How to Tie a Non-Slip Knot: A 4 Step Guide

the non-slip knot

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In the realm of fly fishing, the non-slip loop knot, also known as the Kreh non-slip loop knot, holds a legendary status. This knot, developed by the renowned fly fishing expert Left Kreh, is a staple in any fly fisherman’s arsenal.

Why so? Well, the non-slip loop knot is a fantastic option to attach a fly or lure to your leader. It creates a loop that doesn’t tighten around the hook, allowing your fly or lure to mimic natural movement, and thus, increase your chances of a successful catch.

Now, tying a non-slip loop knot might seem tricky, but fear not! Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have it mastered in no time.

How To Tie A Non-Slip Loop Knot

how to tie a non slip knot

Step 1

Start by making an overhand knot with the tag end of your fishing line. Keep this knot loose, creating a loop.

Step 2

Next, thread the tag end of your fishing line through the eye of your fly tying hook or fly. Then, bring it back through the overhand loop you previously made.

Step 3

Now, wrap the tag end around the standing line. Aim for 5-7 turns. For instance, I usually go with 6 turns, but anywhere between 5-7 works fine.

Step 4

Thread the tag end down through the initial loop again, wet the knot, and then pull both the tag end and standing line to secure the knot. Trim off the excess tag end. Voila! You’ve just tied a non-slip loop knot, or the Kreh non-slip loop.


  • The loop size around the hook’s eye can only be adjusted when the turns around the standing line are still loose. So, for a small loop, start small and tweak as needed.
  • The number of turns in Step 3 should vary depending on the size line you’re using. If you’re using a 6-20 lb fishing line, typical for fly fishing, 5-7 turns is recommended. For larger fish like tarpon in saltwater fly fishing involving a 60 lbs line, two or three wraps suffice.

Here’s a helpful YouTube video demonstrating how to tie a non-slip loop knot.


1. What are the 3 methods of non-slip knot?

  • Slip Knot
  • Double Slip Knot
  • Triple Slip Knot

2. What is a non-slip loop knot used for?

The non-slip loop knot is perfect for attaching a fly or lure to your leader line. Its unique feature is the loop, which allows your fly or lure to swim naturally, attracting more fish. The Kreh loop knot has the added benefit of a downward-facing tag end, reducing the chances of snagging weeds or grass during retrieval.

3. How strong is a non-slip loop knot?

How strong is a non-slip loop knot?

When tied correctly, the non-slip loop knot boasts a knot strength of around 90%. This means that a non-slip loop knot tied on a 10 lb line can withstand a force of up to 9 lbs.

4. What type of lines can the non-slip loop knot be tied with?

The versatility of the non-slip loop knot allows it to be tied with any line—mono, fluoro, or braid—when joining a hook to your leader.

5. When wouldn’t you use a non-slip loop knot?

The non-slip loop knot may not be ideal when a smaller profile is desired, as it is quite bulky. Also, it’s not the best option when you require a direct connection to your lure, like when popping. In such cases, opt for knots like the uni knot or improved clinch knot.

6. What is the best knot with a non-slip loop?

What is the best knot with a non-slip loop?

Choosing the right knot with a non-slip loop depends on the line size. The Kreh non-slip loop knot is ideal for lighter lines of 5-16lbs, suitable for species like trout and bonefish. For lines heavier than 16lbs, consider using the perfection loop.


Mastering the non-slip loop knot is a game-changer for any fly fishing enthusiast. This legendary knot, with its unique design and versatility, can significantly enhance your fishing experience. Remember, practice makes perfect—so keep at it, and you’ll be tying non-slip loop knots like a pro in no time!

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