World Record Rainbow Trout

So what is the largest Rainbow trout ever caught? Here we show you the world record rainbow trout and also some runner ups.
world record rainbow trout

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The world record rainbow trout title belongs to Canadian fisher Sean Konrad. The International Game Fish Association’s (IGFA) record book now lists his 48-pound, 42-inch catch as the biggest ever rainbow trout specimen – a true world record trout.

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Where was the biggest rainbow trout caught? 

The world record rainbow trout was caught in Lake Diefenbaker, Saskatchewan, in Canada. The lake covers 110,000 acres and is an impoundment of the two rivers: Qu’Appelle and South Saskatchewan. This is was the location of the previous world record, held by Sean’s twin brother, Adam, in 2007. Lake Diefenbaker has been the centre of controversy over the record, as triploid trout seem to have escaped from a nearby farm and populate the waters, often reaching 30+ pounds. The previous record and the current record holder seem both to have been triploids.

Catching the largest rainbow trout

The alltackle world record steelhead was caught on September 5th, 2009 with a spinning rod. The fisher, Sean Konrad, is part of a dynasty of world record holders, together with Adam his brother and previous record holder. The two full-time auto-mechanics are also fishing guides and have managed to help clients catch fish in the world record space as well.  The world record rainbow trout had a girth of 32 inches – the wide body being a distinguishing mark of triploid trout. Big trouts that are not from genetically modified stock tend to get both longer and wider, but the record holder held a lot of weight around his midsection. 

world record rainbow trout
Via Field & Stream

What is a triploid trout?

While “triploid fish” is usually just a term that means that they are sterile, the name comes from the reason why these trout are sterile. Triploid trout are a modified form of a species that has not two, but three chromosomes. The additional chromosome makes the fish infertile, diverting the resources that the fish would have invested into reproduction into growth. These fish tend to have a typical football-shape, as the muscles around their midsection bulge because of the added protein generation. The fish are not “genetically modified” in the stricter sense, given that the process of creating sterile triploids involves some minor tampering of the breeding process and by that the cell division. The fish grow up just like normal trout, they are just a bit chunkier, on average.  Other examples of triploids are commercially available bananas and seedless watermelon. These species would not be able to multiply in the wild, dying after one generation. 

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Runners-up: almost the biggest 

Sean Konrad AGAIN, with a 37 pounds, 4 ounces ‘bow – currently the IGFA 16lb line class world record. The video shows what an expert Sean is as he calmly handles the behemoth. 

huge rainbow
Via Wide Open Spaces

Here are some of the Konrads’ other catches:

The previous 43 pound record holder that Adam caught. 

biggest steelhead
Via Field & Stream

Another 40 pound Diefenbaker monster. 

And a gigantic pike they caught a long time ago. 

pike huge record
Via Field & Stream

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  1. Big fish! Anyway i came from your giveaway site. I have put my email in like the usuals but i have not yet recieved any confirmation email. I have followed your youtube account. Is there still any chance for participation? Because i am yet waiting for my entry. It is currently still 0.

  2. The whole reason for writing this article is call out an unjustice IMHO to the Arkansas rainbow trout record of 1981. By size & weight the assumed record is incorrect.
    Recorded on file is the only correct part of this record.
    Folks need to read the criteria for the legal definition of a state record.
    The criteria for accepting a world record acknowledgement is absurd @ best & a complete embarrassment to true records never allowed to be considered!
    Having seen & lived down the country road from the largest personally known state record rainbow trout will likely never be revealed.
    It was not caught with the required steps of the legal & certified official department of ignorance.
    When we allow such rules & regulations along with some of the most ridiculous man conceived steps required to even be consider. THE ACTUAL STATE RECORD DEPENDS ALMOST ENTIRELY IN THE FISHERMANS HIMSELF MEETING STATE/LOCAL REQUIREMENTS & NOT THE ACTUAL FISH!
    Sadly, many state records are most likely worthless do to the man made stipulations of the actual fisherman & nothing to do with the fish until the prior rules are met.
    The really sad part is the state record was acknowledged but the fisherman would not allow the fish to be placed in public for view or would he accept the state record. Instead it remained with the fisherman & this is the reality of how the real record came to be.
    Here’s the reality of fishing & records.
    The record trout was not caught with a pole or state/local legally acceptable means allowing it to be recorded.
    I lived down the county road from the actual fisherman of the record trout & @ his pleasure allowed locals inside his home where above his living room couch on the wall was mounted a 36″ +/- 30lb+ massive rainbow trout that was caught by a local Fairview, Arkansas local while sitting in his boat fishing. It was legally caught in every way that matters (but not a legal fashion), but it was caught & it is the record in all acceptable fisherman comparison. A large fish that was slowly dying from most likely having been caught & escaped earlier or simply was dying from a long life slowly ending. The rainbow was rolling in the white river waters when the fisherman noticed a large fish coming near the boat. He grabbed his net & scooped it out of the water! The fish was dying & would of been mink, otter or bird bait shortly. Thats your state record that can’t be acknowledged because it doesn’t pass all the rules & regulations regarding records. Sadly, until these ridiculous sets of criteria imposed on the fisherman are removed many such records are just very exciting large catches that we all love to see & read. But, they are not all state records! I understand the needs for certain criteria to be in place to help hold the integrity of the printed records we all admire. But this is not the foremost issue! It is easily discouraging the real records from every coming forth due to the strict requirements of the fisherman himself.
    Would u like to know that by accident someone fishing for something else with a non legal net? actually caught the record fish or just quietly go home & eat the fish? Stupidity destroys reality!

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