The Best 4 Weight Fly Line in 2023 – Buyers Guide

With a 4 weight in your hand, everything is possible from long casts with big streamers to subtle drops with nymph rigs.

My go-to rod for trout fishing is my 4 weight. It’s the perfect size to take down to a small stream, medium-sized river, and to even use on a lake. But, you had better have the best 4 weight fly line on it if you want the best performance out of your rod.

Image Product Details  
flyfisherpro-table__imageBest OverallRio Elite Rio Gold Slick Cast Fly Line
  • 47ft Head
  • Low-Stretch ConnectCore Plus
  • SlickCast coating
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBest All-rounderScientific Anglers Amplitude Infinity Fly Line
  • AST Plus Slickness
  • Long 50ft Head
  • Versatile Front Taper
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBest For Larger FliesRIO Intouch-Rio Grand Fly Line
  • Tri-Color System
  • MaxFloat Technology
  • SlickCast Coating
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Our Best 4wt Fly Lines

Rio Elite Rio Gold Slick Cast Fly Line

Rio Elite Rio Gold Slick Cast Fly Line

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Key Features

  • A long 47ft head for ultimate casting control and mending
  • The 5.5 ft taper is designed to turn over flies between #22 and #2
  • Comes with a low-stretch ConnectCore Plus for more feel & better bite detection
  • SlickCast coating for max flotation, smoothness, and durability
  • Features RIO’s SureFire tricolored measuring system for better distance control and accuracy

Tech. Specs

  • Type: Floating
  • Taper: Weight Forward
  • Length: 90 feet
  • Color: Moss/Gold/Gray

The Rio Elite Rio Gold Slick Cast Fly Line is one of the top fly lines around when it comes to being in control.

This trout fly fishing line comes with a long head, close to 50-feet in length, that provides excellent energy transfer from your fly rod into the weight-forward taper. You’ll be able to mend from your running line all the way to the leader for the perfect drift.

The lengthy head also makes longer casts easier and provides great loop stability so you can push a distance over 50ft with ease. When roll casting, you can make short or longer casts that will turn over all the way to the tip section, whether you’re fishing size 22 dry flies or size 2 streamers.

These fly fishing lines also come with a low stretch core for more feel on your cast making timing easier, plus this aids bite detection so you’ll notice those subtle nymph sips from trout every time.

The coating on the fly line is Rio’s SlickCast coating that ensures smoothness through each guide on your cast for a solid shooting distance, maximum floation for easy pick-ups and mending, plus it repels dirt and oils so your line lasts trout season after trout season.


Scientific Anglers Amplitude Infinity Fly Line

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Infinity Fly Line

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Key Features

  • Textured for increased flotation and smoother shooting
  • AST Plus slickness for the smoothest casts and durability
  • Half-size heavier to load fast-action rods well and to make quick short shots
  • Long 50ft head for excellent line control, mending, and long casts
  • Versatile front taper for all flies from micro dries to big streamers

Tech. Specs

  • Type: Floating
  • Taper: Weight Forward
  • Length: 90 feet
  • Color: Bamboo / Buckskin / Camo

The Scientific Anglers Amplitude Infinity 4 weight Fly Line was designed to be an all-around trout fly fishing line that performs no matter what. If you need to delicately present light dry flies or big heavy streamers at every casting distance, this line can do it.

The fly line comes with a lengthy 50ft head that is a half-size heavy and an all-purpose 10ft front taper. This combination gives you the power to load all fly rods, push tight loops, and will handle delicate presentations all day long to any unsuspecting trout.

The large front section also makes mending a dream and the textured tip ensures maximum floatation with quiet pick-ups on the recast.

The belly of the fly line also features a shooting texture and when combined with the AST Plus slickness, helps you hit those bigger distances with minimal effort, no matter what type of trout water you’re fishing on.

The coating on the fly line also aids with durability by repelling dirty and oils, making this is a fly line that lasts.


