are predatory fish, with a diet ranging from smaller fish to snails.

Fishing for the Big Ones

If you’re aiming to catch a giant lake trout, you’ll need the right tactics. Consider the temperature of the water, the depth at which you’re fishing, and the type of lure you’re using. Patience is also key – you probably won’t catch a record-breaker on your first trip out, but perseverance could pay off.

So, are you ready to reel in your own record-breaking lake trout? Grab your gear and let’s hit the water.

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