Kyle Knight

I’m a South African based fly fisherman who has been fly fishing and tying for the past 20 years. I enjoy targeting numerous fresh water species ranging from trout, carp and bass as well as our estuary species Grunter, Garrick and Kob. I have a funny thing that I can only use flies I have tied myself to catch fish.

is fly fishing a sport

Is fly fishing a Sport?

Is fly fishing a sport? It is a question that often leads to many heated debates. For many an angler, fly fishing is an activity that they enjoy doing with their friends from time to time. Then there is a group of fly fishers who are extremely passionate about this form of fishing and love …

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world record largemouth bass

World Record Largemouth Bass

The largemouth bass has long been a favorite species to catch in any form of angling. No other species has such an international following as the largemouth bass. Because of the largemouth bass’s accessibility to anglers of all social-economic levels and with its renowned game fish characteristics, the largemouth bass has morphed from a simple …

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world record smallmouth bass

World Record Smallmouth Bass

Their willingness to take various baits, lures, and flies makes them a great target for sportspeople of all levels. They might not be as big as their bigger relatives, but pound for pound, they fight hard. Couple this with their beautifully mottled complexion, and you can understand their attraction to all anglers. World Record Smallmouth …

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best 6 weight fly reels

The Best 6 Weight Fly Reels in 2022 – Buyers Guide

When in the market for the best 6wt fly fishing reel, there are a few things to consider. What species of fish are you going to be targeting with the reel is probably your question. While a 6wt reel is a very versatile reel it can be too heavy for your lighter applications.

best 5 weight fly reel

The Best 5 Weight Fly Reels in 2022 – Buyers Guide

Most often all other fly fishing gear is considered before the reel but this is sometimes the worst thing to do. Remember the reel that holds your line and you use to fight your bigger fish with. Below I will go through what I think are the best 5wt fly reels on the market today.


Galvan Torque Review in 2022 – Fly Reels

In this post we’ll take a closer review at the Galvan Torque Fly Reel. As the first reel series to have the ‘Galvan torque‘ drag employed in it and this system is now the only system built in all of the Galvan fly reels.

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