orvis encounter review

Orvis Encounter Review

All fly fisherman start off as beginners, without the experience of what gear to buy and where to begin. Eventually, after trial and error, they find out what is the best rod to buy for them as beginners. People have asked us, what the best entry-level fly rod to learn fly fishing with is. 

After searching the internet, reading reviews and looking at different fly rods we concluded/decided that the Orvis – Encounter really fits that bill. I wish that when I started with fly fishing, somebody told me to get an Orvis Encounter, I would have saved a lot of time and cash learning the essentials of fly fishing.

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What is the Orvis Encounter Combo

The Orvis Encounter can be described as an entry-level fly rod of high quality which is ideal for anglers starting to learn fly fishing, more skilled fly fisherman will prefer a more advanced rod when angling. 

The orvis – encounter fly rods is a quality fly rod built by the renowned Orvis manufacturers which are offered at a discount price to buyers. The rod is offered in a range of sizes and line weights that represent the most popular choices. The 4-piece, graphite rod offer lightweight and strength and comes in a carrying case, preloaded reels with a line, leader and backing. 

Beginners will find casting the rod smooth, allowing them to cast anything from ultralight dry flies to streamers, the durable cork grip offers comfort when fishing.

Features & Benefits

In the following sections of the gear review, a number of the important benefits and features of the orvis encounter combo will be reviewed to give a decent overall review of the encounter fly rod.


The Orvis Encounter fly rod outfits and their spin/ fly combo with its current range of rods ranging from the 5-weight to the 8-weight and lengths from 7’ up to 10’of in lengths cater for every need that the novice fly angler might have. 

The rod comes in 4 sections and the different models are available in a certain length coupled to certain line weight, the quality rod is well balanced, lightweight and is comfortable to use on different fishing trips. 

The nice part of the encounter combo for a beginner is that everything is already matched up to form a great unit suitable for your fly fishing needs.

orvis encounter fly rod

Build Quality

The Orvis encounter is a well-constructed fly rod manufactured in Manchester, Vermont by the renowned Orvis manufacturing company, to them it doesn’t mean that because it is at the lower end of the Orvis selection of rods that it must be of inferior quality. 

The fly rod is superior to many other rods available on the market for beginners and is constructed from graphite material with plenty of flex in the tips. The composite plastic reel with its anodized seat is excellent quality and is preloaded with fly line, leader and backing, it must however be completely cleaned after use in saltwater as the drag is not sealed. 

The combo comes in a decent rod case that can be used to carry or store the encounter combo.


The encounter is a moderate or medium-action rod which ensures greater versatility, it has a flexible tip with moderate stiffness in its lower half. This allows beginners to have good line control and accuracy while fishing under diverse fishing conditions. 

The action makes the encounter fly rod ideal for casting powerfully into large water bodies and when needed into light or moderate wind conditions. The action is ideal for novice fly fisherman and won’t tire the angler out when fishing.


The range of fly rods available in the encounter fly combo lends versatility to the orvis-encounter and can be used to fish in saltwater, freshwater, small rivers, large water bodies, and warm water conditions. 

The combo can be used to accurately place dry flies or heavy streamers when you fish for a range of species like trout and the different bass like smallmouth, largemouth, and white bass, redfish, catfish and grass carp. 

The combo is ideal to play fish in shallow, fast-moving water and deep pools without letting large trout snap off.


The standard Orvis 25-year guarantee is not applicable to the orvis-encounter series fly rods but they do offer a limited warranty against any defects that originate from the workmanship. 

Any rod that is adjudged to be defective will be replaced by the manufacturer. One of the great news stories is that replacements can be bought separately for broken segments. There is no cash back offered.

orvis encounter

Online Reviews

We scoured the internet and found a number of positive reviews that we would like to share with you:

I have moved to towards ultralight spin fishing more than fly fishing but I have never bought an inferior orvis product. My orvis - encounter combo served me well.

The orvis encounter offers great performance at an excellent price, I reviewed a lot of outfits but this is a fine fly rod.

I am a beginner in fly fishing and read many gear reviews, angling guides, and attended events before I bought my orvis encounter fly rod. I have enjoyed every trip and won’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

Pros and Cons

In this review, we identified a number of pros and cons that we like to share.


  • The discounted price for a top brand fly fishing combo.
  • The durable construction of the orvis-encounter.
  • The 4-piece combo consisting of a rod, reel, line, leader, and backing.
  • Ideal combo to teach novice anglers how to fly fish.


  • The standard Orvis 25-year warranty doesn’t apply.
  • The lack of a protective case for the reel.
  • The plastic construction of the reel.

Wrap Up

After reading the orvis encounter review you will agree that this combo provides the perfect choice for any novice fisherman who wants to learn how to fly fish. 

The Encounter fly combo offers a value for money fly rod that will be one of the best outfits that any novice can wish for. The range of line weights and sizes ensures that there is a rod that will suit everybody’s needs. To get more information about the orvis – encounter you can click here.

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