The 7 Best Kids Fishing Pole in 2024 – Buyers Guide

Kids will benefit from getting away from screens and learning a fun new hobby. Here is our list of the best rods you could buy for your child!
best kids fishing pole

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Fishing with your children is a great way to spend time together in the great outdoors. Kids will benefit from getting away from screens and learning a fun new hobby, but they’ll need a great fishing pole to get started!

The best rods for children are lightweight, sturdy, and easy to use. You need a pole that’s the right length for your child, and there is a lot to choose from. This handy guide will show you what to look for when buying a rod for your kid!

Plus, check out our recommendations for the best fishing rods on the market right now. Not sure how to teach your kid to fish?

Image Product Details  
flyfisherpro-table__imageBest OverallEcho Gecko Kids Fly Fishing Kit
  • Soft action, short rod length
  • Brightly colored, flashy design
  • Easy-to-cast
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBest BudgetPLUSINNO Kids Fishing Pole Kit
  • Soft rubber handle
  • Light weight and collapsible
  • Durable and Good looking
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flyfisherpro-table__imageMost LightweightFISHINGSIR Fly Fishing Starter Kit
  • AA+ high-grade cork grip
  • Easy Cast Line System
  • Medium action design
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Best Fishing Poles for Kids

Here is our list of the best rods you could buy for your child! They combine ease of use with a lighter weight and eye-catching, bright designs. You won’t go wrong with any of our children’s fishing pole recommendations!

Shakespeare Youth Fishing Kits

Shakespeare Youth Fishing Kits

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  • Cool designs including Disney Princess, Frozen, and Toy Story
  • Super-light
  • All-in-one kit includes rod and reel
  • Very easy to use


  • Not suitable for left-handed anglers
  • Tricky to untangle the line
  • The line isn’t strong

Shakespeare is a well-known brand that creates purpose-made fishing gear for children. This cute little rod and fishing reel set comes in a range of fun designs from hit Disney movies that will be sure to go down well with boys and girls.

Aesthetics are important, but this Shakespeare Youth rod doesn’t just win on design. It’s also the perfect size for children to use, coming in at 2’8″. Clever additions include a handy round knob, and a smart finger guard which shows children the correct hand positioning. These little extras make this an ideal starter rod for your kid.

Echo Gecko Kids Fly Fishing Kit

Echo Gecko Kids Fly Fishing Kit

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  • Superior quality compared to cheap options
  • Designed especially for little hands
  • The soft action is ideal
  • Cute, bright designs


  • Expensive for a kids’ pole
  • May be too long for little chidren

If you’re looking for a great fly fishing kit for children, check out the Echo Gecko. Everything you need to get out on the water is included and pre-rigged, from the reel to the tapered fly line, leader, and backing.

It’s as simple as grabbing some flies and heading out to your local fishing spot. You even get a sturdy rod case to keep the rod safe in between trips to the river.

Unlike cheaper options, this rod is durable and will last for years. The Echo Gecko fishing kit is high quality, meaning that it should last your kids several years. They can get plenty of practice with this rod and gradually develop their fly fishing skills over time. The smaller diameter is perfect for kids learning to cast, and has an impressive fly reel drag system.

You never forget your first fly fishing rod, so make your kid’s first rod a good one. The Echo Gecko is a superb choice for children to learn to fish for crappies, perch, bluegill, and even trout!

PLUSINNO Kids Fishing Pole Kit

PLUSINNO Kids Fishing Pole Kit

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  • Perfect length for kids – 3.9 ft or 4.9ft rods available
  • Includes everything you need to get kids fishing
  • Telescopic fishing rod packs down small


  • Not very durable
  • The reel is lower quality than the rod
  • You might want to add more lures and fly tackle

The PLUSINNO kit contains everything you need to get started: fishing rod, reel, line, lures, accessories, and even a carry bag. If you want to head straight out on the water with your kid, this is the perfect combo kit to buy.

While adult rods can be cumbersome and heavy, this is the perfect rod combo for kids. It’s both flexible and lightweight, making it easy for children to carry, cast, and fish all day with. There are two lengths to choose from depending on your child’s age and height – 3.9 ft or 4.9 ft.

Children will love the bright colors and how easy it is to use, while parents will be thrilled that this isn’t a cheapy kids fishing pole. It’s a rod combo that functions and performs well. Grab this, and you’ll all set for some fun family fishing trips!

