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redington sonic pro waders review

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When you take fishing seriously, you need to get into the water to access the best fishing spots! So, like me, a good pair of waders is an essential piece in your fly fishing set up. But it’s not easy to narrow down the choices and select the best fly fishing waders with boots, with so many options on the market!

The Sonic Pro waders are mid-range waders from the well-known fishing brand, Redington. There are Sonic Pro waders suitable for men and a range specially designed for women. As Redington’s flagship line of waders, we were eager to find out if they are the best option out there. So we tested them out to see if they’re worth spending your money on them! Read on for our full Redington Sonic Pro Waders review.

redington sonic pro

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Redington Sonic Pro Waders Review

Redington is a popular brand that is always coming up with new gear for fly fishermen and women, with close to three decades of experience and expertise [1] behind them. They sell everything from fly rods to reels, but they know that waders are just as vital for us anglers when it comes to fishing gear. So, they came up with the Sonic Pro waders – a mid-range wader that is simple but effective.

The Sonic Pro waders cost between $200-300, so they’re not your basic budget product. A lot of thought and expertise went into the design process, and the result is these streamlined, hardwearing waders. The focus is on durability and practicality, rather than an eye-catching look or tons of additional features.

Redington knows that most of us avid anglers prefer user-friendly products that get the job done, rather than eye-catching gear that won’t last long. So they did away will all the bells and whistles, and instead concentrated on creating high-quality, well-constructed waders for fly fishing.

So, should you buy the Sonic Pro waders? Let’s dig in deeper and see how they fare!

Features and Benefits

features and benefits

In this section, we’ll look closely at what the Sonic Pro waders can offer. We’ll examine the durability, construction, and additional features to help you decide if they are the right waders for you! Are they the best waders for fly fishing? Let’s find out!


The Sonic-Pro waders are made from a 4-layer waterproof fabric Redington chose for its breathability and strength. The material is thicker and quite heavy, so it doesn’t fold up very small. But the benefit is that they won’t tear easily, even if you’re hiking through dense undergrowth. The Redington Sonic-Pro waders are very durable and should last for a long time. That makes them a wiser investment and better value for money than a cheaper pair that you’ll need to replace after one fishing season.

The neoprene booties are 3.5mm, while the fabric of the sole measures 4mm. They are flexible and durable, with the stronger material of the sole protecting against potential punctures.


The downside of this fabric is that it can feel warm, and sweat can’t wick away or escape. If you wear them all-day, your legs may feel hot and sweaty, even if the water itself is cold. Compared to neoprene waders, however, they are much more comfortable and allow more air to circulate.

Sizing & Fit

You can choose from 13 different sizes from the Sonic-Pro wader line, ranging from Short to XXL. The Short waders have a chest size of 35-37 inches and a shoe size of 7-8, while the XXL has a chest size of 51-53 inches and a shoe size of 12-13. If you’re in doubt, the sizing chart will help you decide which size to go for.

The neoprene booties do tend to come up large, so there’s no need to size up on the shoe size. They can tend to bunch up when you put on fly fishing boots, and you may need to pad them out with thick socks.

Other than that, the waders are true to size, even with the slimmer fit. The design allows for full freedom of movement and plenty of flexibility in the water. You’ll also find that the slim fit means you’ll feel less resistance from the current compared to a baggier, bulkier style of waders.

Extra Features

extra features

The design team at Redington has focused on the performance and function of these waders, so the additional features are limited. You do get a zippered chest pocket where you can keep small tools or items that you need handy, as well as fleece-lined handwarmer pockets. These pockets are a great addition when you’re fishing on a cold day! You’ll also find a flip-out security pocket on the inside of the chest for your valuables.

There’s also a slim, adjustable wading belt. You can use the wading belt to get a customized it, and it’s also useful to attach tools like pliers. Then, they’re close at hand whenever you need them! We did note that the belt doesn’t match up to the overall high quality of the waders. It feels quite flimsy and may become less stretchy over time.

The shoulder straps are also adjustable so you can fit the waders securely to your build and size. However, we would like to see them be even more adjustable, as you might struggle to tighten them enough if you’re on the short side.

How do they perform?

The Sonic-Pro wader gives an excellent performance in the water. It keeps you bone dry while allowing your skin to breathe. The material is quite heavy but flexible enough so that you have a full range of movement. You’ll have no trouble reaching, and your casts will still be spot-on, unhindered by the waders.

Redington has designed these waders to be breathable, but also to stand up to frequent wear and tear. As a result, the material is quite thick, and you might feel sweaty after a while. It does allow for some air circulation, but it’s not the most breathable pair of waders.

The benefit of the streamlined, functional design means that these waders have very few seams. The more seams, the higher the chance of developing a hole or tear somewhere. This shouldn’t happen with the Redington Sonic-Pro wader, thanks to the simple design and robust materials.



Redington offers a limited 1-year warranty on their Sonic-Pro waders. This seems like a good deal, and it is helpful if your waders develop a hole or split seam. However, it could be annoying if your wader fails just outside of this time period. We’d like to see an extended warranty period of at least 3 years for this product!

Pros & Cons

If you don’t have time to read the full review of the Sonic Pro wader, don’t worry. We’ve quickly summed up the pros and cons of this product for you, so you can see if it’s the right one for you!


  • Strong wader material that won’t tear easily
  • Comfortable neoprene booties
  • Cozy fleece-lined pocket for warming your hands
  • Excellent durability and longevity
  • Two zippered pockets to keep items safe and close at hand
  • True-to-size fit
  • Great pair of waders for surf fishing


  • The wader material isn’t the thickest
  • This product has fewer additional features like pockets
  • The booties are very large and ruck up when you put on wading boots
  • Not the most breathable material

The Wrap Up

wrap up

The Redington Sonic-Pro wader is high-quality and durable, with a streamlined design for comfortable wading. With two storage pockets, two handwarmer pockets, and adjustable belt and straps, all your needs are met. This wader also looks cool due to the slim fit, which creates less resistance in the water. The seams are fortified, and the durability is impressive! If you’ve been looking for affordable waders that will last, these tick every box!

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