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Mangrove rod series is designed for fly fishermen who chase big fish. It is a fast actioned fly rod that can throw a long accurate line and has enough power to turn over some chunky flies.

Temple Fork Outfitters is a name that has been used in fishing conversations for over 20 years now. Not just in the fly fishing world but in the conventional and spinning worlds as well.

They have always strived to deliver exceptional quality rods at very affordable prices. Focusing on, high-end power, performance, and sophisticated and elegant designs. No unnecessary accoutrements that add expense and cost are some of the key design criteria.

With all designs and engineering happing under the Temple Fork Outfitter roof, they can ensure every step of the journey from initial product development through to final production.

With a no-fault lifetime warranty, TFO has gained a massive following other the past 20 years and has firmly put itself on the map as a leading Manufacturer.

Temple For Outfitters has also become rather well known for its conservation efforts and ethos.

tfo fly rods

Looking after people who look after the planet, they promote fishing as a way to conserve and educate. By getting more conservation-minded outdoor enthusiasts out on the water fishing they can hopefully spread the message of preservation and respect for nature. With this ethos, preservation, and sustainability being at the forefront for most fishing enthusiasts it’s a no-brainer that TFO has paired up with some of the biggest names in the industry to design and engineer some of the best rods on the market today.

These fishermen have paved the way for us with over 40 years of fishing they bring us quality built on nothing but experience and practicality.

TFO Mangrove

Lefty Kreh Signature II series has been one of their best rods made and is a firm favorite for many freshwater and saltwater fisherman. Flip Pallot needs no introduction into the fishing world as he is considered a pioneer by all. He has shared his knowledge, expertise, and friendship with countless fishermen over the decades. Always encouraging them to be better anglers and caretakers of the environment.

Together with TFO, they have developed the TFO Mangrove series which is a great addition to any collection.

Mangrove Series

tfo mangrove

Simply put, the Mangrove rod series is designed for fly fishermen who chase big fish. It is a fast actioned fly rod that can throw a long accurate line and has enough power to turn over some chunky flies.

To quote Flip Pallot as he says it best “Super technical, magnum taper rods are not always the right choice for all anglers in real fishing situations. A rod that anglers can feel and that can represent a fishing cast (especially along shorelines) is what is often needed. This is the genesis of the Mangrove family of Temple Fork Outfitters’ rods; they are, very simply, fishing tools that have been developed slowly and carefully in the crucible of real, honest fishing situations — not on a drawing board!” With this said, beginners shouldn’t shy away and if this is the rod that suits your needs then get it and start fly fishing!

TFO Mangrove Specs:

Line Weight: 5 – 12Length: 9ft
Action: Moderate-FastHandle: Full-Wells
Rod Weight: 3.5 – 4.6ozRod Tube:
Color: ChestnutSections: 4
Warranty: TFO rods purchased from an authorized dealer have a no-fault lifetime warranty for the life of the registered ownerCountry Of Manufacture: South Korea

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Key Features

  • Anodized Aluminum Reel Seat
  • Stainless Steel Snake Guides
  • Fuj Concept-O Stripping Guides

For an in-depth analysis, be sure to check out the video review here.


tfo blank

With no fancy colours or markings, The Mangrove blank looks pretty ordinary. But when you cast with it, you will soon realize it’s no ordinary fly rod. Coated in TFO’s proprietary TiCr blank coating technology. This gives the blank increased strength and a resistance to being cracked or splintered if one of those larger flies hits it during a cast.

With a fast action and lighter than normal hand feel, this rod has enough backbone and midsection strength to throw a line all day without much fatigue being felt.

The added bonus of a softer than normal tip for these Temple Fork Outfitters fly rods, allows the angler to feel the fly line as it moves through the guides. Classed as ‘fast’ it doesn’t have that broomstick style feel to it which is a welcome change from many other fast action rods like it. This forgiving quality will also allow an entry-level caster to fish it with ease even if casting into the wind.

TFO Mangrove fly rod

These Mangrove Series rods are available from 5 wt up to 8 wt for freshwater fish such as trout, bass, etc. They then have a rod range, 10 wt up to 12 wt which is suited for saltwater species like snook, redfish, and bones.

All the rods come standard with a fighting butt with is always a must when fighting bigger fish giving the angler the edge which hopefully will result in the landing of their dream catch. The 5 weight rod is the smallest in the series ideally suited for backcountry trout or bass mission. The only bad thing with it is the fact that it doesn’t come with a standard protective case. That said you can purchase a TFO triangular tube separately to fit your new purchase.

Grip and Reel Seat

TFO grip and reel seat

The cork grip is made from AAA grade cork, all weight rods come standard with full well styled grips and the 5 weight comes with a reverse half well grip. This a great style handle shape for bigger weights, as it gives you great comfort and a full hand feel, especially during multiple casts and fish fighting. A heavy-duty milled aluminum reel seat that is corrosion resistant and will stand up to the toughest conditions may not look the nicest but has great functionality.

The double, up locking mechanism securely holds a larger reel giving you that extra reassurance when fighting those big fish.


TFO guides

with friction-minimizing tactical stripping guides, a smoother line transfer can be felt improving casting accuracy and stripping speed. These guides are also TFO’s proprietary series guides which are designed for heavy lines and fighting bigger fish. The tactical proprietary snake guides work great with heavier lines whilst remaining super light in construction giving it a great extra light feel.


With a  no-fault lifetime warranty for the life of the registered owner, TFO rods will always be repaired or replaced providing it was a factory fault. If it was the fault of the angler then a $35 fee is charged which is completely manageable.


Mangrove series is a great purchase for any angler in any weight, you will be casting it for years and catching everything from trout, bass to panfish with it. The biggest bonus to buying the Mangrove is you will become part of the TFO family and that is something to be proud of.

Happy fishing and tight lines.

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Kyle Knight

I’m a South African based fly fisherman who has been fly fishing and tying for the past 20 years. I enjoy targeting numerous fresh water species ranging from trout, carp and bass as well as our estuary species Grunter, Garrick and Kob. I have a funny thing that I can only use flies I have tied myself to catch fish.

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