Scientific Anglers Fly Lines Complete Lineup Reviewed in 2023

Scientific Anglers lines come in a range of different series and tapers which I’m here to guide you through so you can decide which Scientific Anglers Line Is Right For You.

Scientific Anglers have been around since 1945 and it would suffice it to say, have lead the way in terms of fly line development over the years. They have consistently designed and created new better performance fly lines and have become one of the best fly line manufacturers the world over.

Image Product Details  
flyfisherpro-table__imageBest Of The BestAmplitude Series MPX Fly Line
  • Tri-Color system
  • AST Plus Slickness
  • Floating Textured Head
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBest For PresentationMastery Series Fly Line
  • Super Slick Coating
  • Durable
  • All Around Freshwater Line
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBest ValueFrequency Series Fly Line
  • Affordable
  • Accurate And Smooth
  • Shoots Long Distance
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Detailed Scientific Anglers Fly Lines Reviews

Amplitude Series MPX Fly Line

Amplitude Series MPX Fly Line

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Best Of The Best

Key Features

  • AST plus slickness for shooting longer casts
  • Heavier head to shoot lines and load fast action rods with ease
  • A floating textured head for the best floatation
  • Excellent for line control and mending
  • Tri-color system for gauging distance and easy loading
  • Low memory for tangle-free casting

Tech. Specs

  • Type: Weight forward/Double Taper
  • Weights: 1-12wt
  • Density: Floating
  • Water Types: Fresh
  • Temps: Cold, Medium
  • Color: Optic Green/Turtle Grass/Buckskin


The Scientific Anglers Amplitude series of fly lines is one of their highest performing lines available.

Its most obvious feature is the AST Plus slickness coating making it a low friction fly line that will shoot through your fly rod’s guides with close to zero friction.

This makes for longer casting distances with minimal effort, so you can drop that dry fly or big streamer exactly where you want it.

The fly line comes with a heavier head for quick shots, efficient rod loading, and easier casts. It’s perfect for medium and fast action fly rods and turns over flies extremely well.

The Amplitude series is also textured at the head for better floatation and in the running line for shooting line as far as possible. The textured head also makes the line more hydrophobic which reduces the line’s drag on the water for an easier mend and pick up.

The line comes in a range of different tapers for freshwater and saltwater fishing, you can catch everything with this line from panfish to GTs and sailfish.

The MPX taper is an all-time favorite with anglers and has a half-size heavy head at the front for power and line speed that tapers off gently to the leader for finesse and delicate presentations.

Mastery Series Fly Line

Mastery Series Fly Line

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Best For Presentation

Key Features

  • Built with a super slick coating for smooth long-distance casting
  • An excellent all-around freshwater line for trout and other species
  • Comes in every weight for most fish species out there
  • Numerous front taper options for different fishing scenarios
  • Durable and perfect for drift boat or float tube fishing
  • Quick to load all fly rod types and easy to mend

Tech Specs

  • Type: Weight Forward/Double taper
  • Weights: 2-12wt
  • Densities: Floating
  • Water Types: Fresh & Salt
  • Temps: Cold, Med, Hot
  • Color: Mist


The Scientific Anglers Mastery Series was made for ultimate smoothness and comes in every weight and size to target every species on the planet. From trout to bonefish and dropping out after tarpon. So this line might not handle GT’s and sailfish.

The Mastery is a floating line that comes in weights from 2-12wt and in a huge range of tapers to match whatever kind of fishing or casting you plan on doing.

Whatever taper you choose, this line is made for distance and you can cast long or short with accuracy and turn over streamers or a dry fly with immaculate presentation. The head will load every kind of fly rod out there and the super slick coating ensures zero friction and smooth casts through the rod guides on every shot.

The Mastery is an extremely durably fly line overall thanks to its coating so you can happily stamp on it in a drift boat or get your wading boots stuck in it without worries.

The new Mastery Infinity taper is made to be the ultimate line for fly fishing in freshwater. The head loads fly rods with ease and its extended length and gentle front taper offer the best in mending control and fly presentation across the board.

