Loop Fly Rods Complete Lineup Reviewed in 2022

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Today, in this Loop fly rod reviews, we are going to look closely at their series of rods, so you can pick the right option for your fly fishing needs. Join me as we run through each Loop fly rod review.

loop fly rods reviews

Loop is one of the better-known fly fishing brands on the market today and they make great fly gear from fly rods to reels, lines, and accessories.

Image Product Details  
flyfisherpro-table__imageBest Of The BestLoop 7X Series
  • Excellent Power
  • Light And Easy To Cast
  • Great Accuracy & Presentation
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBest FreshwaterLoop Opti Series
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Top Casting Performance
  • Accurate
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBest ValueLoop Q Fly Rod Series
  • Great Quality
  • Easy Casting For Beginners & Pros
  • Quality Cork Handle
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Loop Fly Rod Series

Loop 7X Series

loop 7x fly rod series

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Best Of The Best

Key Features

  • Excellent power transfer for maximum casting efficiency
  • Great accuracy and presentation
  • Top performance for types of casts
  • Light and easy to cast with all day long
  • Durable, well made, with a great feel

Tech Specs

  • Types: Single-Handed, Double-Handed, Switch
  • Weights: 3-12 weight
  • Length: 8.8-13.2 feet
  • Action: Fast
  • Pieces: 4


The Loop 7X Series fly rod is designed by the company to be their best, and it doesn’t disappoint. The Loop 7X rod is made to provide top performance in all aspects of fly fishing.

It’s a lightweight fast action rod and comes in every size/type you could dream of so anglers can have the right model in their hands no matter what species they are in search of, whether it’s trout with a 3 weight or a tarpon with a 12.

This Loop fly rod is extremely efficient to cast with and you can feel the power transfer all the way from the butt to the tip section. This gives the rod a great feel, it loads with ease, plus you can throw a line and hit 90 feet with all kinds of flies if you have the skills.

The fly rod is also pretty powerful, tough, and durable and it gives anglers the ability to handle larger fish species with confidence.

The rod is built with top-quality components, from the reel seat to the cork handle and of course, the blank. One point to remember is that this rod does cost a lot and has the highest price of all the Loop rods available.

Loop Opti Series

loop opti series

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Best Freshwater

Key Features

  • Great range of fly rods for euro-nymphing, streamer, and Spey
  • Excellent build quality that’s light for long fishing days
  • Top casting performance, accuracy, and delicate presentations
  • Limited flex for efficient energy transfer in the cast
  • Decent power for pushing through the wind

Tech Specs

  • Types: Switch, Double-Handed, Single-Handed
  • Weights: 3-10 weight
  • Lengths: 8.8-15 feet
  • Action: Fast/Medium Fast
  • Pieces: 4


The Loop Opti Series is a bit of a freshwater champion fly rod. It’s available as a single-handed, double-handed, or switch fly rod and each of the models is designed specifically for a fly fishing situation.

The single-handed options include a trout euro-nymphing option, a delicate version for dry fly presentations, one for streamers, and another for still water too, all depending on the weight rod you choose.

You can also see our reviews for the best dry fly rods here.

As with all Loop fly rods, the build quality is excellent all the way from the blank and the cork handle to the wraps on the guides.

The rod comes as a quick or mid-fast action and provides anglers with enough feel and power to make a smooth, delicate, and accurate cast. It’s perfect for fishing mid-distance for trout like 40-50 foot and has limited flex so when fighting a fish, you have control over the fish and can stop it running up or down the river.

It’s a great value fly rod too with a mid-market price that’s half of a Sage but you’ll barely notice the difference.

Loop Q Fly Rod Series

loop Q fly rod series

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Best Value

Key Features

  • Great quality at a competitive price point
  • Easy casting for beginners and pros with a forgiving feel and action
  • Versatile range of models for every casting type and fishing situation
  • Quality cork handle and aluminum reel seat
  • A range of actions from fast action to medium to match each fly rod model

Tech Specs

  • Types: Single-Handed, Double-Handed, Switch
  • Weights: 3-10 weight
  • Action: Fast/Medium Fast
  • Pieces: 4


The Loop Q Fly Rod Series is Loop’s entry-level fly rod and it’s an excellent choice for anyone fishing on a budget or if you’re just starting your fly fishing career.

