The 11 Best Fly Fishing YouTube Channels

best fly fishing youtube channels

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Fly-fishing is a sport that’s gaining momentum by the day, and nothing beats learning the tricks of the trade from the comfort of your own home. YouTube is a goldmine for fly-fishing enthusiasts, brimming with channels offering everything from how-to videos to expert guides. But with such an abundance of content, how do you know which channels are the ones to watch?

To save you hours of searching, we’ve compiled a list of the best fly-fishing YouTube channels that cater to both beginners and seasoned pros alike. Whether you’re keen to learn the basics, want to improve your technique, or simply enjoy watching others cast their lines, these channels have got you covered.

Fly Fishing YouTube Channels

Andy’s Fishing Wild Cook

Andy’s Fishing Wild Cook is a one-stop-shop for those venturing into the world of fly-fishing. Since its launch in 2011, the channel has amassed a following of 141K subscribers and a whopping 20.6 million views. Andy’s approach is beginner-friendly, offering invaluable tips to help budding anglers find their feet. With 232 videos and counting, you’ll be transitioning from novice to expert in no time.


Unlike Andy’s channel, CatchMagazine is less about the how-tos and more about the joy of fishing. Its content is a visual treat for fishing enthusiasts, blending stunning cinematography with a deep love for the sport. Despite having only 69 videos, this channel has garnered 11.7 million views and 53k subscribers since 2009. If you’re an experienced angler looking to indulge in some quality fishing content, CatchMagazine is a must-watch.

The New Fly Fisher

If you’re a newbie to fly-fishing, The New Fly Fisher is your go-to guide. The channel’s high-quality videos cover everything from the basics to professional tips, helping you up your game with each watch. With 40k subscribers and an impressive 538 video library, beginners will find a wealth of knowledge to tap into here.

In the Riffle

In the Riffle offers a comprehensive guide to fly-fishing, catering to all skill levels. The channel’s content is so accessible that even children can use it to learn about fishing. But seasoned fly-fishers aren’t left out. With over 13.6 million views and 1155 videos to date, In the Riffle provides a treasure trove of information to help you refine your fishing skills.

Tightline Video

Tying lines is a fundamental part of fly-fishing, and this is exactly where Tightline Video comes in. The channel is a masterclass in knot-tying, presenting a variety of techniques that will equip you with the skills you need to succeed in fly-fishing. With 419 videos and 17 million views to date, Tightline Video is a must for both beginners and experts alike.

Wish 4 Fish

Wish 4 Fish is the ultimate YouTube channel for fish lovers. Whether you’re a beginner seeking guidance or simply enjoy learning about different fish species, this channel has something for everyone. With a total of 138 videos, 11K subscribers, and 1.3 million views, Wish 4 Fish offers a great balance of educational content and pure aquatic enjoyment

Fly Fishing The Ozarks

Fly Fishing The Ozarks is a unique channel that provides a whole range of fly-fishing content, including blogs, vlogs, and step-by-step guides. With 15K subscribers, 2.7 million views, and 136 videos, this channel is a fantastic resource for those looking to expand their fly-fishing knowledge.

Davie McPhail

Few names in the fly-fishing world are as well-known as Davie McPhail. With 30 years of fishing experience, Davie shares his wealth of knowledge through his YouTube channel. His 688 videos cover everything from beginner tips to advanced techniques, making his channel a must-visit for all fly-fishing enthusiasts.

Fishing with Rod

Fishing with Rod combines fly-fishing education with adventure. The presenter shares his fishing escapades, showcasing the various fish he catches, and how he does it. Whether you’re watching for fun or learning purposes, Fishing with Rod offers a wealth of entertaining and educational content.

Nordic Anglers

Nordic Anglers is a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching fly-fishing knots and offering expert tips. While it may not be the most entertainment-oriented channel, its educational content is top-notch.

Bum Cast

Despite its unusual name, Bum Cast is one of the most recommended YouTube channels for fly-fishing. The channel’s high-quality, educational videos provide everything a beginner needs to become an expert.


Whether you’re a fly-fishing novice or a seasoned pro, these YouTube channels offer a wealth of expert advice, practical tips, and captivating content to help enhance your fishing skills. So, grab your fishing gear, sit back, and dive into the world of fly-fishing from the comfort of your own home. Don’t forget to check out our series of fly fishing books for more in-depth knowledge and tips.

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