The Best Fly Fishing Apps in 2023

One of the hottest trends in the fishing world right now is the abundance of great fly fishing apps.

There are some amazing apps that are designed to enhance your experience on the water. From logging your catches to checking the latest fishing reports or navigating by GPS, you’ll be sure to find an app that will improve your next fishing trip.

Here’s our run-down of the best fly fishing apps for anglers!

The Best Fly Fishing Apps

Fishing apps are making angling more enjoyable, accessible and safe. [1] Here are the best fishing apps around to help you enhance your fishing experience! We’ll let you know whether the app is free or paid, and what it has to offer to you.



This fishing app is essential if you don’t have a GPS unit already. With detailed maps, nautical charts, and sonar charts, it provides everything you need to navigate out on the water. You’ll spend less time checking maps and more time fishing, thanks to Navionics!

It will also keep you updated on the latest tides data and weather forecasts, so you’re always in the know. You can also track your route, use the GPS plotter, and measure how far you’ve traveled.

But perhaps the most powerful feature is the sonar function, allowing you to see what’s going on under the surface in your chosen fishing spot. Don’t have sonar? No problem! Navionics shares maps and data from other anglers, so you know where to cast.

Navionics isn’t the cheapest app, but you can try it out for free with their 2-week trial. After that, the subscription prices and in-app purchases range from $18 to $55.



If you’re looking for an all-in-one app, check out Fishangler. It includes a range of neat features, including 7-day weather forecasts, social, sharing, and a logbook to record all your catches. You can log lots of information on every fish you catch, from the time to the weather, location, and more.

Plus, it’s easy to stay up to date on water temperature, tides, and river flow with their helpful data.

Fishangler is also the place to be if you want to connect with other anglers. It works like a social media platform just for fishermen and women.

You can share your successes, chat with like-minded souls, and even meet a new fishing buddy. What’s more, this cool app is available for free on both iOS and Android.

Pro Angler

pro angler

Pro Angler is one of the top fishing apps for saltwater anglers. This app will provide you with everything you need in one place, so you don’t have to keep switching between apps.

Whether you need a quick lesson on techniques or you want to check the tides and weather, you can do it within Pro Angler.

One of our favorite features is the weekly ‘What’s Biting’ bulletin for your local area. These reports provide you with the hottest tips on where and what to fish for near you.

Pro Angler is free to download, but there are in-app purchases that range from affordable to expensive.

Fish Rules

fish rules

It’s no fun spending time searching for the relevant fishing regulations when all you want to do is get out on the water. The team behind Fish Rules knows this too!

That’s why they created this handy fishing app, where you can quickly find out the regulations in place at any saltwater fishing spot. We love that you can also look up which fish are in season and discover answers to frequently asked questions, too. Fish Rules is free to download and use on iOS and Android.



We like Fishidy for its detailed maps, making it easier to track your routes and find the hottest fishing spots. Fishidy covers an incredible number of freshwater and saltwater locations. Not only can you get real-time reports, but you can analyze fish behavior across the seasons.

It’s even possible to look back and track trends in your fishing results, to see when and where you’re making the most catches. You’ll stay up to date with the best fishing hot spots when you sue Fishidy!

You can use Fishidy for free on Android and iOS. But to get the full range of features, included GPS and in-depth maps showing underwater structures, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version of this fish app.

Deeper – Smart Sonar

Deeper Smart Sonar

Want to catch more fish? Then you need the Deeper- Smart Sonar app! This smart app will provide data on the best fishing spots and time to fish, to help you catch more fish. Although it’s designed to work alongside the Deeper Sonar Fish Finder, this app also works fine without it.

Whether you want to check the forecast or find out the water depth, this app comes in handy. Planning your next trip will be easy with the up-to-date solunar calendar and offline maps.

Plus, you can log all your catches and share photos on social media, right from within Deeper. It’s free to download on Android and iOS.

iAngler Tournament

iAngler tournament

Competition anglers, listen up. Grab this free app to help you focus on the fishing when you’re taking part in a tournament. You can use iAngler Tournament to record your catch data and compare it to other participants to see how you’re doing.

This app also allows you to find out what events are coming up in your area, and you can register right there within the app to save time. You can download iAngler Tournament from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Fishing Knots App

fishing knots app

We all know how important it is to have a few sturdy knots to fall back on. You can also check out our post on basic fly fishing knots here. But if you’re just starting or find it hard to memorize the knots, you need this handy little app. Open it up, and you’ll be presented with every type of knot you could ever need when out fishing.

Then, you’ll get simple, step-by-step instructions to walk you through how to tie it. You can even find out the strength of each knot and the kind of line it works best on, to help you decide which one to go for in any situation. Fishing Knots is a free app that’s only available on iOS.

Orvis Fly Fishing

orvis fly fishing

Orvis has an awesome fly fishing podcast that every angles should check out. The Orvis Fly Fishing app is also a must-have for all fly fishers. Inside, you’ll find hundreds of hours of podcasts from the fly fishing legend himself, Tom Rosenbauer.

You can brush up on your casting techniques thanks to heaps of instructional videos, or learn how to tie your own flies with step-by-step tutorials.

There are even detailed reports of the best fishing spots across many parts of the world, including the US, Central America, Europe, and the UK. So download a few podcasts onto the app, and you’ll be all set for your next fishing trip. The Orvis Fly Fishing app is free but only available on iOS.


Fishbrain app

Fishbrain is an alternative app to FishAngler – a great social media network for enthusiastic anglers! More than a million anglers use this platform to share their catches and chat all things fishing.

It’s the right place to get advice from the friendly community or grab some tips for your next fishing trip. There are also handy features like weather forecasts and a personal fishing logbook. It’s so convenient to have everything all in one place.

You can download Fishbrain free of charge on both Android and Apple. There’s the option of signing up for the premium version if you love what you see!



iSolunar is one of the best apps for keeping up to date with solunar tables for your fishing spots. You can use this app to find out the timings of moonrise, moonset, sunrise, sunset, and the moon phase.

But what’s fantastic is that the app uses this data to work out when the fish will be eating and moving, so you’ll have a better chance of making a catch. It also provides 5-day forecasts, custom location mapping, and tide data.

iSolunar costs $4.99 and is only available for iOS. If you’re looking for a similar Android app, you might like Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time.

The Wrap Up

We never tire of looking for new tools to enhance our experience out on the water. That’s why anglers everywhere are turning to these smart apps to take their fishing trips to the next level. It’s never been so easy to access detailed fishing reports, maps, and whole communities of anglers, right at our fingertips.

So make sure to download a few of the best fishing apps before you set off on your next fishing trip. You won’t regret it!

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