How to Tie a Loop to Loop Knot: A 3 Step Guide

the loop to loop knot

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Are you looking for a reliable, strong knot for your fly-fishing setup? You’re in the right place! A loop to loop knot is an excellent choice for connecting your backing or leader to the fly line. It’s not actually a knot in the traditional sense, but rather a simple and effective method of joining two lines. When completed, it resembles a square knot.

Before you dive in, make sure you have a loop at each end of the line and the leader or backing you want to join. If you’re using a new fly line, chances are it already comes with a welded loop at either end. The same goes for pre-made leaders.

If not, you can create a loop at the butt end of your leader or a bimini in your backing by tying a perfection loop knot or a surgeon’s loop knot. For a step-by-step guide on tying the surgeon’s loop, check out our previous post here.

How to Tie a Loop to Loop Knot

how to tie a loop to loop knot

Time to get your hands dirty! Tying a loop-to-loop knot is quick and easy. It’s also one of the most secure methods of attaching your leader to backing to the fly line.

Step 1

Take the loop of your leader and pass the loop of your fly line through it.

Step 2

Grab the other end of your leader or tippet – the part you’ll attach the fly to later – and pass it through the loop of your fly line.

Step 3

Pull both the fly line and the leader in opposite directions. This action will cause both loops to slide together and join each other. Ensure the loop connection results in the two loops sitting side by side. If one loop folds over into a girth hitch, the connection will be weak and potentially break under the strain of a hefty catch.

For a visual guide, check out this handy video [link] that shows you how to tie and finish this knot correctly.

Strength of a Loop-to-Loop Knot

This knot doesn’t mess around. It’s so strong that it’s been a go-to choice for saltwater fly fishing anglers for years. You can use it with heavy material and gear to create a solid connection that stands up to large, powerful fish like sailfish and GTs.

However, remember that the connection’s strength largely depends on the knots used to create the loops in the first place – usually a perfection loop knot in fly fishing.

Best Loop Knot

When it comes to creating a loop at the end of your leaders, you can pick between a perfection or a surgeon’s loop. I vouch for the perfection loop, especially if you’re using heavier tippet and leaders, or targeting large species in salt water, or hard-pulling fish like bass.

What If My Fly Line Doesn’t Have a Loop?

What do I do if my fly line doesn't have a loop?

No worries! If your fly line doesn’t have a loop, you can buy some braided loops like these and attach them to your fly line for a permanent loop for all your connections. If you’re already on the water and need a quick fix, try using a perfection loop in your fly line.

Alternatively, you can use a nail knot to tie your leader directly to the fly line without using any loops.

Best Knot to Tie a Leader to Fly Lines

Hands down, the loop-to-loop is the best knot for attaching a leader to fly lines, provided the loops are already made. It’s a proven knot that’s strong, easy to learn, and practically unforgettable once you’ve got it down.

How to Attach a Loop to Fly Lines

How do you attach a loop to fly lines?

Adding a braided loop to fly lines is a breeze. Start by threading the front piece of the fly line into the braided loop. Push the fly line up the loop, pinching your two hands together and grabbing the line with your opposite hand as you go.

When the line can’t go any further, slide down the colored sleeve to just before the point where the braided loop ends and the fly line begins. Apply a touch of super glue on the end of the braided loop and slide the sleeve over it so it covers part of the fly line and a part of the braided loop.


This loop-to-loop knot guide is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mastering fly fishing. Ready to take your skills to the next level? Download our series of fly fishing books below and become the angler you’ve always wanted to be! Happy fishing!

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