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If you’ve been looking for the best trout fly fishing rod at short to mid-distance, the Sage Mod might be just the thing for you.

Touted as the 7-Iron of fly fishing, Sage has created a high-end, quality fly rod that is perfect for trout. It’s bound to become a favorite for avid trout fishers!

We can’t wait to review this rod and share more about it with you. So let’s get stuck in. Here’s our complete Sage Mod fly rod review, so you can see if it’s the right rod for you!

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An Introduction to the Sage Mod Fly Rod

Sage MOD Specs:

Line Weight: 2 – 6Length: 8 – 9ft
Action: ModerateHandle: Super Plus snub-nose / Half Wells
Rod Weight: 2 – 3ozRod Tube: Aluminium Rod Tube
Color: JadeSections: 4
Warranty: The Sage Lifetime WarrantyCountry Of Manufacture: USA

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Key Features

  • Moderate action
  • Konnetic technology
  • Yellow-green thread wraps with black trim wraps
  • Jade blank color
  • Fuji ceramic stripper guides


Sage has created a whole host of exceptional rods, but until recently, there was an undeniable gap in their range. The high-end Sage fly rod line included the fast-action One, the ultrafast Method, and the advanced slow-action of the Circa. But nothing sat comfortably in the middle of their high-end range of fly rods.

That was until 2016, when Sage introduced the Mod fly rod. The Mod was specifically designed to be a high-quality, moderate action rod for freshwater trout.

The work of long-time rod designer, Jerry Siem, he aimed to combine accuracy and delicacy in this rod (and we think he’s managed it!).  It’s not an all-rounder rod which you can use to catch anything from scrappy little sunfish to big ol’ bonefish – but it’s not designed to be!

Sage has carefully honed the Mod into an outstanding fly rod with a softer action for better mending and exceptional presentation, equipped with their trademark Konnetic technology.

While some fly anglers use the Method rod for trout, it doesn’t have the same precision which makes the Mod a delight to use for trout fishing. If you wait in anticipation every year for trout season, the Sage Mod is sure to appeal to you and find a worthy place in your fishing set-up.

So let’s dig in a bit deeper into the specific features and benefits, as I’m sure you’re dying to know more!

Features and Benefits 

What sets the Mod apart from other fishing rods, and is it the right rod for you? If you’re keen to find out more about the specifics of this excellent trout rod, read on!

Eye-catching Aesthetics

The Sage Mod has a unique, modern look, with a glossy black reel seat, bright jade blank,  exotic zebra wood insert, chrome snake guides, yellow-green thread wraps, and black trim wraps.

From the reel seat to the tip, this rod really stands out. It’s incredibly eye-catching and distinctive out on the water. The fresh, bright design sets it apart from all the gray and black rods that are readily available from other rod manufacturers.

Sage MOD Rights Reserved

Designed and Made in the US

From conception right through the manufacturing process, these rods are made 100% in the US. This means that not only is the quality and construction faultless, but you are supporting American businesses and the local economy, too. 

You won’t have to worry about rushed jobs or factory flaws, as fine attention to detail is all part of the process at Sage’s headquarters. Each rod is lovingly hand-made on Bainbridge Island, where the company has been based since the 1980s and currently employs more than 170 workers.

If you want to know the other rods from Sage, see our post here on Sage fly rods review for a complete line up review.

Available in 2-6 Weight

You can buy the Mod in any weight from 2 up to 6, which covers the range needed for trout. Interestingly, Sage has opted to only make the Mod available in a 9-foot length right now, rather than a variety of lengths as rod manufacturers often do. You can use this rod with a variety of suitable reels, as it’s very versatile.

Moderate Action

The moderate action Mod is sensitive and lightweight at just 2.6oz, with buttery-smooth casting and plenty of feel. The tip section has some flex in it, allowing you to perfect your roll casts, but with enough power to get your fly to where you want it.

You’ll also have no problem hauling in your catch once you get a fish on your hook. When tested by a trophy-size whopper trout, you’ll be surprised at how robust the Mod is!

Looking for a medium fast action fly rod? Take a peek at this wonderful fly rod from Sage, the Sage Accel.

Iconic Konnetic Technology

One of the hallmarks of Sage’s rods is their iconic and revolutionary Konnetic technology. The result is smoother tracking, increased accuracy, greater sensitivity, and an ultralight rod blank. Sage has precisely calculated the tolerance of the carbon fibers and uses a unique carbon/resin composite for their rods. 

If this is getting a bit complicated for you, it basically means that the Sage Mod tracks truer with less effort required from you for greater accuracy. The rod is easy and fun to use, and the end result is that you’ll catch more fish. You can’t say no to that!

