How to Tie a Slim Beauty Knot: A 5 Step Guide

the slim beauty knot

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The slim beauty knot, a staple among fly fishing enthusiasts, is an exceptional choice for tying two pieces of line together, especially when they vary in diameters and/or materials. It’s a favorite for connecting a mono leader to a fluoro tippet or attaching a braided line to mono.

The slim beauty knot’s name hints at its low profile once tied. This compact knot zips through your rod guides with ease when you’re battling a fish, and it’s got the strength to withstand the fight.

However, the slim beauty knot has a reputation for being a bit tricky to master. It’s intricate and requires a bit of patience and plenty of practice. But once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll find it’s worth the effort.

How To Tie A Slim Beauty Knot

how to tie a slim beauty knot

Step 1

Start with your main line, typically the thicker leader when attaching your tippet. Tie a double overhand knot by creating a loop in the main line and wrapping the end around it twice.

Step 2

Semi-tighten your main line to form what resembles a figure of eight. It should look like two loops side by side with a crossover in the middle. Now take your tippet line, double it, and thread it through the two loops forming the figure of eight.

Step 3

Next, wrap your smaller tippet line upwards around the main line four times. Then wrap it back down the mainline three times.

Step 4

To secure the slim beauty knot, tuck the end of the tippet between the leader and the tippet above the figure of eight.

Step 5

Finally, wet the knot and pull the main lines of both the tippet and leader. Once you’ve trimmed off the tag ends, you’ve successfully tied the slim beauty knot.


  • In Step 1, be gentle when tightening the double overhand knot. Too much force makes the knot difficult to tie.
  • The slim beauty knot can be challenging to tie in low light conditions. Prepare some leaders at home if you anticipate fishing in cloudy or rainy weather.

Here’s a handy video tutorial for you to follow along as you learn the slim beauty knot.


What is slim beauty knot used for?

The slim beauty knot is not only a decorative knot used in jewelry making and crafts but also a reliable knot for connecting lines in fly fishing. It’s ideal for adding an extra bit of detail to a piece or joining two pieces together.

How strong is the slim beauty knot?

With the slim beauty knot, you maintain nearly all of the line’s strength. If you use a line with a 10 lb strength, the knot can withstand up to 9.8 lbs of pressure, making it a reliable choice for most fishing scenarios.

When would you tie and use a slim beauty knot?

The slim beauty knot is perfect for joining two lines of different materials or diameters. It’s especially useful when you want to tie a braided line to mono, mono to fluoro, fluoro to braid, or even add a shock leader.

Why is the slim beauty knot so good for fishing

Why is the slim beauty knot so good for fishing?

The slim beauty knot is popular among fishermen for several reasons. Firstly, its straight structure makes fly casting a breeze. Secondly, its low profile ensures it runs through your rod guides effortlessly. Lastly, it’s incredibly strong. However, tying it can be a bit challenging, so be sure to practice it before hitting the waters.

Can you tell me more about Snell Knot?

Sure, we have an informative post here on the Snell Knot that you might find interesting.

What is the best knot to join two lines?

There are multiple knots suitable for joining two lines, including the surgeon’s knot, the double uni knot, and the slim beauty knot. The slim beauty knot is a top choice for saltwater species, thanks to its strength and ease of tying. It’s also ideal for attaching braid to mono or fluoro. For smaller species like trout, the simpler surgeon’s knot is a better option.


The slim beauty knot is an essential skill for any fly fisherman. It’s a bit tricky to master, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll appreciate its strength and low profile. Practice makes perfect, so keep at it until you can tie this knot with ease.

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