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In this post we'll take a closer review at the Galvan Torque Fly Reel. As the first reel series to have the ‘Galvan torque‘ drag employed in it and this system is now the only system built in all of the Galvan fly reels.
Galvan Torque Review

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This small family-run business was started over 25 years ago by Bonifacio Galvan. Boni started making reels out of his garage on one manual lathe and manual mill on weekends and after hours. Boni Galvan, a trout fisherman by passion and a machinist by trade, went into a local fly shop intending to buy a better quality reel only to find that he could not afford the one he wanted.

So he began to develop a design one of his own: a light, rugged reel with an exceptionally smooth, dependable drag boasting modern fly reel architecture and a passion for reel design that hadn’t been seen before. After a few prototypes and modifications over a period of 2 years, the final product was ready. Boni couldn’t have been happier with a certain efficiency and simplicity of the reel.

He continued to make reels until he reached a point where he was making 8-10 reels a month and at this point the next step was distribution.

Galvan Fly Reels

Galvan Torque Specs:

Available Size: 3 – 12 Overall Weight: 4.2 – 8.6oz
Arbor Size: :Large Material: Machined 6061 Aluminum
Spool Diameter: 3.00 – 4.50in Colors: Black, Burnt Orange, Green, Clear, Blue
Spool Capacity: 75 – 300yds Warranty: Original Owner Lifetime Warranty
Drag Type: Disc Country of Manufacture: USA

Overall Score

Drag System Quality
Weight and Balance
Line Capacity
Ease of Maintenance
Aesthetic and Design
Price to Value Ratio
Brand Reputation & Customer Service

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Twenty-two years on and the Galvan Fly Reel company is better than ever, with that same whisper in your ear that makes you walk to that next pool or keeps you fishing into the night, keeps them pushing and designing as best they can. What’s even more impressive is that they are a proudly American family-run business that has mastered the time-honored craftsmanship of fly reel building.

Today, the Torque, the Galvan Brookie, and all Galvan reels are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA. They are designed to last a lifetime with each reel getting the Galvan family stamp of approval.

Galvan Torque Review

Galvan Torque Fly Reel

The Galvan Torque series is the flagship reel in the Galvan range. The Galvan torque series is what you get when you put a lifetime of fly fishing and a passion for reel building together. Needing a fly reel that had a more substantial drag, Boni needed to design and make something that could stop fish and look sexy thus the torque fly reel was born.

The Galvan Torque fly reel was the first reel series to have the ‘ Galvan torque ‘ drag employed in it and this system is now the only system built in all of the Galvan fly reels.

The torque system was first designed in 2002 and after being tested retested and modified it was implemented in all their designs and made available to the public in 2004. The design nails and skillfully marries the two worlds of functionality and looks. It was immediately noticed and quickly racked up some big awards including third place in the Yellowstone Angler’s 8-wt reel shootout beating most of its competition, and the Editor’s Choice in Fly Fish America award.

Galvan Torque

With its unique style and porting, this series was visually striking and extremely lightweight. The lightness of the reel is because of the unique cut-outs on the frame, spool, drag knob, and reel foot.  With increased rigidity, the rounded rims on both spool and frame give the reel enhanced durability when exposed to the toughest conditions.

The reel quality is immediately apparent once in your hands boasting reel architecture the torque is one of the leading fly reels in its class and will outperform most of its more expensive competitors.

Designed to be used in various conditions from remote alpine lakes to fly fishing saltwater flats, the highly ventilated spool and frame, enhance durability while maintaining strength and increasing the lightness of the torque.


Galvan Torque Frame

The most noticeable aesthetic of the torque series is the amount of ported surface it has. This significantly reduces the weight of the reel while providing the angler with a well-ventilated spool and frame which gives an extremely light feel to the reel while maintaining strength and the ability to perform flawlessly under the harshest conditions.

With a simple drag knob to adjust the drag, it skillfully marries the technology of a very advanced reel with the visually striking appearance of something that won’t go unnoticed.

The flawless spool and frame balance are complemented by its original style and unique porting, simply stated it represents everything that Galvan is. Available from line weight 2/3 all the way up to a 12 weight the torque series caters to all anglers. WIth all reels being corrosion resistant to enhance durability to better withstand impact during extreme angling conditions on freshwater or salt.

Drag System

Galvan Torque Drag System

As far as drag performance is concerned, the Galvan Torque has one of the smoothest drag systems available on the market today. A concealed drag system it keeps all the unwanted particles and dirt out. This style drag system was created because Boni wanted to create a torque drag system so that it would be sensitive enough to fish those soft freshwater tippets whilst being able to stand up in the modern big-game saltwater world as well.

With a culmination of a lifetime of fishing experience, all this knowledge and expertise have been drawn to the torque reel to create the ultimate fly reel drag system.

With four full turns from completely loose to tightened this could be problematic on the salt but will work great for freshwater fishing so the tension can be gradually tightened helping not to break those super thin tippets. These qualities have solidified Galvan’s reputation over the years and made it a firm favorite amongst anglers.


Does the Galvan torque have sealed drag?

No, the Galvan Torque does not have a sealed drag.

Are Galvan fly reels Made in USA?

Yes, Galvan fly reels are made in the USA.

Are Galvan Reels any good?

Yes, Galvan reels are highly rated for their quality and performance. They are designed for maximum performance and durability, and are well-suited for freshwater and saltwater angling.


There is very little to be unhappy about when buying the torque. At first glance, the hand is drawn to the reel because of its aesthetics and once you feel its lightness you are pretty much sold on it. With a number of prototypes coming to life over the years the standard drag systems are a tradition of the past with the torque drag system setting the new norm.

With a lifetime warranty and a price tag that is well below its competitors, it makes for one of the best fly reels that shouldn’t be overlooked and will be responsible for many landed fish.

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