Comfy Cork Handle 

Sage has created an amazing, snub-nosed handle for their rods, which not only looks great but is comfortable and enjoyable to hold. You’ll enjoy casting this rod all day with no pain or discomfort thanks to this high-quality, half wells. I doubt you’ll find a handle gentler on your hands on any rod in production today.

Superb Presentation

Superb Presentation

This rod allows you to cast accurately and create a convincing, lifelike presentation that is sure to get the fish biting. If you need to get your fly exactly on the mark, you should reach for a Mod. It won’t let you down!

Ideal for Short to Mid-Distance Casts

Often described as the 7-Iron of fly fishing, it’s fun and easy to cast at anywhere from 20-50ft. Where the Mod really excels, however, is in that mid-range of around 40 ft that is most critical to trout fishers. You don’t need to put a lot of power behind it to get a fantastic presentation and impressive accuracy

Precision and Accuracy

When the situation calls for delicacy and accuracy, this is the rod you should reach for. You’ll be able to cast with such precision that you’ll almost be guaranteed a bite every time.

Whether you’re hunting out shy trout or trying to cast to a particular spot, the accuracy of this rod won’t fail to impress. It’s a superb dry rod that will give you fantastic presentations at every cast.

Perfect for Trout Fishing

Perfect for Trout Fishing

Careful thought and lots of experience went into the creation of this rod. It’s been designed to excel in the situations and environments that trout anglers most commonly face.

Modern fishing techniques were also considered in the development stage, making the Mod the perfect fly rod for trout. It is ideal for modern fly lines, trout tactics, and will give you that natural presentation that is essential for catching even more trout.

A lot of anglers describe this as a dry fly rod, as its performance with dry flies is spectacular. However, you can also use it successfully with streamers and nymphs, too.

Performs Best in Calm Conditions

We have to admit that while the Sage Mod does perform beautifully in calm conditions, it wouldn’t be our go-to rod for strong winds or stormy weather. It just doesn’t have the power to stand up to windy conditions and cast effectively. The Sage Mod is a reliable and practical choice on calmer days, though!

Lifetime Warranty

Sage offers a lifetime warranty on all of their rods, so if anything does happen to your Sage Mod, they will repair or replace it without fail. Sage’s customer service is friendly and helpful,  with quick response times, making it stress-free and easy to get in touch and access their warranty service.

Thanks to this generous warranty, you can relax, knowing that you have a rod that will last you a lifetime. Sage rods are a worthwhile investment for enthusiastic anglers.

What the Sage Mod Isn’t Designed For 

What the Sage Mod Isn’t Designed For 

You’ll appreciate this trout rod best if you use it in right conditions. This isn’t a big water rod for launching your articulated streamers or your heavy weighted split shot. It’s also not for casting out 75ft distances, hauling in a whopping salmon, or using in high winds.

While you can use this rod for West Coast fly fishing, it works best on smaller rivers and creeks, more reminiscent of the East Coast. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a Sage Mod is a trusty workhorse rod that you can take out, no matter the weather, the fish, or the flies you plan to use.

Instead, treat it with the care it deserves: save it for calm days, and use it wisely! This way, you’ll come to appreciate just how brilliant a rod it is.

It’s hard to beat the Sage Mod for trout fishing at mid-range distances, as your haul of fish will easily demonstrate! You’ll struggle to beat the thrilling experience you’ll be rewarded with when you use your Sage Mod in the right situation.

If you’re not loving the Sage Mod, why not try stock up on some dry flies and get yourself out to a thriving trout creek? Then, look for any likely spots around 30-40 feet distances away, enjoy casting this beauty, and wait for the magic to happen. You’ll soon discover why so many anglers rave about the Sage Mod for trout fishing!

Alternatives to the Sage Mod

Not sure that the Mod fly rod is the right choice for you?

Aiming to hone down your accuracy and master your cast? The Orvis H3 is often described as the most accurate fly fishing rod around – read the review here. Another excellent budget rod for fly fishing is the Fenwick Aetos fly rod.

All three of these rods make great alternatives to the Sage Mod. Check out our rod reviews to see which rod is best suited to your situation! And don’t forget that we have a whole range of gear reviews at Fly Fisher Pro for all your fishing needs, from reels to accessories and more.

Final Words

There you have our balanced and complete review of the Sage Mod fly rod. While this beauty of a rod isn’t ideal for every fishing situation, it is an excellent trout fly fishing rod, ideal for short to mid-range casts. It’s been developed with precision and care to meet the trout anglers’ every need.

If you’re looking to upgrade or invest in a high-quality rod to take your trout fishing to the next level, the Mod is the rod to go for! With a balanced combination of plenty of feel, accurate casting, and natural presentation, it’s hard to beat the Sage Mod.

If you’ve found this review helpful, don’t forget to share it online with your fellow fly fishing enthusiasts, on Facebook or Instagram! We always love to read your blog comments too, so feel free to contact us below and tell us what you thought of this model!

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