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Best Headlamp for Fishing

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Are you looking for the best headlamp for fishing? If you’ve tried fishing at night, you’ll know how it can take your fishing experience to new levels. 

Having a great fishing headlight is key and so much easier to use than a flashlight when gishing. But there are so many types on the market that it can be tricky to know which to choose. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight headlamp or a super bright one, we’ve rounded up the best fishing headlights out there. 

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LED Headlamp Flashlight with Red Led Light - Head...
Black Diamond Storm Headlamp, Octane
LED Headlamp Flashlight with Red Led Light – Head…
Black Diamond Storm Headlamp, Octane
LED Headlamp Flashlight with Red Led Light - Head...
LED Headlamp Flashlight with Red Led Light – Head…
Black Diamond Storm Headlamp, Octane
Black Diamond Storm Headlamp, Octane

When and how should you use a headlamp for fishing?

The best fishing is often to be had early in the morning before the sun comes up, or late at night. 

It can be tricky finding your way through the undergrowth, setting up your gear or getting into a kayak in low light or complete dark, so this is an essential piece of fishing gear.

You can use your headlamp to get your kit set up, for brightening your surroundings and even for searching the water for those elusive fish! Having a good headlamp also allows you to keep your hands free for better fishing. 

What to consider when choosing a headlamp for fishing

There are a few different factors to consider when you’re shopping for the top headlamps. We’ve summed them up here, so you can check off your specific needs when you choose the best fishing headlight for your situation. From brightness to comfort, here’s what to look for before purchasing:


Brightness is a vital feature when it comes to lamps for fishing. You want only the brightest headlamps when you’re fishing in the pitch black at night, so you can illuminate a good area around you with your headlamp beam. 

Brightness is measured in Lumens, and for a super bright product, you’ll want one with at least 1,000 Lumens. If you tend to fish in a well-lit area, brightness might not be such a critical factor, and you might not need such a bright light. 

White and Red Lights 

You can get red light head lights, as well as the normal white light. Some anglers prefer to use red lights at night, as it allows your eyes to better adjust to the dark and see more sharply. If this is important for you, check to see whether the headlamp you’re buying has a red light mode. 


You’re probably going to be wearing your lamp for several hours while fishing. It can feel strange to have something attached to your head when you’re not used to it, so you definitely don’t want it to be heavy and bulky. The best headlamps are well balanced in terms of weight, comfortable for long periods, and offer a secure fit to prevent slipping. 

Ease of selecting settings

When you’re fishing at night, you want a model that is easy and intuitive to use. You definitely don’t want to turn the light off by accident and be plunged into darkness, or get stuck on a strobe light setting. 

Durable Product

One of the most important factors is picking out a light that will be durable, and hence, good value for money. A durable lamp will be able to withstand scratches, bumps, and drops without breaking. 


Different headlamps feature a variety of modes, often including high, low, strobe lighting and sometimes different colour lights like red or even blue or green. Being able to adjust the intensity of the light, and zoom in and out can be a great feature for getting the perfect lighting for your fishing trip. 

Water Resistance or Waterproof

You’re going to be using your headlamp on or near the water, so being water-resistant or waterproof is an important factor to consider. It would be a pain if your lamp got wrecked after just a few uses due to an accidental submersion. Most headlamps can stand up to light rain or a splash of water, but some waterproof headlamps can even be submerged in water with no damage. 

Battery life

The battery life is important, because you don’t want your lamp to die halfway through a fishing trip. Take a look at how long the headlamp will last on the highest settings. 

When it comes to the type of battery, you can choose between rechargeable headlamps or one that takes normal AA or AAA batteries. The best rechargeable headlamps will save you money in the long run, but you need to have the patience to wait for the battery to recharge. 

The Best Headlamp for Fishing


Cobiz Rechargeable Waterproof Headlight Review

The Cobiz lamp is a great choice which will provide you with excellent lighting which you can adjust brighter or dimmer according to your preferences.

The Good

  • This headlamp emits a beam of 6000 Lumens, so you will be able to see clearly even in the darkest areas
  • The light rotates, so you can handily shine it any direction you like
  • You can select one of several modes, and zoom in and out depending on your needs for a clearer view of your surroundings or the fish in the water
  • The headband is very adjustable, so you can get the best fit - it's suitable for any size head

The Bad

  • The Cobiz headlamp is rechargeable, which means you'll have to factor in when you'll charge up your lamp - this might not be ideal if you're going to be out in the woods or far from amenities for a long time
  • Most of this product is made from plastic rather than metal, so it may not be as durable as other models

LuxoLite All-Round Review

If you’re on a budget, this one is for you. The LuxoLite headlap will light up the area for your fishing trip, without making a big dent in your bank balance! 

