Seele Fly Rods

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Seele Fly Rods History

In his quest for the perfect fly rod, Michael Mauri was pointed in the direction of a small, central Pennsylvania rod shop operated by Mike McFarland as a possible source for rod blanks.

After several meetings and long conversations on rod tapers and performance, the two found that they had strikingly similar views on rod design as well as a mutual dissatisfaction with nearly all of the fly rods produced in recent years.

Drawing on a combined 60 years of experience, they decided to join forces and start their own rod company with the single goal of producing the world’s finest fly rods.

The result?

Seele Fly Rods, is the finest lineup of quality fly rods ever offered.

All Seele Glass and Graphite Fly Rods are built and handcrafted, piece-by-piece, entirely in Bellwood, Pennsylvania, USA.

Seele Fly Rod Soulmates

Steve Silverio, USA

Tying flies since the age of fourteen on a “homemade rotary vise”, Steve has ventured into all forms of the fly-tying art. Known primarily for his innovative saltwater & large predator flies, Steve has developed patterns for many species from striped bass to sailfish and is constantly experimenting with new natural materials for his designs.

Combining classic dressings with modern concepts, his flies are an amalgam of tradition and simplicity. Steve loves to tie with natural materials and actively seeks fresh road kill. While fishing the salt has been a lifelong pursuit and still occupies most of his time on the water, his absolute passion is sailing bomber flies at Atlantic salmon on the beautiful “Green Rivers” of the Gaspé Peninsula. It is here where deep clear pools needing long accurate casts, demand a rod of perfect balance, lightness and exceptional strength – a rod with the soul of the salmon!

Capt. Matt “Z” Zudweg, USA

Capt. Matt “Z” Zudweg has been guiding on Michigan‘s Muskegon River since 2003. He specializes in Spey/Switch for Steelhead/Trout and topwater Smallmouth Bass/Pike fly fishing. Matt is passionate about the fish he pursues and works very hard to see that his clients enjoy all aspects of a day on the water in his boat. When it comes to rod selection Zudweg is as picky as it gets. “I not only need a rod that I personally love to cast, it has to work in the hands of the clients I’m teaching to cast for their first time. If they can‘t feel it load, then they aren’t going to understand the essence of fly casting. Seele Rods are works of art that feel as impressive as they look”. To learn more about Matt visit his website When not on the water Matt enjoys creating artful products that reflect his conservation-minded nature.