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Sage Trout LL Review

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The Sage Trout LL (light line) is made specifically for dry fly fishing. This series of rods are medium-action fly rods that are forgiving to cast while providing all the loop control and power you need on a small stream or a lake from a very relaxed and effortless casting stroke.

The Sage Trout LL is said to be Sage’s new classic trout fly rod. It has been causing all kinds of hype around the fly fishing marketplace, and we are here to find out why. Join me as we take a deep dive into a Sage Trout LL review and why it’s such a great dry fly rod.

The Sage Trout LL Review

The Sage Trout LL Fly Rod

Sage Trout LL Specs:

Line Weight: 3 – 6 Length: 7 – 9ft
Action: Medium Handle: Slim Snub-nose Half-Wells
Rod Weight: 2.06 – 2.62oz Rod Tube: Powder Coated Aluminum Rod Tube
Color: Mahogany Sections: 4
Warranty: Sage Lifetime Warranty ($30 Processing Fee) Country Of Manufacture: USA

Overall Score

Build Quality
Weight and Balance
Aesthetics and Design
Price to Value Ratio
Warranty and Brand Reputation
Customer Service
Innovation and Features

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  • Great range of models for all dry fly situations
  • Ideal for dry fly fishing with light tippet and long leaders
  • Effortless casting stroke to get your shots where you want them
  • Great power, control, distance, and accuracy on your casts
  • Softer action for delicacy with large and small flies
  • Durable, light blank with KonneticHD Technology
  • A nice classic look to it


  • Very expensive

You can lay size 22 dry flies or size 4 dry flies at a distance of 20 feet or over 50 feet just in front of a sipping trout with the utmost accuracy and delicate presentations.

The Sage Trout LL fly rods come in a solid range including every line weight from 3-6, meaning there is a dry fly rod weight for every occasion that you might come across. And with the heavier 5 weight or 6 weight, nymphing and using a streamer are possible options as well as dry fly fishing.


7ft 9inch 3 wt, 8ft 9 inch 3 wt, 8ft 6 inch 4 wt, 9ft 4 wt, 8ft 6 inch 5 wt, 9 ft 5 wt, 9ft 6 wt

Who are Sage rods?

Who are Sage rods

If you haven’t heard of Sage, let me put your mind at ease about spending so much on a fly rod. Sage is part of Farbank who also owns Rio lines and Redington fly gear but Sage is their number one rod brand. All Sage rods are built in the USA on Bainbridge Island and they make some of the best fly rods on the planet.

Every order of a Sage comes with free shipping, a rod case, and a lifetime warranty so if you break your rod while fishing then it will be replaced or fixed for you.

Design and Features Of The New Trout LL’s

Materials & Build

The Trout LL rods are made from graphite using Sage’s KONNETIC HD technology which ensures the perfect graphite to resin ratio to create a high-density fiber composite fly rod. This not only makes the rod lighter but also a lot stronger and it recovers quickly so every angler can maintain tight loops on all their casts.

The tip on these trout rods is made to supple and give you ultimate control over light line and small dries or nymphs. Smooth deliveries to rising fish are the result especially over short distances and protection over your 8x tippet when fighting a fish too.

The rod is also very pretty with a classic look and the walnut reel seat with a bronze up-locking design is as secure and pretty as they come.

Weights & Lengths

Weights & Lengths

As you will have noticed for the models section of the above, the Trout LL comes in every weight and length needed to target trout in all their environments. The 3 weight is ideal for fly fishing small creeks and streams, while the 4 weight is the ultimate all-around dry fly stick.

Then you can move up to 5 or 6 weights for fishing on larger rivers and lakes, plus they have some gusto so you could fish streamers and larger nymphs as well.

The lengths also vary across most of the weights too so you can choose to go a foot or half longer or shorter to suit the waters you fish on most.

Casting Performance & Action

Casting Performance & Action

The Trout LL series are medium action rods which is ideal for both an amateur angler and the rod’s intended fishing application. You don’t want to be casting a fast action stick to present a dry as they usually result in a noisy presentation.

These sticks are made to cast to nervous, wise trout that require the subtlest approach, and their soft feel and delicate tip ensure your casts don’t spook suspecting trout.

Despite being a little soft, the rod loads with a gentle stroke, require minimal energy and their core distance is between 20 and 50 feet, and upwards of 50ft when it comes to the 5 and 6 wt.

An angler can cast with a relatively free and open stroke and still maintain the tight loops they need to deliver the fly to their desired location without a trout noticing.

When fishing with a lot of cover behind you the rod responds well to a roll cast. Shorter shots are easy with a narrow stroke and when you need to push some distance, just open your stroke a bit and the rod will be right there with you. There is enough power in the rod so you can go from fishing at 30 to 50 ft without much effort.

These Sages are also exceptionally lightweight and you’ll be able to throw over a thousand casts and your arm will barely notice – they are ideal for long fishing days and float trips where you barely sit down and are covering a ton of water.


Is Sage Trout II a good fly rod?

Yes, the Sage Trout II is generally considered to be a very good fly rod. It has a light and responsive action, making it easy to cast and great for trout fishing.

Is Sage Trout II a good fly rod?

Yes, the Sage Trout II is a great fly rod. It is lightweight and accurate, making it perfect for trout fishing. It is also durable and has a great feel, making it a great choice for any fly angler.

What fly reel is best for Sage trout II?

The Sage Trout II is best paired with a lightweight, mid-sized reel such as the Orvis Clearwater or the Sage Spectrum C. Both of these reels are lightweight and have a smooth drag system, making them perfect for trout fishing.

Which fly line works best with the Trout LL?

Which fly line works best with the Trout LL

Being quite a soft rod, you should avoid using heavy WT forward taper lines with the Trout LL. You’ll end up overloading with these kinds of heavy taper lines and you’ll lose the subtlety and accuracy that they were designed for.

The recommended line to pair with this rod is a Rio Technical Trout Line, Rio Gold Line, and the Scientific Anglers Trout line. Both the Rio Gold and Rio Technical Trout Line are built with long front tapers that are specially designed for delicacy and precision, matching the rod perfectly

The heavier weights, 5 & 6, tend to respond better to the Rio Gold, and the lower weights, 3 & 4, to the Rio Technical Trout Line. The Gold Line has a shorter taper that matches the power of the 5 & 6 wt perfectly.

Verdict – Is the Trout LL worth it?

Verdict – Is the Trout LL worth it

If you haven’t already guessed that the answer is YES, the Trout LL is worth it from the review, then here it is again. Yes, but only if you fish the right kind of water.

The Trout LL is made for dries and rivers more than anything else. If you tend to spend your summers wading around the rivers and spring creeks of Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana, then this is a rod that is going to make those experiences even more enjoyable than they already are.

The accurate delicacy of these rods combined with their lightweight and efficient energy conversion makes for perfect shots every time that you can repeat all day long without any worries.

The one thing these rods aren’t quite made for is heavy or even in the higher weights of 5 & 6. Their softness makes larger bugs a challenge to cast and you’ll need a 5 wt or above just to manage large hoppers or nymphing with an indicator, whereas this is possible with a stiffer 4wt like a Sage X.

Overall, if you’re all about the dries and smaller waters, you won’t regret going and getting one of these for the summer season.

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