The Good

  • This LuxoLite headlamp comes in at an affordable price, so you can get started on some night fishing adventures without having to wait to save up!
  • You can choose between several modes of light beam intensities.
  • It takes AAA batteries and can last an impressive 30 hours on the highest setting - and up to 120 hours on lower settings. You'll get loads of fishing done without needing to change out the battery often.
  • Adjustable for a comfortable fit

The Bad

  • At 168 Lumens, this fishing headlamp is not one of the brightest LED headlamps out there. You won't have the same range of vision as with some of the brighter headlamps on the market.
  • While this model is water resistant to splashing or heavy rain, it's not waterproof and must not be submerged
  • The light is more of a spotlight, offering less peripheral vision than some of the other headlamps with several bulbs facing in different directions

Black Diamond Storm Review

If you’re weighing up the top headlamps, the Black Diamond Storm should be high up on your list. This is due to the fact it looks great, has several light modes, and most importantly it really is waterproof – ideal for fishing enthusiasts. 

The Good

  • The best waterproof headlamp out there, this lamp offers you the option to submerge this super bright headlamp for up to 30 minutes in depths of up to 1m. Much more waterproof than many models which can only withstand rain or a light splash, this headlamp can be fully submerged, making it the practical and reliable choice for fishing.
  • This headlamp has a cool, eye-catching look and the headband is comfortable to wear
  • You can select night vision modes with red, green and blue lights, without having to cycle through the white light mode
  • You can easily switch been a full and dimmed light fr easy vision whatever the conditions, with this Black Diamond Storm headlamp

The Bad

  • As this flashlight only offers 350 Lumens, it's not as bright as many of the other headlamps available. If you fish in a very secluded, dark location, this lamp may not be bright enough to fully light your area
  • You'll need a constant supply of the more expensive AAA batteries for this headlamp
  • This headlamp is slightly more bulky than other headlamp models
  • The controls to adjust or change light modes are a little confusing, as you have to hold the same button in different patterns or time lengths to access different settings

Domila Rechargeable Review

The Domila ranks as one of the best LED headlamps. It offers an impressive 12000 Lumens to fully light up your surroundings and help you catch more fish. Check it out on Amazon!

The Good

  • With 6 LED bulbs and a max 12000 Lumens, this is one of the brightest headlamps you can find. This brightness is ideal for lighting up the river at night for easier fishing
  • This Domila Headlamp has 8 different modes, allowing you to modify the lighting to perfectly suit your needs - choose from key light, red or white lights, high and low light beams, and even strobe lighting.
  • This lamp is high quality with a water resistant feature (IPX4 rating), making it safe to use whilst fishing, even if it's raining.
  • You can adjust the Domila headlamp to get the perfect fit thanks to the adjustable headband. The weight is well balanced on the head, making it comfortable to wear for long periods.
  • We like that this headlamp has a rechargeable battery, as it saves you buying batteries each time. Battery life is around 3 hours on the highest setting and up to 10 hours of battery if you use a lower setting, so you can get lots of night fishing done.

The Bad

  • As this headlamp is rechargeable, you do have to remember to charge it fully before you head out, as you can't just take spare batteries with you if it runs out.
  • The adjustable headband on this headlamp is smaller, so not for people with large sized heads.
  • The lamp gets hot with use, so care must be taken in adjusting or touching the light

Lighthouse Beacon 1000 Review

We think the Lighthouse Beacon 1000 is the best spotlight head light on the market. It’s a lightweight headlamp with amazing zoom options. You can buy it from any good sports store or online from Amazon.

The Good

  • This headlight offers a super bright light - 1000 Lumens - which can be adjusted to point out or down, focused or wide, according to your needs
  • Constructed from aero aluminum alloy, we found that this headlight was lightweight and comfortable enough to forget that you're wearing it . If you're looking for a lightweight lamp for long use, go for this one.
  • The Lighthouse Beacon 1000 is powered with AA batteries, so you don't have to remember to plug it in and wait for it to charge. When the batteries run out, you can just replace with a spare pair - but the battery life is generous, at 12 hours on the highest setting and up to 33 hours of battery on the lowest setting.
  • This headlight has a zoomable, convex lens, allowing the light to penetrate further through the dark so that you can see longer distances - ideal for spotting those elusive fish at night
  • Durable and water resistant, this headlamp also comes with a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind

The Bad

  • Ths headlamp may be too large for smaller heads
  • You do have to stock up on AA batteries for this headlight

Wrap Up

When you’re searching for the best headlamps for fishing, you’ll do well with any of the great models we’ve recommended. The best headlamps are lightweight, comfortable to wear, with a bright light and adjustable settings. 

Whatever your budget and whether you’re looking for a red light headlamp or the best rechargeable headlamp, we’ve made it easy for you to choose the best head light for your specific needs. 

Having the best LED headlamp out there will allow you to get more out of your night fishing, so you can impress everyone with the great catch you bring back!

In our reviews, we’ve covered a range of price points and models, all of which will enhance your fishing experience. So go get yourself a headlamp from your local fly shop or Amazon and hit the water! 

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp, Octane
One Quad Power LED and one Double Power white LED emit 350 lumens; Power Tap Technology allows instant transitioning between full and dimmed power

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