The 3 Best Fly Lines for Bonefish in 2023 – Buyers Guide

Bonefish are considered one of the best saltwater fish to target with a fly rod. The angler requires a good skill set to catch them confidently,, and having good gear helps from the start.
how to select the best fly line for bonefish

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Bonefish are considered one of the best saltwater fish to target with a fly rod. The angler requires a good skill set to catch them confidently, and having good gear helps from the start.

To catch Bonefish, you need a good approach and technique. As a bonefish fly fisher, you absolutely must make long efficient casts to cruising fish or close shots that demand a very accurate and delicate presentation.

Whatever the scenario, the right bonefish fly line will make a world of difference even for the more experienced flats angler.

Image Product Details  
flyfisherpro-table__imageBest For BeginnersRio Bonefish Quickshooter
  • Easy-To-Track
  • Great Turnover
  • Easy Presentations
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBest For Tropical ConditionsScientific Anglers Mastery Bonefish Fly Line
  • Long Head
  • Stiff Core
  • Accurate Casts
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBest For Knee-Knocking MomentsAirflo Chard’s Tropical Punch Fly Line
  • Hard Saltwater Coating
  • Easy Presentation
  • Unique Taper
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Best Fly Lines for Bonefish

Rio Bonefish Quickshooter

Rio Bonefish Quickshooter

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This easy-to-track bonefish line is perfect for beginners and guides alike. Designed with a short head that gives extra weight in the wind, loads the fly rod quickly, and is perfect for those mid to close range casts.

The Rio bonefish quick shooter has an agent x coating, high floating medium stiff core results in a line that allows close range great turnover. The tip stays afloat as well which provides easy presentations.

WF5F 35.5ft / 10.8m 100ft
WF6F 35.5ft / 10.8m 100ft
WF7F 48.5ft / 14.9m 100ft
WF8F 49.5ft / 15.1m 100ft
WF9F 49.5ft / 15.1m 100ft

Scientific Anglers Mastery Bonefish Fly Line

scientific anglers mastery bonefish fly line

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With the stiff core and long head, this fly line is great for those bonefish that know you are there before you have even entered the bay. Long, accurate casts, this bonefish line will cover everything you need for a day out on the water in tropical conditions.

WF-7-F 37.5ft / 11.4m 100ft
WF-8-F 39.7ft / 12.1m 100ft
WF-9-F 41.8ft / 12.8m 100ft

Airflo Chard’s Tropical Punch Fly Line

Airflo Chard's Tropical Punch Fly Line

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Developed on the waters of the Florida Keys, this fly line gives the angler all that’s needed for those knee-knocking moments.

Designed by flats guru Bruce Chard, Bruce wanted a fly line with a hard saltwater coating to deliver an easy presentation on those long shots. Its unique taper allows any angler to use it and is a firm favorite for many fly fishers.

WF8 40.2ft / 12.25m 90ft / 30m
WF9 40.2ft / 12.25m 90ft / 30m
WF10 40.2ft / 12.25m 90ft / 30m
WF11 40.2ft / 12.25m 90ft / 30m
WF12 40.2ft / 12.25m 90ft / 30m


Bonefish saltwater fly lines get put to the test on a daily occurrence when out in the salt. You don’t need to have a whole range of bonefish lines on hand. You just need to know what kind of fly line you will require for the trip and stick to it.

Short headlines for casting big flies and faster loading or longer head length to cast your typical bone fish fly patterns. Certain lines perform better than others in certain scenarios.

Whichever you choose you want them to be easy rigging and casting loop stable.

Understanding Bonefish Fly Line

understanding fly line

The fly line (next to the fly rod) is one of the most essential pieces of equipment when it comes to fly fishing. Often it’s the last thing you think of when purchasing a new setup, and yes, it’s fine on the smaller rods and gear, but when you are out saltwater fly fishing for bonefish having a good bonefish fly line will make all the difference.

Having the right fly line will help catch more fish. Fly line isn’t just about how well it casts, how it reacts in the water, how subtle it feels and performs are all things that need to be looked at.

Found in the tropics, so a tropical coating on the fly line will make a great line. This is a fly line that responds well to warmer water and conditions, stays subtle, and doesn’t coil.

For early season bonefish, the water temp maybe a little cold for a tropics line as it stays firm so a RIO coldwater series saltwater line would be perfect for the start of the season.

Best fly lines for bonefish


The taper of a line is where the bulk of the weight is on the line. The taper produces great line turnover in saltwater when using larger flies and rods. The heavier taper is needed to transfer the energy from the fly rod through the line to the fly. This is your general bonefish fly line.

Windy conditions are a norm out on the saltwater flats, so a line with a mid-length front taper is needed. Some of these tapered heads are detachable and are available for purchase as a separate line. The angler simply inter-changes them with the running line.

A simple loop-to-loop connection is used as all modern-day lines have welded loops.

Types of fly line taper

Weight forward taper– where the weight of the line is on the forward part of the line, these are more modern fly lines with a medium stiff core.

Double taper- The double taper is an older style line that is used more in freshwater fly fishing. The line has a centered level balance with a front and rear taper downwards.

Triangle taper– The triangle taper is a combination of both that isn’t as popular these days.

Conditions to consider when targeting bonefish

Conditions and environment will determine which bonefish line to choose.

If you are mostly fishing in the tropics and expect the weather to play a role then a heavier line is best. This will help turn over the fly better and give you a little distance on the cast.

Choosing a line with a slightly longer less aggressive taper will help you excel at those tidy, soft presentations. Losing head taper will result in a lighter line which won’t help much in windy conditions.

best bonefish flies conclusion


Do you use tippet for bonefish?

Yes, tippet is often used when fly fishing for bonefish. It is important to use a strong tippet with a high breaking strength as bonefish can put up a good fight.

What weight fly rod is best for bonefish?

The best fly rod weight for bonefish depends on the size of the fish and the conditions in which you are fishing. Generally, an 8 or 9 weight rod is recommended for bonefish.

How far do I need to cast for bonefish?

When fly fishing for bonefish, it is important to make accurate, long casts. Depending on the size of the bonefish and the conditions, you may need to cast from 10-50 feet away from the fish.

How do you rig for bonefish?

When rigging for bonefish, the most important thing is to make sure the fly is presented in a realistic and natural way. This can be achieved by using a 9 to 10 foot leader, with a tippet of 8 to 12 lb test, and tying on a weighted fly.


There are various things to consider when looking for the best bonefish line. The above choices are all great fly lines that just, outperform each other in various conditions.

As a guide, you will know what your conditions will most likely be and can make an informed decision from that. If you’re still a beginner, then the Rio Bonefish Quickshooter

As an inexperienced bonefish angler, who fishes for bonefish a few times year then it’s best to try to find out what your conditions will be like first. From this information look for a fly line that will cover most of what is needed for the trip.

Tight Lines!

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