Frequency Series Fly Line

Frequency Series Fly Line

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Best Value

Key Features

  • Affordable but high-performance fly line
  • A simple but effective range of tapers for all fishing situations
  • Comes in all densities from sinking to floating
  • Half-size or above heavy head for loading fast action rods
  • Shoots longer distances than a standard line
  • Accurate and smooth to cast with

Tech. Specs

  • Type: Weight Forward/Double taper
  • Weights: 3-12wt
  • Densities: Floating, Intermediate, Full Sinking, Sink Tip
  • Water Types: Fresh & Salt
  • Temps: Cold, Med, Hot
  • Color: Mist


SA designed the Frequency Series Fly Line to be as affordable as any standard fly line available. But being SA, ensured it outperformed all the other new fly fishing gear available on the market in the same price range.

Boy did they manage it, the Frequency Series fly lines cost close to a total of $50 new, and are probably one of the best value fly lines available.

This fly line is a joy to cast no matter what taper you go for and there is one designed for every fish out there from bass to trout and even bonefish.

The head length varies from taper to taper so whether you want to turn over a size 22 dry fly at a short distance, cast big flies like streamers, or even pin a shrimp flies ahead of a bonefish at 60ft, there is a Frequency fly line that is up for the job.

The trout taper is one of the most popular lines in the series and it makes trout fishing with one fly fishing line a breeze. The lines cast every distance with accuracy and the mid-length head makes for an easy mend and great dry, nymph, and streamer presentation.

understanding the tapers

Understanding The Tapers

Scientific Anglers fly lines come in a range of tapers, which you now probably know from reading the above. The taper describes how the line is built and affects how it performs on a rod when it comes to casting distance, flies, fly size, the fish you’re after and smoothness overall.

Understanding the tapers is key to picking the right lines. There is a lot to choose from but we’ll focus on the best ones that anglers like you and I would use the most.


The MPX is the upgrade of the previous GPX that everyone loved so much. It’s available in both the Mastery and Amplitude lines and is built heavier to load a fast action rod with ease.

The MPX offers power for tuning over small and big flies with a smooth long or short cast while the gentle tapering at the tip makes it great for presentation. It’s a great trout and freshwater fish line but it won’t do well on saltwater with extra-large brush flies.



The trout is made for presenting delicate flies to small or large spooky fish – like trout. It tapers off long and gently at the front and has a long head in the line for mending the float of your line with full control.

It’s not the best line for large streamers but it has enough weight to load a fast rod and you can make longer shots with these lines quite comfortably. It’s available with the Frequency, Mastery, and Amplitude lines.


The Titan/Magnum/Boost tapers are available in one or the other of the Frequency, Mastery, and Amplitude lines. The lines come with a powerful front section and tip so you get your big fly where it needs to be quickly even at 60ft.

The extra weight on these lines makes them perfect for bass, pike, and saltwater fishing where lines need to be able to cut into the wind and you’re likely to use fast rods most of the time


There quite a few different tapers available for saltwater across all the lines. From bonefish to tarpon and all-rounders too. They are all good but the GrandSlam is the one to go for if you want a taper that covers them all.

Which Line Series Should You Get


Where are Scientific Angler fly lines made?

Scientific Angler fly lines are made in the United States in Midland, Michigan.

Who owns Scientific Anglers fly lines?

Scientific Anglers is owned by 3M Company.

Is scientific anglers a good brand?

Yes, Scientific Anglers is a well-known and respected brand in the fly fishing industry. They offer a wide range of high-quality lines, leaders, and tippets that are designed to meet the needs of fly fishing enthusiasts.

When did 3M buy Scientific Anglers?

3M acquired Scientific Anglers in 1984.

Which Line Series Should You Get?

Working out which of the lines to get comes down to your personal preference. The Amplitude lines are the most expensive but they are also full of features like textured low friction coatings, better flotation, and overall performance and I highly recommend them.

If you like a no-frills high-performance line then the Mastery will probably suit you best. It’s more of a purist line with less tech but still has the perfect weight and build for a perfect cast every time.

Thanks for reading my article, I hope any previous confusion over SA’s lines has been left behind and you now know exactly which new Scientifica Anglers line will be right for you. If you found the article useful, please share it with your fishing friends and always check here before you buy when you want some info around any fly gear.

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