FISHINGSIR Fly Fishing Starter Kit

FISHINGSIR Fly Fishing Starter Kit

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  • High-quality construction and finishing
  • Fully-functional fly rod that performs well
  • A range of wet flies, streamers, and dry flies are included


  • Only one leader is included
  • The reel is fairly small for the rod
  • Not very hardwearing

Many anglers prefer to start their children off using simple lures and bait, but if you want to skip this step, check out this amazing set. While fly fishing has a steeper learning curve, once your kid catches their first fish with a delicate dry fly or a weighted streamer, they won’t want to stop!

The FISHINGSIR starter kit contains everything you’ll need to introduce your children to fly fishing: Fly rod fly reel fly line handmade flies leader line nipper tool and canvas rod case.

The rod has a medium action, making it suitable for most anglers. You’ll find that it’s well-constructed, lightweight, and sturdy enough to haul in big fish!

If you want to get your kid hooked on fly fishing, this is an excellent starter fly rod kit for kid casters.

PLUSINNO Kids Telescopic Fishing Rod & Reel Combo

PLUSINNO Kids Telescopic Fishing Rod & Reel Combo

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  • Weighs just 2.2 oz – perfect for kids
  • Reasonable price
  • The whole kit tucks neatly away in the tackle box
  • A lot of flex on this rod tip


  • Kid casters will only be able to cast short distances with this pole
  • The line isn’t high quality – you’d be better off buying a new one

This PLUSINNO telescopic rod and spincast reel combo has been carefully designed to suit youth fishing. The handle is ergonomic and just the right size for children’s hands, while the reel is among the best spincast reels for children to use.

PLUSINNO has created a kids fishing pole and reel combo that weighs very little and packs up into a compact size. You can take it on all your family trips to let your child get involved, too. It comes in a choice of bright blue or cool black handle to choose between.

You also get a range of tackle, lures, bobbers, and more. There’s no need to stock up on other accessories or tackle before heading out on the water. Although it probably won’t stand up to big fish, kids will have lots of fun with this combo. Buy this rod combo for a practical, easy, and affordable way to share the joy of fishing with your family.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Dock Runner Spinning Combo

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Dock Runner Spinning Combo

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  • The pre-spooled line is very convenient
  • Impressive combination of feel and power
  • Best budget price for a kids’ pole
  • Ideal for catching panfish


  • Not suitable for big fish
  • This combo kit isn’t as strong as higher quality models

This great spinning combo from Shakespeare Ugly Stik includes a spinning rod and spinning reel. Measuring 36 inches, it’s a sensible length for kids learning to fish, and is very light to handle.

While the fiberglass and graphite construction isn’t as hard-wearing and durable as some more expensive models, it still does the job well. Treat it gently, and this rod should serve you well for a lot of fishing trips!

The large spinning reel is smooth and strong for this price point, comparing well to the Zebco Dock Demon Deluxe. You won’t struggle to catch panfish and other small fish, although you might lack the power to haul in big fish.

Freehawk Kids Fishing Pole

Freehawk Kids Fishing Pole

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  • This kit has everything you need for a trip to the lake or river
  • Designed to fit well in a child’s hands
  • Simple to use
  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Low, affordable price


  • Some users report that the tackle box is prone to breaking
  • Best for beginner fishers only

For a kid’s first trip, you won’t go wrong with the Freehawk kit. Your child will be thrilled to receive their very own telescopic fishing  rod, and they will be even happier to see all the accessories and gear that come.

Take your pick from 3 bright colors – red, green, or blue. You won’t get any gimmicky designs here, just sturdy fishing gear that will last your child for a long time. The quality is exceptional for this low, affordable price.

The streamlined reel seat looks cool and is durable, while the reel is quick and easy to attach and remove. Your kid will find the ergonomic handle comfy to grip, even on all-day fishing trips. Don’t worry about losing your lures or other small items, as everything packs away neatly into the handy tackle case.

How to Choose the Perfect Rod

How to Choose the Perfect Rod

So you want to buy your kid their first rod, but you’re overwhelmed by all the options online and in-store? Not to worry! We’ll help you narrow it down!

Here are the most important factors to look out for before you buy:

Kid-Friendly Design

The best poles and rods for youth fishing are specially designed with children in mind. They are usually simple and easy to use, with fewer parts to keep track of.