RIO Intouch-Rio Grand Fly Line

RIO Intouch-RIO Grand Fly line

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Key Features

  • Full size heavier to load fast-action rods
  • Tri-color system for increased accuracy and gauging distances
  • MaxFloat technology keeps the line riding high on the water for an easy pick-up
  • SlickCast coating for durability and minimal friction through the guides on your cast
  • Low stretch ConnectCore for more line control, better cast timing, and more feel

Tech. Specs

  • Type: Floating
  • Taper: Weight Forward
  • Length: 90 feet
  • Color: Pale Green/Lt. Yellow/Gray

The RIO Intouch-Rio Grand 4 Weight Fly Line is a little weightier than the other fly lines. These lines are a full-size heavier to aid casting performance with larger flies like a big dry fly or streamer.

These Intouch fly lines are made for a fast fly rod and the shorter 38ft head with a small rear taper of 6ft makes them ideal for pushing tight loops on big overhead or short roll casts.

They will turn over a leader with double nymphs on it on a small trout water, or you can shoot that large stimulator dry fly way into the middle of a trout lake.

This InTouch fly line also comes with MaxFloat tech that keeps the front tip riding high in the water for increased visibility and quieter pickups, plus a minimum stretch core for increased bite detection, all features that help you catch fish.

The fly line also comes with a SlickCast coating that protects the fly line for durability and reduces friction as the fly line moves through each guide on your rod to aid your shooting distance. You’ll be able to go deep into the running line and hit 60 feet on a big trout water with ease.

What is a 4 weight fly rod good for

What is a 4 weight fly rod good for?

When you pick up a 4wt rod you’re usually fly fishing for trout or small panfish. The great thing about a 4wt in my eyes, and as I mentioned above, is that you can fish it on most sized waters, unlike a 3 weight. They are ideal for casting long lines on lakes and when you need to fish short, making close shots on tiny streams.

What makes a good 4wt fly line?

In order to fish every sized trout fly and for casting both short and big distances, 4-weight lines need to have a few factors to help them do-it-all. Here are the features you should look for.

Heads and Tapers

The longer the heads and tapers on a line the more control and delicacy you get when fishing all distances. Lines with lengthier heads make casting far easier, as there is more weight to load the rod with and more efficient energy transfers.

The large tapers, ensure this energy transfers slowly into the fly for a great presentation. Instead of stopping suddenly and forcing a noisy delivery.

If you’re looking for an all-around line, then lengthier heads and tapers are what you need. If you like to fish a heavy fly, then shorter, heavier heads are what to look for in a line, as these will send all the energy needed to turn over something like a size 1 streamer.

How does a line with a less stretchy core help

How does a line with a less stretchy core help?

When fishing a line without much stretch, everything goes up, from your feel to the energy transfer. If you have never fished a line with this feature, it might take some getting used to, but once you have the hang of fishing the line, you won’t go back.

You’ll have more feel on each cast, better timing, and be able to shoot every distance with less effort than ever before.

Lower stretch also equals a more direct connection to your fly, so if a fish takes a subtle bite, you’ll know about it.

How do line coatings make a difference?

A good line coating is there to help with two things; durability and smoothness. The coatings of every line featured above come with AST or slickness.

This means the line releases a slickness that repels dirt and oils for increased durability and the line coating also makes sure there is close to zero friction on each cast, for the best distance possible.

Which is the best fly line?

To be honest, all of these fly fishing lines are top of the line (no pun intended) but if I had to pick one, I’d say the Scientific Anglers Amplitude Infinity is the best fly line.

The combination of the line’s minimal-stretch, floating texture, AST Plus slickness, lengthy head, and light gentle front taper, make it a fly line for every water and every trout fly in your box.

If you tend to pick heavier flies, then the RIO Intouch-Rio Grand Fly Line is the best fly line for you. These fly lines are made to shoot larger distances with heavy flies, or short ones with heavy double nymphs. Either way, you’re covered no matter what waters you’re fishing on.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and found the right 4wt fly fishing line for you. No matter which one you choose to fish with, you’ll love the feel of it, all the way from the tip to the backing. Until next time, tight lines!

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