The Loop Q rod is lightweight, has a lovely feel from butt to tip in the cast, and comes in every action bar slow. The Loop Q rod is forgiving to cast while retaining excellent performance making it a great choice for learners and pros alike.

You’ll find the Loop Q in every weight and style for all freshwater applications and even some lighter saltwater ones too, maxing out at a 10wt.

Each Loop Q rod is made differently depending on which fly fishing situation it’s built for, whether it’s streamer fishing, winter streamer fishing, dropping delicate dry flies on a gin-clear river, or throwing 60-feet of line across a lake.

If you’re looking for a Loop rod to start learning with or a great budget rod, the Loop Q is the one to go for.

Loop Evotec Cast Series

loop evotec cast

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Key Features

  • Excellent power for fighting fish with
  • Great energy transfer for a long-distance cast
  • Top performance and accuracy for immaculate fly presentation
  • A model to suit everything from nymphs to streamers, trout to pike and salmon
  • Good feel for efficient and accurate casting
  • Light, durable, and lovely to fish with

Tech Specs

  • Types: Single-Handed, Double-Handed, Switch
  • Weights: 3 – 10 weight
  • Lengths: 8’6 – 15 feet
  • Action: Fast/Medium Fast
  • Pieces: 4


The Loop Evotec Cast Series is one of Loop’s original fly rods and it’s all about consistent performance when pushing line all day long in freshwater.

The idea behind the rod’s design is to maximize efficiency while reducing fatigue so you can fish from dawn to dusk without taking a break while in search of that trophy fish.

These rods feature a medium-fast action, load with ease, and you can push a decent line with them too. You can feel the power transfer through the rods all the way to the tip giving you all the distance your need and the delicacy to present dry flies with the power to turn over big flies like streamers too.

The Evotec rods come in a range of options to suit all kinds of fly fishing from pike, and trout to Spey casting for salmon, and they are quite affordable too.

Who Is Loop?

who is loop

Loop is quite an amazing company that strives to protect the future of fly fishing while making amazing gear. They are based in Sweden, have been in the game for 40 years, own and manage their own salmon rivers, invest in conservation, and are always trying to do good for the sport. They are a great organization to support and follow.

Are Loop fly rods good?

Yes, they are great. Every product, from a large arbor reel to a fly rod Loop produces is designed by fly fishermen for fly fishermen and is rigorously tested by them too. They use the best materials to ensure the best performance on the water.

Where are Loop rods made?

All Loop fly rods are made in Korea, in the same factory as Hardy rods. Once made, they are sent to Sweden for testing before full-scale production and are then distributed globally out of Scotland.

Do Loop fly rods come with a lifetime warranty?

All of Loop’s rods come with a one-year unconditional warranty and a lifetime manufacturer defect warranty. This means that even if you slam your rod in the car door in the first year, you’ll get a new one which is pretty awesome. After that, if your rod should fail at all due to a defect, you’ll also get a new one.

Does Loop have a repair service?

If you break your rod and it’s not covered by warranty, Loop has a fantastic repair service that you can use. Once shipped back to them, they will fix your rod or replace the section and send it right back to you.

It doesn’t matter where you live, the service is global, so even if you spend your life running around the streams of Patagonia, you’ll still be able to get your rod fixed.

Which is the best fly fishing rod?

loop fly rods

Now that we know all about Loop’s rods, which ones are the best? The clear winner in my eyes, and the most expensive, is the Loop X. This rod is top-of-the-line and outperforms all the others in every category form casting to strength in the fight.

The next best is the Loop Q in my eyes. The Loop Q is amazing value and performs brilliantly making the Loop Q an ideal choice for anyone on a budget or a learner wanting to improve their skills for the future.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and now have the confidence to choose the right Loop rod for you. They’re all excellently made, so it’s hard to go wrong. Until next time, tight lines.

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