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The perfection loop knot is also referred to as the angler’s loop knot and is one of the best fishing knots to tie when you want a loop that is perfectly in line with the standing end of your leader or tippet to attach to a lure, fly, or to your fly line.

the Perfection Loop

It is meant to be easy to tie, but to be honest I struggled with it at first. But after 3 years tying it every day on the flats of Seychelles, I can do it in seconds, so practice makes perfect as always in fly fishing.

The perfection loop knot or angler’s loop knot does get a little bit trickier to tie when you incorporate a lure or fly though, but not to worry I’ll take you through all the steps.

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How To Tie The Perfection Loop Knot (Angler’s Loop)

how to tie a perfection loop knot


We’ll start off with how to tie the perfection loop knot without a lure to just form a loop and then incorporate one with a lure tied into it later on.

Step 1

First, take the tag end of your leader line and push it behind the standing end to create the first loop. Make sure this is not a small loop and you’ll see why later on. Now secure the loop tight with your thumb and finger.

Step 2

Take the tag end and wrap it around your thumb and the first loop to create the second loop. The second loop should be a small loop and you’ll need to secure it with your thumb and finger to maintain tension and the loops.

Step 3

Take the tag end and wrap or slide it between the two loops, splitting them in half. Hold the tag end when it’s in between the two loops along with the loops.

Step 4

perfection loop step 4

Now pull the small loop through the big loop while you gently pull the standing line to secure the knot. You should see the perfection loop form at the end. To secure it further, pull the loop at the end and the standing line until it’s fully secure.

You can now trim the tag end but don’t trim it fully as the knot depends on it for it not to slip.

Do not try to secure the knot by pulling the tag end, this will only weaken your perfection loop.

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Adding A Fly Or Lure To The Perfection Loop

If you want to add a fly to your leaders or tippet with a perfection loop then in Step 2 before you create the second loop, you’ll need to slide on your fly and then follow the steps as laid out above.

The hard part is not hooking your hand and getting the fly and second loop through the first loop without it catching.

Here is a YouTube video showing you how to tie a perfection loop in your leader

How strong is a perfection loop?

When tied correctly a perfection loop is a very strong knot and can achieve up to 95% knot strength. This means if you’re using a 10lb line it will break at 9.5lbs of pressure.

Can you tie a perfection loop on a fly line?

Can you tie a perfection loop on a fly line?

You can tie a perfection loop on a fly line and it will be solid but it’s not recommended. This is because when tying it, you’ll create a bulky knot at the end of the line which will splash and spook fish when you cast your line.

It is a great backup knot for a loop at the end of your fly line if you have no other option though.

How do you make a small perfection loop?

When using the perfection knot for fly fishing, you don’t want the loop to be too big as it can cause disturbance on the water.

To do this, in Step 2 make the second loop as small as you can, and then in Step 3 when you split the loops with the tag end, make sure the end goes between your thumb and the first loop and it will always become as small a perfection loop as possible.

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When would you use a perfection loop?

When would you use a perfection loop?

You would use perfection loop knots when you want to create a loop at the end of your leader or tippet. It’s one of the best knots to use to attach leaders to fly lines or attach a fly to your tippet lines.

I love this knot because the standing line sits straight as an arrow and when combined with a loop around your fly, creates the best swimming action to entice a fish.

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