While a rod and fishing reel combo for kids might not pack as much power as an adult fishing setup will, it should be much more straightforward to master. Fishing rods for kid casters are shorter so that children can handle and control them, plus with a shorter rod, you reduce the risk of tangled lines.

Most kid fishing rods tend to be on the stiffer side so that they won’t lose too many fish when it comes to setting the hook. There’s nothing more disappointing than feeling a strike, only to lose the fish at the last moment.


You need a rod that is light and easy to carry, cast, and manipulate. If a rod is too heavy, your kid will become tired, irritated, and run out of steam for fishing very quickly. The best rod brands keep this in mind and use clever technology to create a fishing pole that is light but strong at the same time.

Cool Aesthetics

Your child will be drawn to use a rod that is bright and colorful rather than a plain, dull rod. It might just be the novelty factor, but it works. Bonus points if it has a picture of their favorite movie or TV character on it! Most rods for kids have eye-catching aesthetics, making kids eager and excited to fish with their brand new rod.

kids fishing pole faq


What size fishing pole does my kid need?

The size of the fishing pole you need depends on the size and strength of your child. If they are a beginner, they might want to start with a smaller rod that is easier to handle. If they are an experienced angler, they might want a larger rod with more power and a longer reach.

What kind of fishing pole is best for kids?

Spincast rods are a great choice for kids because they are easy to use and the line is contained within the reel, so there is less risk for tangles. Other good choices include spinning rods, which are more versatile and can be used for a variety of different fishing techniques; and baitcasting rods, which are great for precision casting and targeting specific species.

What is a good fishing pole for an 8 year old?

A good choice for an 8 year old is a spincast rod, which is easy to use and has a line that is contained within the reel. Spinning rods are also a great choice for 8 year olds, as they are more versatile and can be used for a variety of different fishing techniques.

What is a good starter fishing rod for kids?

A good starter fishing rod for kids is a spincast rod. Spincast rods are easy to use and the line is contained within the reel, so there is less risk for tangles. Other good choices include spinning rods, which are more versatile and can be used for a variety of different fishing techniques; and baitcasting rods, which are great for precision casting and targeting specific species.

How do you pick a fishing rod for kids?

When picking a fishing rod for kids, it’s important to consider the size and strength of your child. If they are a beginner, they might want to start with a smaller rod that is easier to handle. If they are an experienced angler, they might want a larger rod with more power and a longer reach. It’s also important to consider the type of fishing they will be doing, as different types of rods are better suited for different types of fishing.

What are good fishing rods?

There is a wide range of rods on offer in shops and online. If you want a great rod, go for a well-known brand such as Orvis, Shakespeare, PLUSINNO, Okuma, and Shimano. Make sure you check the reviews for any particular rod before you buy, too!

What is the best spincast reel?

Having a good spincast reel will take your performance to the next level. Zebco and Daiwa produce some of the best-rated spincast reels, so check their product range out. Factors to look out for include a robust and efficient drag system, ball bearings for stability, and anti-reverse handles.

What fishing rod length should my child use?

While this will depend on the age, height, and strength of your child, the best kid rods tend to be between 3 feet and 4 feet long. If you have a tall kid or a teen, you can go for one of the slightly longer models.

You don’t want to hold back your child’s casting abilities. But at the same time, trying to use a rod that’s too long can put them off fishing altogether.

What is the best fishing pole for beginners?

Fishing poles for beginners should be easy to master, with plenty of feel so you can tell what’s going on under the water. You also want enough power to reel in your bass and trout catches, plus the strength to throw your lures out. Some of the brands to look at for best spinning rod include Sougayilang, PLUSINNO, Shakespeare, and Shimano.

You’ll need to choose between fly rods, spinning rods, and baitcasting rods. It’s not just about the pole, though. Make sure you invest in a high-quality reel that balances out your rod well, too.

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The Wrap Up

The Wrap Up

There’s nothing like going fishing with your kid [3], but you need to kit them out with a great rod first! There is a wide range to choose from, from spinning fishing poles with a spinning reel, to fly rods and simple kids’ poles.

Now you know what to look for, so you’re good to go! If you get stuck, just refer back to our top recommendations listed here. All of the rods listed here will catch fish (depending on the age of your kids) so you can be sure are ideal for teaching kids to fish.

If you found this guide to children’s fishing rods helpful, make sure to share it over on Facebook! Contact us with your suggestions for future articles or your tips and questions by sending us an email or dropping a comment below.





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